11 Cute Dog Breeds That Look Like Teddy Bears

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Although teddy bear dog breeds are often considered small, cute and cuddly, they actually come in all shapes and sizes.

They’re so named because they, of course, have stumpy limbs, big eyes, big heads and fluffy fur – all very teddy bear qualities.

These dogs are also super cuddly and often bred to be very affectionate, so you can guarantee that these are going to be affectionate playmates who are keen to have fun with you – whichever of these dogs you may choose.

With that in mind, check out some of the cutest teddy bear dog breeds in the world below!


A brown and white Teddy Bear Dog on a lead
The Havapoo can be easily trained.

While the name of this dog is sure to get your kids giggling, these are smart, bright and ultimately cheerful little dogs who fit in wonderfully with all kinds of households.

They’re easy to train and to tag along with, and they’re always curious about what you’re up to – you might find yourself almost tripping over your Havapoo every so often, as they always want to peek at what you’re up to.

It’s an endearing characteristic though, so there’s no way it will ever outstay its welcome. Plus, these dogs are big softies, so who could ever get mad at such cute faces?


Image Credit By: little_happy_hounds, instagram

Another tiny teddy bear dog breed, the Shorkie is a gorgeous, fluffy mix of a Yorkie and a Shih Tzu.

However, these little critters can also be somewhat demanding in terms of the level of affection and fuss they need day to day.

These are born lap dogs, and jealous ones at that – so it’s best to own a Shorkie without also having kids or other pets with whom you need to divide your time.

These hugely endearing little pups are packed with personality though, so even their gambits for your praise and attention can’t be held against them.

Miniature German Shepherd

Miniature German Shepherd
Image Credit By: die_tun_nix_die_bellen_nur, instagram

Those of us who want one of these handsome hounds at a compact size, and with a less rowdy attitude, need look no further than the adorable Miniature German Shepherd.

Don’t let the small size fool you here though, because these adorable little buddies are go-getters, every one!

They have the keen senses of sight, smell and hearing of their bigger cousins – and are indeed a little bigger than many of the teddy bear dogs on our list – but are wrapped up in a smaller and easier to maintain package.

These are high energy teddy bear dogs though, so if you want an especially cute jogging partner or are into spending lots of time outdoors, this is definitely a protective yet oh so adorable pet for you.

Comfort Retriever

Comfort Retriever
Image Credit By: furfrenzypets, instagram

Imagine if a Golden Retriever stayed a puppy for all of his or her life. What you’re picturing likely closely resembles the Comfort Retriever – also aptly known as the Miniature Golden Retriever.

This is a bit of a mid-sized teddy bear dog, but still counts as one, and is always ready for hugs as much as fun and games in the back yard.

Much like larger versions of this dog, the Comfort Retriever is a people pleaser, through and through.

He or she will rarely if ever, misbehave, and will always pay extra close attention during training to try and get everything right first try.


A Teddy Bear Dog shaking its owners hand
The Sheepadoodle is so furry.

Who could say no to a dog called a Sheepadoodle?!

So named due to being a mix of an English Sheepdog and a Poodle, the furriness of this teddy bear dog needs to be seen to be believed.

Often colored black and white, but also found in other hues, these dogs are extremely clever, thanks to combining the best of two breeds that are plenty smart to begin with.

This not only makes training a cinch, but it also means that your dog is just as interested in games of mental agility – puzzles and mysteries to solve – as running and walks in the park.

These dogs fit in wonderfully into young families and can grow up alongside your children as best friends and loving companions.

They are exceptionally good at being family dogs but can suit a couple or even an individual just as well.

Being so cute, how could anyone refuse?


Image Credit By: elly.thepomchi, instagram

This adorable little mix of a Pomeranian and a Chihuahua has oodles of charm and personality, and bring so tiny, this dog always seems to know how to tug your heartstrings to get their way.

So beware! You might well find yourself finding it oh so hard to say no to handing over one too many snacks and treats to this endearing little buddy.

These dogs can have a little bit of a diva quality to them, so, by all means, be careful when introducing them to someone new. Although friendly, they can be a bit vocal and defensive at first, so be patient!

However, these are dogs who just love to be a part of your day and exploring new ways to play and get into hijinks.

One thing to keep in mind is that these dogs are often stronger than they look! Keep that in mind if you ever end up playing tug of war with them – they might just surprise you.

Miniature Goldendoodle

Miniature Goldendoodle
Image Credit By: poppy.dood, instagram

Any dog whose breed arose by crossing it with a poodle is seemingly given a free ticket to Cutesville.

The Miniature Goldendoodle teddy bear dog is no exception, being tiny and covered in often curly honey-colored fur that looks great in any light.

It’s worth keeping in mind that these dogs are very vocal, and their bark can make someone who can’t see them think they’re dealing with a far larger dog than they are in reality!

For this reason, the Miniature Goldendoodle makes a surprisingly effective deterrent and guard dog – especially coupled with the naturally high levels of alertness that come with this breed in particular.

These are very energetic kinds of teddy bear dogs, so you can expect that these animals are going to run around a lot throughout your home, out into the garden and, of course, loving a good walk or run in the park.

If you need motivation towards an active lifestyle, a dog like this could be it!

Russian Bear Dog

Russian Bear Dog
Image Credit By: caucasianshepherd_max, instagram

If you’re taking your idea of a teddy bear dog pretty literally, you might well enjoy a lifetime of companionship with the big, cuddly and gentle-natured Russian Bear Dog.

As the name suggests, these dogs are fluffy enough to withstand colder climates and have a bulky build and broad facial features.

They come in brown, black and occasionally grey, and can grow to a remarkable 30 inches tall – truly a giant breed of pooch!

Originally, these dogs were bred to be guardians of flocks of sheep and herds of farmyard animals, so they retain a very protective aspect of their personalities to this day. These are very much strong, silent types.

However, these aren’t aggressive dogs by many means – they’re defenders and guardians, not actively seeking out conflict.

They will keep you and your family safe but also be loyal and kindhearted towards you all at all times.

Obedient, reliable, and utterly adorable. Who could ask for better?


Image Credit By: casper_and_willow, instagram

For a teddy bear dog with a huge heart but also a huge sense of wanderlust and a love of adventure, take a look at the Shollie.

This dog is a cross between the Border Collie and the German Shepherd.

These are sleek and good looking dogs, with thick and lustrous fur that blends black brown and honey or tan colors to wonderful effect.

These dogs often seem to know they look awesome too and can be a little bit attention-seeking from time to time.

Don’t mistake this for clinginess though – in fact, these are independent spirits indeed.

Put simply, these dogs need lots of space to roam – far more than just a back yard or a garden area, or even a big house.

Broad horizons and unknown scents are incredibly appealing to these dogs, and at their worst, they can prove cheeky escape artists pursuing it!

Keep in mind that having an active lifestyle with lots of moving around will be the best fit for the Shollie – they have little time for children either, unfortunately.

But they’re definitely cute!


A white Teddy Bear Dog laying down
The Samoyed requires a lot of trimming.

Like a big puffy ball of cuddly yeti-like cuteness, the Samoyed is an incredibly appealing teddy bear dog.

Although on the larger side, these dogs have pristine white or cream-colored coats of fur that are soft and fluffy to the touch – they’re like happy pointy-eared clouds on legs!

It takes a lot of trimming, fussing and brushing to keep this coat clean, of course, but your Samoyed will lap up the attention – and it’s the perfect way to bond with your pet.

You might find your dog a little skittish when it comes to having a bath, though.

This breed of dog is notable for moving in slow and elegant movements much of the time, only adding to that almost dreamlike wafting motion they make when walking or wagging their tail.

And of all the dog breeds, this one always seems to be smiling the most!

Frequent exercise is important to these dogs, but they also like to curl up and cuddle after a long day too – and are fantastically warming to snuggle with in winter!

Corgi Husky Mix

Corgi Husky Mix
Image Credit By: fridaydawg, instagram

It might boggle the mind how a big dog like a Husky and a smaller breed like a Welsh Corgi can be crossed, but one thing is for sure – the teddy bear breed of dog known as the Corgi Husky mix is an adorable and charming end result!

The distinctive fur patterns that Huskies have translate gorgeously to the Corgi Husky Mix, and also combine the honey and tan colors that Corgis often have along with a mix of greys and whites.

However! Please be advised that there are some seriously individualistic tendencies that come through in this mix of breeds.

Maybe it’s the sled dog genes of the Husky or the royal connotations of the Corgi, but make no mistake – these can be pretty tricky customers.

That’s because these dogs are individualists, through and through.

They can tend to push their luck in trying to get out of the garden or escaping the park, even slipping from their collar to run away from time to time.

These dogs also play a little rough too, so don’t come recommended for families with small children.

However, if you’re looking for a dog who has a high energy output and can come with you jogging or walking along the beach, this teddy bear dog could be just the ticket!

Final thoughts

Although very adorable, teddy bear dogs aren’t just tiny, cute and cuddly breeds. As you’ve seen from our explorations today, they truly do come in all shapes and sizes.

It also means that they don’t necessarily need to be little fussy breeds of dogs who need oodles of attention and praise just to get through the day. In fact, many of these breeds can instead prove surprisingly independent, and even a little naughty sometimes.

Yet so sweet, so loving and so loyal are these teddy bear dogs, it can prove impossible to choose from between them all. Who’s your favorite breed of teddy bear dog?

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