Disney Dog Names: 50 Awesome, Adorable & Silly Ideas

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Disney dogs are not a breed, but they qualify as an entirely separate category of dogs.

Therefore, a very interesting category of names to choose from when it comes to naming your pet is that of some of the best Disney dog names.

One of the most important things to do when you get a new furry pet is to give it a title that goes with its personality, its looks, or its overall description.

Considering that, new dog owners often go through tons of websites and books to look up and decide on a suitable name for their favorite new pet.

There are a lot of reasons why this name needs to be the perfect way to call out to your dog; this is what your dog will respond to attentively every time it is uttered around the house.

It is also a title that other people will use to recognize your dog and familiarize themselves with it.

So, no matter the breed of dog that you opt for if you’re in search of a name that sounds pleasing and has a lot of associations that can be drawn from it, what category to choose from than to pick a Disney dog name.

Disney dogs have long been our favorite characters.

Be it an animated dog or a live-action movie character, dogs have always stood close to the main heroes of a plethora of movies, and that’s just when they aren’t portrayed as the main character themselves.

Disney dog names make for some of the cutest and most attractive names for dogs and are recognizable by most people, especially children.

Naming your pet after a Disney character is an ideal way to settle on a moniker for your pet, especially if you have children that will associate the pet with the character from their favorite movie.

While naming your dog is not always the easiest task, and can get quite complicated when you’re in two minds about which title will best suit your dog, choosing a Disney dog name narrows the list down to a large extent.

And to make this process even easier and more pleasant for you and your family, we’ve categorized your favorite Disney dog names into males, females, and the cutest names of all time.

So without wasting any more time, let us hop on to the top Disney dog names for male canines.

Two dogs from the film The Fox and the Hound
Copper from the Disney movie ‘The Fox and the Hound’.

Male Disney Dog Names

  • Pluto

Probably the most famous Disney dog, Mickey Mouse’s trusty sidekick and our favorite hound.

In literal terms, the name means “god of the underworld”.

This name is suitable for hound dogs.

  • Dodger

From the animated movie Oliver and Company, Dodger was the leader of the dog gang owned by Fagin who befriended a cat.

A fitting name for a dog that is good at dodging games and knows how to protect itself.

  • Goofy

Another character associated with Mickey Mouse, his and Donald Duck’s best friend.

A suitable Disney name for a dog that has long ears and is always up to some quirky tricks.

  • Bruno

The hound dog from the movie Cinderella.

Bruno turns into a footman for Cinderella’s coach.

This Disney dog name is more suitable for brown dogs.

  • Dug

A loyal and heroic dog in the Disney movie Up.

Dug was a kind-hearted dog that stood out from the rest of its pack for not being ferocious at all.

  • Toby

In the Sherlock Holmes installment of titled The Great Mouse Detective, Toby was Sherlock’s Basset Hound.

A common dog name that is drawn from “Tobias” meaning God is great.

  • Scamp

In the popular dog movie Lady and the Tramp, Scamp was this famous dog couple’s son.

The name means a young and mischievous being.

  • Patch

The most naughty of the 101 Dalmatian puppies in the popular Disney movie.

If your pet has a patch or spot on its eye, it is a bonus for dogs that are named Patch.

  • Tramp

The main character and Lady’s love interest in Lady and the Tramp.

In the movie, Tramp was a stray dog with a loving, affectionate soul.

  • Butch

It describes a tough, manly dog.

Butch was a bulldog that was the arch-nemesis of Pluto.

This is a name for a sturdy, muscular dog and is very popularly given to bulldogs.

  • Sparky

From the movie Frankenweenie, Sparky was Victor Frankenstein’s pet.

The name itself means lively and excitable.

So this Disney dog name is apt for a chirpy dog with a lot of personality and vigor.

  • Dante

A stray dog in the Pixar and Disney movie Coco.

Dante means lasting and is a powerful name to describe the long-lasting, undying companionship of your pet.

  • Bingo

A catchy name for a dog.

Bingo was a dog in the TV series named Puppy Dog Pals.

  • Colonel

Also a character from 101 Dalmatians, Colonel was an Old English Sheepdog.

So if you have a dog of that breed or a pooch that looks similar to it, or simply a pet that is might and has a leading personality, this is the ultimate title for your pet.

  • Copper

From the Disney movie The Fox and the Hound, Copper was a friendly Coonhound puppy that makes friends with the fox.

Lady from the Disney movie 'Lady and the Tramp'
Lady from the Disney movie ‘Lady and the Tramp’.

Female Disney Dog Names

  • Lady

A delightful name for a dog that likes to stay trim and proper.

Lady was a Cocker Spaniel in the movie Lady and the Tramp.

Her character was of a prim and respectable domestic pet that falls in love with the stray dog Tramp.

  • Georgette

You have probably heard this name in the Disney movie, Oliver and Company.

Georgette was a lazy Poodle in the film, so if you have a Poodle, go for this name!

  • Angel

In the sequel of Lady and the Tramp, Angel was the name of Scamp’s girlfriend.

It is also a very pleasing name for your furry companion that aptly describes what you think of your loyal pet.

  • Nana

Another Saint Bernard character in the Peter Pan movie.

The name means a grandmother, so it is a good name for a pet that has strong motherly instincts.

  • Penny

Another puppy of the 101 Dalmatians.
This is a variation of the name Penelope and is a good, feminine Disney-inspired dog name.

  • Fifi

Pluto’s girlfriend, Fifi, was a Pekingese dog.

The name can be used as a short version of Josephine, but is, on its own, an attractive name for your pet.

  • Bielle

In Tim Burton’s movie, Alice in Wonderland, the hound Bayard had a wife called Bielle, and they had four puppies together.

This Disney dog name encapsulates the protective, motherly streak of a female dog.

  • Perdita

The mom character in the 101 Dalmatians.

A graceful name for a female dog.

If you plan on letting your dog produce a lot of puppies, Perdita will be an apt Disney dog name for your pet.

  • Danielle

Another child of the lovable dog duo, Lady and the Tramp.

A name that refers to a loyal and faithful friend, just like your dog will be to you and your family.

  • Rita

A character from the movie Oliver and Company.

Rita was an Afghan Hound with a tough exterior but an affectionate and caring personality.

  • Missy

Beethoven’s love interest and another beautiful Saint Bernard.

A girly name that is essentially used to refer to a young woman.

  • Annette

Scamp’s sister in the Lady and the Tramp.

A name of French origin meaning grace.

A fitting Disney dog name to describe the elegant style of your pet.

  • Dinah

A name that has been featured in two Disney productions, Alice in Wonderland and the Mickey Mouse cartoons.

In the former, Dinah was Alice’s cat, but in the latter, this was the name of Pluto’s girlfriend after Fifi. In this character, Dinah was a Dachshund.

  • Collette

A French name that means victorious.

Colette was another puppy of Lady and the Tramp.

  • Rose

Beautiful and appealing like the flower, Rose is a delicate name for a female pooch inspired by the Disney movie, The Fox and the Hound 2.

In this sequel, Granny Rose was one of the members of the Singin’ Strays.

Bolt from the Disney movie
Bolt from the Disney movie of the same name.

Cute Disney Dog Names

  • Maya

The leader of the sled dogs in the movie Eight Below.

This is a feminine name that depicts a divine force exuding from creatures or beings.

This Disney dog name originates from Ancient Central American tribes and civilizations that founded the idea of pyramids and temples.

  • Peg

A Pekingese that Tramp rescued in the Disney movie.

It can be used for both male and female dogs but is more often considered a feminine name.

  • Baymax

Not the name of a dog in the movie, but inspired by a Disney character and a very suitable name for a dog.

The name allows for a longer variation of the common dog name Max.

Baymax was a huggable robot from the Disney production, Big Hero 6, who became renowned for being extremely caring and empathetic.

  • Bayard

The Bloodhound in Alice in Wonderland, a helpful canine that cares for his family.

The word means “of fiery hair”, so if your pet has an attractive, bright fur coat, you can go with this name.

  • Heidi

One of the sisters from the movie, The Ugly Dachshund.

Heidi was of the Dachshund breed, which makes it an adorable name for your pet, and a bonus if your dog belongs to the same group.

  • Nikki

A dog character from the Disney movie, Wild Dog of the North.

Nikki was an Alaskan Malamute in the film, so if your dog is also of the same breed, the name gives a bonus.

Even if that is not the case, Nikki is a short and pleasing name for a female dog.

  • Percy

A snobbish, elitist pug from the movie, Pocahontas, Percy was Ratcliff’s prized pet.

The name is more commonly used for males.

  • Ronnie

Also from the Mickey Mouse Cartoons, Ronnie was Pluto’s close friend.

In the Disney production, Ronnie was a Saint Bernard puppy.

The name is an extension of Reginald, which means powerful and mighty, and is especially used to describe a strong ruler.

  • Chief

An Irish Wolfhound in the movie, The Fox and the Hound.

The character of Chief was of a mean-spirited dog.

In essence, the name encapsulates the leadership and intelligence of someone who likes to take charge.

  • Bolt

A famous character from the movie, Bolt.

Bolt was a White German Shepherd, and the main character’s loyal furry friend was willing to give up his life to save his owner.

  • Napoleon

A character from the cat movie, The Aristocats.

Napoleon was a Bloodhound that made friends with a Basset Hound in the movie.

  • Pongo

The father dog of the dalmatians in 101 Dalmatians.

  • Chloe

From the Beverly Hills Chihuahua series, Chloe was a spoiled Chihuahua.

A good Disney dog name for tiny dogs that love attention.

  • Rosebud

In the Air Buddies movies, Rosebud is the only female puppy.

She is a Golden Retriever in the series.

  • Dixie

A Saluki dog in the second part of The Fox and the Hound.

Dixie was a kind-hearted and sweet character.

  • Bolivar

An adorable Disney-inspired name for a male pet dog, this will sit well with a Saint Bernard, considering that this is what Donald Duck’s pet dog of the same breed was named.

Having said that, this is a name of Spanish origin and can hence also be given to a Spanish breed of dogs.

In literal terms, the name means “meadow”, which makes it perfect for a pet that is free-spirited and likes to roam independently in open areas.

  • Bowser

This Disney dog name is inspired from the pup that Goofy purchased in the cartoons.

The name is suitable for a puppy that will grow up to be a well-mannered and sophisticated pet.

This is what the meaning of the name itself suggests; Bolivar is an English name derived from the Norman word used to address a gentleman, which is beu sire, or “fine sir”.

  • DeSoto

A fitting name for a Doberman, DeSoto is taken from the Disney classic Oliver & Company, in which the name belonged to a feisty and fierce Doberman.

The roots of this Disney dog name come from the DeSoto family that resided in one of the villages called Soto.

The word Soto itself has Spanish origination and refers to a forest or woodland.

  • Pete

A simple and easy-to-remember name, this Disney dog name that belonged to Mickey Mouse’s nemesis, a peg-legged dog, is a suitable choice for any dog owner who wants their pet to start retaining and responding to its name from the onset.

The name originally has Latin roots and is derived from the word “Petra”, which translates to “a rock”, making it an ideal pick for a robust and well-rounded pet.

  • Reggie

A cute name for a sweet pet dog, Reggie comes from the second part of Lady and the Tramp and belonged to a Bullmastiff in the movie.

  • Ivana

This name comes from the fictional character in the popular Disney sitcom, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, who was called Ivana Priscilla Veronica Tipton.

The dog was generally intelligent but acted clueless at times, and did not talk to the human characters.

This name is suitable for a female dog who has an air of confidence around it and does not like taking orders.

  • Jafar

If you are looking to give your dog a name similar to a human Disney character rather than a dog, Jafar is an interesting choice.

Jafar appeared in Disney’s Aladdin as an evil sorcerer, who was also the Grand Vizier of Agrabah, a fictional place in the story.

This name is fitting for a fierce, angry, and rebellious dog who often acts upon its own desires rather than strictly following the given commands.

  • Duchess

This name sounds very important with its French roots and its meaning of ‘wife of a duke’.

Duchess was a very stylish and regal cat in the Disney animated feature film, The Aristocrats, and this name is very suitable for an important female dog too.

  • Russell

Russell is a very cute, chubby, and immensely persistent young boy in the Disney animated film, Up.

This name has Arabic roots and comes from the word ‘rossel’ which, in old Arabic, meant ‘red-skinned’ or ‘red-haired’.

This name is easy, simple and goes well with dog breeds with reddish coats, such as the Papillon, the Alaskan Klee Kai, the Dachshund, or the Irish Setter.

  • Charlotte

A character with this name appears in Disney’s animated feature film, The Princess and the Frog.

This character was the best friend to the main protagonist in the film, Tiana, and was known for her beauty, among other things.

Charlotte had fair skin, blonde hair, rosy cheeks, and a slender figure.

As such, this name will really suit a beautiful female dog who stands out because of her delicate and gorgeous features.

  • Sylvia

If you want to choose a Disney name for your dog but are worried about it sounding too goofy or immature, ‘Sylvia’ is a safe pick.

‘Sylvia’ is a librarian appearing in the Disney film ‘An Extremely Goofy Movie’.

In literal, this name means ‘God of the Forest’ and comes from the Latin language.

  • Rosa

‘Rosa’ was a dog that appeared in the movies Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 and Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3.

Give this name to your female dog if it is very beautiful, graceful, and kind-hearted.

Also, this name will go well with a dog whose feminine aspects always stand out.

  • Aurora

Sometimes, the best Disney name to give to your dog can be of one of the human characters from a Disney film.

‘Aurora’ from Sleeping Beauty was a princess, which makes this name very regal, glamorous, and attractive.

If your dog is always looking to get your attention and does not like being left alone at all, this is a wise choice of a name for it.

Lastly, ‘Aurora’ is a smart name for a dog that is very beautiful and has a lush coat of fur.

  • Beast

Now if you think that all those traditional dog names sound too tame and innocent for your muscular and angry dog, we have another option.

‘Beast’ from Beauty and the Beast was a literal beast before being transformed into a prince by Beauty’s love.

Therefore, give your huge and daring dog a name it deserves and can handle well by naming it ‘Beast’.

The Most Popular Disney Dog Name of All Time

  • Beethoven

Everyone’s favorite Saint Bernard, Beethoven was the most beloved canine in the movie of the same name.

This is a name that most people will always recognize.

The title owes its popularity to both the dog character in the movie as well as the famous music composer.

My Final Thoughts

When you want inspiration to pick a name for your pet, resorting to names from Disney movies and shows is perhaps one of the most enjoyable ways to go about the process of christening your pet.

In this compilation of Disney dog names, we put together lists of names for you to choose from.

Now, the decision of which Disney dog name serves as the best description of your loyal pet is entirely in your hands!

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