English Boodle: A Complete Guide

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Purchasing a dog is a pretty big commitment. It’s more than just a pet that may stay in its tank, or mind its own business.

It requires love, socialization, tenderness and loyalty, all while giving all those characteristics right back.

When looking for a new member to join your family, or looking to start a new one altogether, a dog is a 10-15 year bond that’ll require a lot of commitment and hard work, but bring you a lot of happiness.

The English Boodle is the kind, loving and adorable mix of an English Bulldog and a Poodle.

It combines the family-oriented sweetness off the English Bulldog, with the elegance intelligence of your typical poodle.

It is a medium-sized dog that is ideal for children and serves as a great addition to any family. However, it is a stubborn dog and needs a strict training regime.

This is more than just your usual guide. This here is a preparation kit to prepare you for purchasing your first beautiful little puppy.

We can only hope, that it is the English Boodle. This manual will delve into all the information including its life expectancy, personality traits and more.

If you’re an experienced, or beginner dog owner looking for a challenging training regime, as well as an affectionate family dog, scroll on down to learn more about the always unique English Boodle.

English Boodle: Before You Buy

English Boodle sitting on rug
The English Boodle often suffers from anxiety.

Before you purchase any dog, there are many factors and things that come into play to ensure happiness for both the puppy and the owner.

There is a slew of things that either you alone, or with your family need to determine before welcoming a puppy into your household.

You need to research the dog’s physical, mental and behavioral traits, as well the space it needs for comfort and the socialization it needs to thrive (all in which I will detail in this guide).

When buying an English Boodle, you need to determine what gender and color you want, as well as your preferred preferences on spaying/neutering.

You will need to analyze the space in your house and designate both a resting and play space for the puppy, while also evaluating and altering your schedule to both properly train and socialize with the dog, to assure its assimilation into the world with comfort.

It’s a lot of hard work and a long process, but it’ll make your life less stressful, and your future dog happier.

How much does an English Boodle cost?

Budget is a defining factor when it comes to purchasing a puppy, and it will play a part in what type of breed and size you get.

It can also demonstrate that maybe you are not in a financial situation to purchase a dog.

The English Boodle is around the same price as most medium-sized breeds and will cost you an average of $600-$800 dollars.

This is considerably cheaper than the $1000-$1200 price range of an English Bulldog, and the 2000 dollar price range of a Poodle.

While far from cheap, the English Boodle is more of a budget-friendly dog than its parent breeds.

How do you find a reputable breeder?

Happy English Boodle in yard
The English Boodle is gentle with children.

Finding the right breeder is a scary process, as there’s no definite way to look behind the curtains to see how the puppies are treated.

The way a puppy is bred can play a part in its physical, mental and behavioral traits, and even alter their life expectancy, so you’re going to want to pay extra detail to where you buy.

There are some factors you can analyze when purchasing from a breeder to determine whether these dogs have been bred with love, or for the sake of money.

Before visiting a breeder, ask around your neighborhood for recommendations and general word of mouth.

When purchasing from a breeder, make sure that you evaluate the space in which the dogs are kept, because if they don’t have space for activity and comfort, their moods will decrease.

Also pay attention to how often the breeder socializes with the dogs, as they will need appropriate attention to efficiently assimilate into the outside world.

A professional breeder should assist you with vital information and equipment for grooming, feeding and exercise the puppy, as that will play a major part in the dog’s growth.

Three little-known facts about the English Boodle

  1. The English Boodle is prone to skin infections, so be gentle when grooming.
  2. Its parent breed was a ferocious fighting dog, and although far removed from that temperament, the English Boodle inherits the same determination to get things done!
  3. Its other parent breed the Poodle was used for sniffing out truffles in France, which is why the English Boodle has a great sense of smell!

The Physical Traits of the English Boodle

The English Boodle’s traits can vary, as it is a mixed breed and can inherit the physical features of both its parent breeds.

The stronger resemblance of an English Bulldog or Poodle is often common, and so is a mixture of them both, but it all depends on the specific gene pools of each particular dog.

Usually, it has the soft, medium length curly coat of a Poodle, which varies in black, white and red colors. It has the large, detailed head of the English Bulldog, as well as long, stern legs.

Its ears most of the time are incredibly floppy, and it should have a pointed, fluffy tail. It almost always has a black nose, and brown eyes filled with enthusiasm.

How big is a full-grown English Boodle?

The English Boodle is around the same size as other medium-sized dogs and can grow anywhere between 12-15 inches in length.

This is around the same size as both the English Bulldog and the Poodle.

The English Boodle can weigh up to 50 pounds, with the male being the bigger of the genders. It is advised that because of their weight, you supervise the English Boodle around small children.

What is the life expectancy of the English Boodle?

For a medium breed, the English Boodle has quite a short life expectancy, only ranging between 10-12 years.

This is shorter than the 10-15 year life expectancy of a Poodle but longer than the 8-10 lifespan of an English Bulldog.

The English tend to inherit a lot of the same health problems that the English Bulldog suffers from.

However, it is slightly minimized by its Poodle genes. It is important to pay close attention to the physical and mental health of a dog, as issues can decrease their lifespan.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the English Boodle

The English Boodle is a kind, patient and tolerant dog that strives to please its owners. They are friendly, sociable and gentle with children.

The English Boodle often suffers anxiety from a young age, so it is important to socialize it to increase its confidence, or it will become destructive.

Try this by taking him to the dog park to converse with other dogs. It is initially wary and protective when it comes to strangers, but the most aggressive it will come in the form of barks and yelps.

It also socializes well with other pets, so there is no harm in also getting a cat.

Training an English Boodle isn’t necessarily difficult, but it requires patience. Its bulldog heritage often results in it being quite stubborn, so you need to put a conscious effort into being firm, stern and disciplined.

Use treats throughout obedience training to show it the difference between right and wrong, as it can positively reinforce the Boodle and make it feel happy.

The dietary requirements of the English Boodle

Serious English Boodle
The English Boodle likes to eat a lot.

The English Boodle eats quite a bit of food for its size.

It averages around 3 cups a day, which is way over the average for medium-sized dogs.

This will cost you around 30-45 dollars a month in dry food, and it is recommended you stick to premium brands because they supply the needed nutritional value that the English Boodle needs to stay healthy.

On occasion, it is good for the dog’s mood to feed its alternatives such as chicken and beef.

How much exercise does the English Boodle need?

When young, it is recommended to treat the English Boodle to around 60 minutes of exercise a day, and 7 miles of walking per week.

However, these numbers will decline as the English Boodle gets older, as it becomes calmer in nature. The English Boodle loves walks at a moderate pace and is curious about its surroundings.

Obedience training and socialization are also recommended as a mental work out for the English Boodle, as it decreases its anxiety.

Health concerns and issues of the English Boodle

Because of its parent breed the English Bulldog, the English Boodle inherits a couple of major health concerns. However, a lot is canceled out by its Poodle genes.

Try and organize occasional trips to the vet to check up on its blood, urine and heart rate.

Serious issues include:

  • Patellar Luxation
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Bloat

Minor issues include:

  • Epilepsy
  • Entropion

English Boodle ConclusionEnglish Boodle guide

Overall, the English Boodle is a kind, loving and a family-oriented dog that’ll slide into your life with ease.

If you can train this dog with patience and kindness, it’ll serve as the best companion you could ask for.

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