Elegant Dog Names: 50 Graceful, Adorable & Awesome Ideas

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When you find a pet dog that demands respect and has an unmistakable aura of royalty, it is only fair that you consider nothing but the most elegant dog names to go with its regal presence.

Some puppies may look cute and cuddly and make you want to bestow a more goofy name on them, but you should understand that the name you give to your pet today will be one that lasts forever.

This is so because unlike human names, dog names need to be internalized by the pet from the onset if you want it to truly recognize its title as its own.

Therefore, you should start with a name that is going to be relevant to your particular kind of dog even after it has grown up.

The following are some highly sophisticated, elegant dog names that will ensure that you’re the regality of your pet is correctly portrayed by its majestic title.

Lady from the film Lady and the Tramp
Lady is probably the most elegant name for a dog.

Male Elegant Dog Names

  • Sterling

Considered to be a noble and elegant name as well as the currency used in Scotland.

  • Maximilian

One of the most classic elegant dog names that depict greatness.

  • Rufus

A classic Latin name that means “red-haired” and is often used about a red-haired king, a symbol of elegance.

Historically, it was also used as a noble moniker for red-haired saints.

  • Rupert

Of German origin, the meaning of this elegant dog name is “glory” and “fame”, which is exactly what your pet will garner with its elegance.

  • Alfred

The name describes someone who is profoundly wise – ideal for a remarkably smart dog.

  • Egbert

“Bright edge” is the meaning of this German name.

  • Horace

A Latin name that means “keeper of time”.

The name will suit an elegant dog that likes to live a well-organized life by managing its schedule.

These dogs prefer a consistent and timely routine, which is the secret behind their elegant mannerisms.

  • Gerald

The meaning of this German origin name is “to rule with a spear”, giving it a sense of reality.

  • Constantine

A noble name belonging to a great personality, Constantine the Great.

This dog name even sounds powerful and elegant to the ear.

  • Emerson

This name comes from several cultures, including English, Dutch, and German.

The meaning of this name is “brave”.

  • Amadeus

The name depicts the love of God, perfect for a noble pet dog.

  • Leonard

This name symbolizes the grace and strength of a mighty lion, an animal that is recognized as the king of the jungle.

  • Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was a highly respected and dignified personality in world history.

  • Laurent

The name describes someone who is laurelled, fitting for your praise-worthy pet.

  • Addison

The meaning of this classic elegant dog name is “son of Adam”.

Two white fluffy dogs in the snow
Meet Maximilian.

Female Elegant Dog Names

  • Portia

An elegant-sounding name that comes from Shakespeare’s play, The Merchant of Venice.

  • Violet

A name most recognized as the title of a Shakespeare character depicted by the heroine in Twelfth Night.

  • Gabriella

The meaning of this Italian name is “woman of God”.

  • Juliet

An elegant name recognized to belong to a graceful character in the Shakespeare romantic/tragic play.

The name itself means “youthful”, for a pet that stays elegant even as she ages.

  • Brigitte

A name with Irish roots that simply means “strength”, to describe your mighty girl dog.

  • Audrey

A reference to the elegant and beautiful actress, Audrey Hepburn.

This English elegant dog name means “noble strength.

  • Louisa

In Latin, Louisa means “famous warrior”, which is a good way to describe your elegant but feisty pet that is known for honing such graceful fighting skills.

  • Helen

One of the most high-born princesses in history that hailed from a noble family, Helen of Troy is the inspiration behind this elegant dog name.

  • Avalon

The name is a reference to the Island of Paradise and has a very elegant sound to it.

  • Sophie

Derived from the word “sophistication”, a quality that is synonymous with elegance and class.

  • Ella

A symbol of light, just like your elegant girl dog brings into your life with her unmistakable grace.

  • Rose

In English, a beautiful and elegant flower that has deep roots – a symbol of gracefulness and love.

  • Delilah

The meaning of this Hebrew name is “amorous delight”, which makes this one of the most attractive elegant dog names.

  • Aurelia

A Latin female dog name that means “golden”.

  • Lucinda

This elegant dog name is Latin for “illumination”, a perfect way to describe the light that comes into your life with the presence of your pet.

A brown dog with long wavy hair
His name is Griffin.

Cute Elegant Dog Names

  • Griffin

A Latin name that is a nickname for a dangerous or fiery person – suitable for a feisty and elegant pet.

  • August

A regal name that depicts “greatness”, perfect for a pup that is going to grow up into a great, mighty, and elegant creature.

  • Dior

A famous designer label of luxury fashion items which is also a French name that means “gold”.

  • Bijou

A French name that symbolizes beauty and elegance, Bijou means “jewel”, which is ideal for your valuable pet.

  • Orson

This ancient name means “son of the bear”.

  • Nanook

Nanook is the name of a master of bears, an ideal for a formidable pet that can control and rule its pack with strong leadership skills.

  • Francis

Inspired by St. Francis, who is known as the patron saint of animals.

  • Dario

This Spanish name is a reference to a royal family.

Dario is Spanish for “kingly” – perfect to describe the aristocratic aura exuded from your mighty pup.

  • Asher

An elegant and graceful name for a cheerful pup; the meaning of Asher is “happy”.

  • Aldrich

This English name means “wise man”, which gives your pup a certain aura of elegance.

  • Matteo

A Spanish variation of the English name Matthew, which means “gift of God”, an ideal way to describe your elegant pet.

  • Aspen

A kind of elegant looking tree that quivers in the wind.

  • Coco

Coco Chanel is a world-famous designer of luxury fashion items and is recognized as an icon of elegance.

  • Ada

A German origin name that depicts nobility.

  • Chanel

A reference to the popular luxury fashion brand that is a symbol of elegance and glamour.

The Most Popular Elegant Dog Name of All Time

  • Lady

The sweet, high-born dog from Disney movie, The Lady and the Tramp, was the epitome of class, elegance, and sophistication, which has contributed largely to boost the popularity of this name as one of the top elegant dog names.

The mannerisms and innocent gracefulness with which Lady carries herself have become an exemplary model of what a well-behaved and elegant pet should act like.

My Final Thoughts

Elegant dog names do not just have to be proper and elite.

They can be fun and creative as well, just so long as they depict some aspect of your pet that symbolizes its grace or class, perhaps in the way it moves or simply in its mighty appearance.

An elegant dog will always carry its title with extreme grace and finesse, so make sure that whichever elegant dog name you go with, it does justice to your classy pet that will be carrying it for years to come.

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