The Doxie Scot: A Complete Guide

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The Doxie Scot is a designer hybrid breed of dog that is combining the Dachshund with the Scottish Terrier.

This is not your usual combination, but it is perhaps not as strange or bizarre as you would maybe think.

Of course, the two-parent breeds are relatively popular, and it will also be very easy to locate information surrounding how to care for them, but that is not the problem that we have right now.

Instead, you probably know very little about the Doxie Scot, and that is not the best situation to be in when you are looking at potentially taking ownership of this breed.

However, in order to make things so much easier for you, we have created our complete guide to the breed to help you along the way.

Throughout the guide, you are going to learn all that you need to know to correctly care for the breed, and that will prove to be invaluable.

Before we go ahead and do this, we are going to turn attention onto you because knowing that you are ready to care for this breed of dog is going to prove to be important.

Doxie Scot Puppies – Before You Buy…

A Doxie Scot looking up at you
The Doxie Scot is going to bring you so much joy.

So, before taking ownership of this breed, there are several things that we want you to think about. Do remember that this applies no matter if you have a lot of experience of looking after dogs or not.

You need to be honest with yourself regarding your capabilities of looking after a dog.

You want to be sure that you know more than enough about how to care for them as that is the one thing that will be fair on the dog.

To help, we just want you to spend some time thinking about these following points as you work your way through our complete guide.

  • Are you aware of the health issues that can be quite common with this breed?
  • How do you feel about the maintenance aspect and do you have the time to do it?
  • Are you confident about training them?
  • Do you feel that you know enough about the breed before buying your puppy?

These are basic questions, but they do form the absolute core of how you are going to care for the puppy and will have an impact on your ability to provide them with the best life possible.

What Price are Doxie Scot Puppies?

When it comes to the price of Doxie Scot puppies, then there are always going to be many contributing factors that can change what you are likely to pay.

First, the pedigree of the parents will always be important because the better the breeding, then the higher the price.

This is due to the belief that it will mean you have a better dog which is more well behaved and healthier.

Next, there is where you live because prices do vary not only from country to country but also within the country itself.

This is linked to how popular a breed can be as well as how many breeders there are and also puppies available at any given time.

Ultimately, this translates into the concept of the supply versus the demand which will always then have an impact on the price.

You also need to then consider the breeders themselves because they will always have an idea of what they would like to charge for their puppies.

Also, some will charge more as they are specialists in the breed and they have established their reputation which is always going to add something extra.

Basically, this will all make a difference to the price that you end up paying and even though we cannot give you an exact figure, we can still provide you with a ballpark figure.

So, in the United States, you will be expected to pay somewhere in the region of $600 to $900. In the United Kingdom, the price will generally be in the region of £600.

How to Find Reputable Doxie Scot Breeders?

How do you find reputable Doxie Scot breeders? Well, it’s easier than you may have initially thought.

The first thing that you should do is to go online and start to do your very own research, and that is where the Internet is going to prove to be helpful.

Spend some time trying to locate groups or associations in your area, or even your country, that deals with the breed.

By doing this, you will be able to get advice from them on who the best breeders are going to be.

Another option is to contact the Dog Breeders Association for your country as they will often have a registry of the best breeders in the country.

If they do not have that, then they will at least be able to point you in the direction of the best people to contact.

In other words, taking your time and doing your research will be the only way for you to find those breeders with a good reputation.

3 Little-Known Facts About Doxie Scot Puppies

There are so many interesting things to know about this breed, but we are going to limit it to just three to make life that bit easier.

  • They tend to bond with just one person.

Even though they will get on with the entire family, there is a tendency for this breed to only really bond with just one person. The dog will choose if you are that lucky one.

  • They are more agile than you think.

When you look at their body, you would probably not expect them to be that agile, but they are. In actual fact, they are going to surprise you with what they are able to do.

  • They love to bark.

This breed loves to bark, but it is done to alert you to anything that is going on, so it does serve a purpose. However, if it is getting excessive, then at least you can train them to cut it down.

Physical Traits of the Doxie Scot

Doxie Scot
The Doxie Scot is a relatively healthy breed. Image Credit By: barkinbarber, instagram

Physically, this breed is going to take on traits from both parents, but there is a tendency for them to look a certain way across the breed.

First, their body is longer than the Scottish Terrier, but it is not quite as long as the Dachshund. Its legs are low to the ground as well, but they are strong and sturdy.

Their coat can either be the more wiry nature of the Scottish Terrier or it can be smooth to the touch like the Dachshund.

Their ears also tend to sit rather low on their head, which is more from the Dachshund side of things.

They will always have both brown eyes and a black nose, but their fur can come in different colors. Look out for them in black, brown and red.

Their maintenance is going to depend on which parent has the most influence over their fur.

However, both breeds are low shedders and require little brushing to remove the dead hair. Do not bathe them as the skin of the Scottish Terrier aspect is very sensitive and it could lead to problems.

How Big is a Full-Grown Doxie Scot?

This is not the biggest of dogs, and there is no difference between the size of the male or the female.

In general, both sexes will grow to a height of anywhere between 8 to 11 inches. For their weight, it will vary from 18 to 28lbs.

However, it will be more common for the male to reach the upper ends of those scales than the female.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Doxie Scot?

The life expectancy of the Doxie Scot is pretty much average for dogs of this size as well as the parent breeds.

That does mean that you are looking at their life expectancy is in the region of 11 to 13 years.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Doxie Scot

This hybrid breed is intelligent, but it can also be quite serious with its nature. It will tend to bond with just one single family member but it does need human company to keep it nice and calm.

This dog would be better suited for those families where children are older, and also where they have experience of looking after a dog as well.

Generally, they are wary of strangers and will come to a conclusion as to who they can trust pretty quickly.

They will also bark to let you know when something is happening, so they are rather alert.

They can also be quite stubborn at times which can make it slightly harder to train them which is why having experience is so important.

Overall, this hybrid breed is going to be quite cheerful and happy and will be quite content to snuggle up to their desired person when they want to rest.

They can have separation anxiety, so they crave human company so they cannot be left alone for too long.

The Doxie Scot’s Diet

A Doxie Scot lying on a couch
The Doxie Scot has a stubborn nature.

The diet for the Doxie Scot is quite particular as you certainly do not want the breed to be overweight or it could lead to problems developing with their hips which is already a weak point.

They should only be given one cup of food per day, and that can be split into two different meals.

Only give them quality dry food as that will be better for them thanks to it containing the correct nutrients.

Also, you can give them treats, but rarely as you do not want them to begin to expect the treats at various times.

You are free to provide them with some table food, but this should not be more than 15% of their daily food intake.

If you are giving them table food, then lean meat and fish will be best.

How Much Exercise Does a Doxie Scot Need?

This breed has a medium level of energy, and that translates into them requiring around 60 minutes of exercise per day.

This should take the form of a couple of walks, and give them different routes to explore as that will make them quite happy.

This breed is also going to be good for apartment living as it should be able to get a reasonable amount of its exercise from running around indoors.

However, they do need to be taken outside daily so do keep that in mind.

Doxie Scot Health and Conditions

The Doxie Scot is a relatively healthy breed of dog, but that doesn’t mean that it completely avoids any potential health concerns.

Instead, you do need to make sure that you are aware of the kind of conditions that can affect them to then allow you to seek help as quickly as possible.

Also, if you are buying a puppy then do make sure that the breeder gives you confirmation of the parents having been checked out by a vet.

They should be able to give you evidence of this without there being any problems.

However, the main health conditions for this breed that you need to be aware of are:

Do remember that there is no guarantee that they will develop these conditions, but just keep looking out for them.

My Final Thoughts on the Doxie ScotA Doxie Scot's face

Overall, the Doxie Scot is a cute breed of dog that is going to bring you so much joy and happiness into your life.

They are full of character but just remember that they will choose who they get close to rather than the other way around.

They are a relatively healthy breed of dog that is also low on the maintenance side of things as well.

However, they are better for those people that have previous experience of looking after dogs due to their stubborn nature, so if that is not the case for you, then it might be best looking for another breed.

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