5 Free DIY Bailey Chair Plans for Dogs You Can Make Today

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diy bailey chair

Upon first glance, there is something quite funny about Bailey chairs. Afterall, it is rare to see a dog, propped up on its hindlegs, dining at its own little table like, well, a human. To the uninformed observer it just seems like the next crazy step after dressing your dog up in human clothes.

In reality, Bailey chairs have a medical purpose.

For dogs with canine megaesophagus, Bailey chairs are a godsend. Canine megaesophagus is when a dog’s esophagus becomes enlarged, leading to a decreased, or even absent motility of food to their stomach. To ensure that food travels to dog’s stomachs, since they are lacking bodily motility, owners have to rely on gravity. This requires them to feed their dogs when they are propped up in a Bailey chair.

If you are looking to make a bailey chair for your own dog, or perhaps another dog in need, consult the 5 free DIY plans below!

1. Comfy and Fun Bailey Chair from lazyguydiy.com

Comfy and Fun Bailey Chair from lazyguydiy
Featured Image Credit: LazyGuyDIY.com

This Comfy and Fun Baily Chair has great touches like colorful, patterned cushions and dark wood paneling. The instructions are easy to follow and include photos and easy to understand diagrams. The Lazy Guy makes sure to include all of the specific instructions you need AND some hilarious quips along the way.

Skill Level: Intermediate  

Materials: Plywood, Hinges, Pocket Screws, Wood Glue

Tools: Drill, Jigsaw, Circular Saw, Pocket Hole Jig, Router, Speed Square, Sander

    • Tip: The cushions are optional but are a great choice if your dog has become bony from their megaesophagus. They will make chow time a little more comfy!

2. Adjustable Bailey Chair from Cuteness.com

Adjustable Bailey Chair from Cuteness
Featured Image Credit: Cuteness.com

Every dog is different, different personalities, different species and different sizes. This Adjustable Bailey Chair plan takes that into account, offering easy-to-follow and adjust instructions on how to make a Bailey Chair that can be used no matter your dog’s size.

Skill Level: Beginner  

Materials: Plywood, Nails, Pillow

Tools: Tape Measure, Saw, Hammer

    • Tip: Make sure you accurately measure your dog during the first steps of this plan. It would be awful to come to the end of this project and realize you got the measurements wrong!

3. Cute and Simple Bailey Chair for Dogs from Ashleygrenon.com

Bailey Chair for Dogs by Ashleygrenon
Featured Image Credit: Ashleygrenon.com

This Cute and Simple Bailey Chair plan is easy and elegant with detailed instructions and clear images to guide you. It even includes the option for a personalized nameplate on the front, and a metal bowl holder!

Skill Level: Intermediate  

Materials: Plywood, Stainless Steel Bowl, Pocket Hole Screws, Door Hinges, EVA Foam Flooring, Clear Gloss Spray Can, Black Cardstock, Spray Adhesive

Tools: Table Saw, Router, Jigsaw, Orbital Sander, Pocket Hole Jig, Drill

    • Tip: If you don’t have silhouette portrait, try engraving or painting the name on the front!

4. Quick, Easy Bailey Chair Plan from Issuu.com

Quick, Easy Bailey Chair Plan from Issuu
Featured Image Credit: Issuu.com

This Quick, Easy Bailey Chair plan features two instructional images, and flexible instructions on how to make the chair that take into account the varying sizes of dogs. The instructions are fairly simplified, so they are great for intermediate or advanced woodworkers, while beginners may need some more hand-holding.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Materials: Plywood, Foam Padding, Wood Glue, Hinges, Hooks and Eye Latch Sets, Flat Head Brad Nails

Tools: Drill, Saw, Pencil, Hammer, Sand Paper, Screw Driver

    • Tip: The instructions are very simple, so feel free to add some flourishes, like paint or decorative pillows along the way!

5. Bailey Chair Plan with Peg Board and Zip Ties from Keith Kalfas

This Bailey Chair with Peg Board and Zip Ties plan is perfect for any woodworking beginners who have not yet acquired a lot of woodworking tools. Not only is it an easy plan, the supplies are also cheap!

Skill Level: Beginner

Materials: Peg Board, Zip Ties, Saw, Foam, Blanket, Bracket

Tools: Ruler, Razor

    • Tip: Make your base big! It is better that it is too big in case there are balance issues with your dog. You can add foam to adjust later.

Featured Image Credit: Ashleygrenon.com