Dalmatian Names: 50 Awesome, Adorable & Silly Ideas

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Dalmatians are one of the most famous dog breeds in the world.

The height of their fame came from the release of Disney’s classic movie, 101 Dalmatians, which was loved by millions of fans around the globe.

Due to this movie, the Dalmatians became a people’s favorite in many households and many people adopted them as pets on the insistence of their kids.

Even before the movie, the unique appearance of the Dalmatians made them stand out from all other dog breeds.

Their spotted coat and long legs gave them an exclusive look and set them apart from other dogs.

Very athletic and highly affectionate, the Dalmatian is a one of a kind dog breed that is truly magnificent.

Enjoying hiking and walking the Dalmatian is a perfect companion to take along when going out for a long walk or a jog.

All of these different traits make the Dalmatian a truly unique breed and a truly unique breed requires a truly unique name as well.

When deciding on what to name your new Dalmatian pup, one can either rush into the decision or spend hours and still not having found the best name.

In order to avoid both of these scenarios, we bring you a great list of names that have been chosen with great care and love so that you can save your time while giving your new pup the best possible name.

Naming your pup is a harder task than you’d think; hence, we’re here to make your life a lot easier.

Our list contains some of the top picks for Dalmatian dog names along with their meanings so that you can select a name that touches your heart.

We have also broken up these names into various categories based on gender and cuteness so that you don’t get confused.

Now before wasting any more time, let us begin with our list for the best Dalmatian names and their meanings!

A Dalmatian sitting up
His name is Chaos and he loves to jump.

Male Dalmatian Dog Names

  • Freckles

This is a great name for a Dalmatian as it best describes its appearance.

Referring to spots on the skin, this name is very apt for a Dalmatian.

It is also fairly easy to remember and can be learned by your dog in no time.

  • Chaos

Referring to complete and utter confusion, this Dalmatian name is apt for a dog that doesn’t know when to rest.

This is a very apt name for a Dalmatian that loves to jump around the house.

  • Scout

This Dalmatian name refers to an observer.

Highly intelligent, this name also symbolizes a Dalmatian’s keen sense of observation.

  • Gunnar

This is a unique name for a Dalmatian that means warrior.

Of Norse origin, this name symbolizes a Dalmatian’s ability to come out on top in a duel.

Easy to pronounce, your Dalmatian will have no trouble getting used to this name.

  • Geraud

This is another unique name that means spear strength.

It symbolizes a Dalmatian’s overall strength and very active lifestyle.

  • Baxter

This is a very intriguing name for a Dalmatian that means baker.

A very fun name to call your pup, this name will never get old for you.

  • Bonner

This Dalmatian name means good citizen.

It highlights a Dalmatian’s ability to be well behaved and obedient.

  • Spotty

Referring to spots, this is a very apt name for a Dalmatian due to the spots on its skin.

Very easy to pronounce, this is a name that your dog will recognize from far away.

  • Buddy

This Dalmatian name refers to a friend.

This name symbolizes a Dalmatian’s ability to be a loyal and faithful companion.

A very easy name to pick up, your family and friends would love to call your dog by this.

  • Myer

A unique Dalmatian name, Myer means great.

This name highlights what an exceptional dog a Dalmatian is.

It can also be traded in for the word mayor if you’re in the mood for a little fun.

  • Caesar

This name means longhaired.

Of Roman origin, this name is very classy and can symbolize the uniqueness of your Dalmatian.

  • Julian

This masculine name for a Dalmatian refers to being youthful and is of Latin origin.

It symbolizes the youthful nature of the Dalmatian at heart that always involves high levels of activity and hardly ever resting.

  • Andreas

Of Greek origin, this Dalmatian name refers to being strong and manly.

It is a great name for a Dalmatian symbolizing its sturdiness as well as leadership capabilities.

  • Oreo

A very common Dalmatian name, Oreo is perhaps a name reserved for just Dalmatians.

Usually referred to with the trademark Oreo biscuits, this name suit a white Dalmatian with black spots on its body perfectly.

  • Crash

This Dalmatian name means colliding.

Since the Dalmatians can run at very high speeds their ability to crash into furniture around the house makes this name very apt for them.

Two Dalmatians sitting in a bath tub
They are very curious and their names are Tala and Nyla.

Female Dalmatian Dog Names

  • Star

This beautiful Dalmatian name refers to the luminous objects in the sky.

Rather like a shining star, this name symbolizes your dog’s ability to shine and light up any gathering that it decides to grace with its presence.

  • Bounce

A very apt name for a Dalmatian, this name means to jump.

This name symbolizes a Dalmatian’s energetic personality.

  • Nyla

This Dalmatian name is derived from the Indian name Nila, which means blue gemstones.

Aptly describing the value of your Dalmatian pup, this is a wonderful name for your dog.

  • Heidi

This is a very beautiful Dalmatian name that means the noble one.

This name symbolizes the noble and classy nature of a Dalmatian pup.

  • Tala

This short and sweet name is of the Basque origin, meaning wolf.

This name is not only very easy for your dog to pick up, rather, also highlights the wolf-like characteristics of a Dalmatian.

  • Iris

This pretty Dalmatian name is of the Hebrew origin and its literal meaning is rainbow.

It signifies all the wonderful colors a Dalmatian brings into your life.

This name is also very short and hence will cause you no trouble when training your dog.

  • Queeny

This Dalmatian name refers to a Queen.

It symbolizes the stature of your Dalmatian pup in your household and shows how much you respect your little pup.

It is also a very catchy name that will be picked up by your family and friends very easily.

  • Jewel

Referring to a very precious stone, this name aptly describes your priceless pup.

Of English origin, this name symbolizes the worth of your pup in your life.

  • Tinkerbell

From the famous movie Peter Pan, this name was given to the fairy.

A very cute and unique name for a Dalmatian, this is bound to pique interest in whoever listens to this name.

  • Nena

Of Hebrew origin, this name is taken as an inspiration from Katharine McPhee, the American Idol star.

It means “of Magdala” and is a very cute and short name for a cute Dalmatian pup.

  • Parisa

A beautiful Dalmatian name, Parisa refers to a very angelic face.

Of Persian origin, this name is very unique and symbolizes your dog’s value in your eyes.

  • Jessica

This is a name of Hebrew origin, which means rich.

It symbolizes the rich and aristocratic nature of a Dalmatian and is a very adorable name.

  • Risa

This sweet Dalmatian name comes from the Latin origin and means laughter.

The name symbolizes all the smiles and laughter that your little pup brings you.

It is also a very short name, which can be easily comprehended by a Dalmatian pup.

  • Nalini

This Dalmatian name comes from a Sanskrit origin and means heavens calm.

This is a beautiful name for a female Dalmatian and represents the peace and joy it brings to its owner.

  • Maggie

Of English origin, this Dalmatian name refers to a pearl.

This name is not only very easy to get used to, rather, it also symbolizes how much you adore your Dalmatian pup.

A Dalmatian on its hind legs looking into a mirror
She is called Elona and loves to check her beauty in a bathroom mirror.

Cute Dalmatian Dog Names

  • Dottie

Referring to dots, this is a very apt name for your female Dalmatian pup.

This is also a very cute name, which describes the appearance of your pup in the best way possible.

  • Clara

Of Latin origin, this cute female Dalmatian name means famous or brilliant.

It not only sounds extremely adorable but is also a very upbeat name bound to put a smile on your face.

  • Daphne

This adorable name is of a Greek origin and means bay tree.

It is a very hippy name for your dog and something that you and your family would love calling your dog by.

  • Elon

A very cute and adorable name for a male Dalmatian, it means spirit.

The name is of an African origin and is very easy to pronounce.

  • Elona

This captivating name for a female Dalmatian means bright.

It originates from Albania and is a very sweet-sounding name that is bound to put a smile on anyone’s face.

  • Jace

This adorable short name of Albanian origin means a healer.

A very unique and apt name for a male Dalmatian, it symbolizes how your dog takes away all of your troubles and worries by just being near you.

  • Cakes

This cute name refers to a cake.

This is a very adorable name to call your little pup as the coat of the Dalmatian often looks like a frosted cake.

  • Melony

This delightful name comes from the United Kingdom and means black.

Not only is this a very captivating name, rather, but it is also very easy for your dog to pick up and associate itself with.

  • Gigi

A very cute name for a male Dalmatian, it means trustworthy.

Having a French origin, this name symbolizes the faith that you can put in your Dalmatian and the fact that it will never let you down.

This is also a very easy name for your dog to pick up and something that won’t bore you after a short while.

  • King

This amazing masculine name originates from England and means ruler.

Aptly describing your dog’s importance in your household, as well as its status, this is a very captivating name for a male Dalmatian.

  • Smiley

A very adorable name, Smiley refers to the act of smiling.

This name showcases a Dalmatians fun-loving and smiling nature and also aptly describes how your pup puts a smile on your face every time the two of you meet.

  • Sunny

This very charming name originates from France and means full of sunlight.

This name perfectly symbolizes the role of your pup in your life and the necessity of having it around.

Perfect name for a female Dalmatian, this name describes the full of life nature of a Dalmatian.

  • Peach

This female Dalmatian name is absolutely adorable and means outrageously sweet.

Aptly describing the nature of a Dalmatian pup, this name can also refer to the fruit.

Apart from being very short, this is a very easy name to remember.

  • Luka

This amazing and adorable male Dalmatian name originates from Latin.

Very easy to pronounce and learn, this name means light.

Symbolizing the importance your pup has in your life.

  • Rin

A very short and sweet name means companion.

Originating from Japan, this is a great name for your female Dalmatian, one that it can learn and get used to quite easily.

Special Treats

When your dog surprises you with its utmost obedience you must reward it with special treats to encourage it.

Not only is this bound to make your pet’s day but it will also motivate it to be more obedient in hopes of getting more delicious treats.

Moreover, the use of treats during training is very effective in getting your dog to do as you command.

The treat can be home-cooked or bought from a store but it should not compromise on the health of your Dalmatian.

Before selecting any treat, keep in mind that the Dalmatian is a very active dog and requires high-quality food which is rich in protein.

However, make sure you steer clear of treats with purine as this can lead to kidney or bladder stones.

This immediately eliminates options such as fish, poultry, seafood, or beef.

You are recommended to give treats made out of plant proteins, instead.

One option that your Dalmatian is bound to love is a cooked or raw carrot that is finely chopped to prevent choking.

In addition to this, fruits such as peaches, kiwi, melon, and strawberries are extremely refreshing and will have your dog craving for more.

Pumpkin, furthermore, is another healthy option for an occasional, mouthwatering treat.

If you want to give potatoes to your Dalmatian, make sure you give them without peeling off the skin, and that the quantity is low since too many carbohydrates are not good for this dog.

Even though most lentils are not recommended for this breed, french beans are a very safe and healthy option which can be a very delicious treat for a special occasion.

Also, make sure the special treats are free of artificial coloring as they can cause health problems or taint the fur of your Dalmatian.

The Most Popular Dalmatian Name of All Time

  • Marshall

One of the most famous and popular Dalmatian names of all time is Marshall.

This top spot goes to Marshall, as it was the name given to the Dalmatian in the famous animated
TV series, Paw Patrol.

Ever since many people who got Dalmatians named them Marshall.

The name itself means, horse keeper.

It is a short and special name, which is both easy to use and very apt to keep.

My Final Thoughts

All Dalmatians are different from one another.

Living with your pup for just a few days would tell you a lot about its personality.

This should give you enough information to go on before finalizing a name for your pup.

Don’t take this responsibility of naming your pet lightly; for once decided you can never go back!

So go through our list as many times as you want and choose a name that’s most suitable for you and your pup!

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