The Cocker-Pei: A Complete Guide

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Dogs are fluffy, furry balls of joy. They bring happiness in all walks of life, and at the end of the day, no one can deny the cuteness of a canine.

They are some of the best pets in the world and are highly intelligent creatures that treat their owners with the utmost amounts of kindness, joy, love, and care.

Dogs, do need patience and persistence when it comes to being raised.

They can be difficult, hard to understand and hard to please, making your life as an owner much more stressful than what you thought it would be. However, this labor is worth it and will bring a lot more meaning to your life.

The Cocker-Pei is an incredible combination of the Cocker Spaniel and the Shar-Pei.

It’s still a growing crossbreed and is yet to peak in popularity, so there is very little information on this dog as of yet. To truly understand this dog, we can look at its parent breeds.

The Shar-Pei is an ancient dog from China and has been renowned for centuries as a hunter and a breeder.

It was highly regarded in the royal court of China and is still one of the most popular breeds over there. Today, it is available over the world, and incredibly popular as a companion dog.

The Cocker Spaniel was an incredibly popular dog for flushing out prey from hiding places, making it the perfect hunting companion.

A brown Cocker-Pei with a red bandana round its neck
The Cocker-Pei eats around 3 cups of food a day.

It rose to acclaim for the first time in the United States during the 1600s and was the most popular dog in the US during the 40s and 50s.

It was even the star in Disney’s Lady and the Tramp. Today, it is still regarded as one of the most popular companion breeds in the world.

With the Cocker-Pei, you are getting an incredible dog that is an ideal friend for any type of owner.

With obedience training and socialization, it will grow to be loving to everybody that surrounds it, and you will both establish a great rapport.

In this manual today, I will create a blueprint on the fundamentals of the Cocker Pei, and guide you through all the necessary information on owning one.

I will detail the size, life expectancy, costs and traits for you to determine whether or not this dog is for you.

Still interested in the Cocker-Pei, and want to keep learning? Well, continue scrolling down for more on this particular breed.

Cocker Pei Puppies – Before You Buy…

There are a plethora of things you need to consider before bringing a puppy home. It won’t just make your household its new humble abode, you will have to help it settle, and assimilate.

The Cocker Pei needs your help to feel comfortable, and confident, and you will have to provide your assistance so the next 10-15 years of your life to go smoothly.

Things you will need to do include:

  • Assess the amount of space you have in your house to home the Cocker-Pei. You need enough room to house it with comfort and make sure you have a nice apartment for it to play in.
  • Assess the amount of time you have to socialize with the dog. The Cocker-Pei will need frequent socialization and attention, with you being the source of it. You will need to rearrange your work schedule or make sure someone is there to help train the dog at all times.
  • Choose your preferred coat color for the Cocker Pei, and seek out a puppy that fits that decision.
  • Choose what gender you want, picking between boy and girl.
  • Make a choice regarding your preferences on spaying.neutering.

What Price are Cocker-Pei Puppies?

The Cocker-Pei is not on the cost-effective side when it comes to crossbreeding dogs.

From a reputable breeder, the Cocker-Pei is going to cost you $800-$900, which is the same as most medium-sized dogs.

This, however, is slightly cheaper than the $900-$1200 of a Cocker Spaniel, and the $1000-$1500 of a Shar-Pei, making for a great alternative for those wanting one of the purebreds, but are on a budget.

You can also try and adopt. You can find dogs at a clinic for $60, with a few extra costs depending on the business.

If you can’t find a Cocker-Pei for a price you can afford, try seeking out smaller breeds for a cheaper dog. They have large webbed paws, and a small tail that curls.

Where to Find Reputable Cocker-Pei Breeders?

Finding a reputable breeder is one of the hardest parts of becoming a dog owner, but also one of the most important.

You will need to choose a professional breeder as their choices can affect the overall health of a dog, and make your time raising it a lot harder.

It is important that you try to avoid puppy mills by determining factors that include:

  1. The spaciousness of the place where the dogs reside.
  2. The cleanliness, and neatness of the dogs on sale.
  3. The amount of socialization the dogs get.
  4. The amount of experience that the breeder has with the particular breed.
  5. The breeder’s overall efforts in assisting you with any further tips and tactics.
A Cocker-Pei looking up enjoying the sun
The Cocker-Pei doesn’t live longer than 15 years.

3 Little-Known Facts About Cocker-Pei Puppies

  1. They have a short coat that is minimal when it comes to shedding.
  2. Their grumpy, wrinkled face might say otherwise, but the Cocker-Pei is incredibly friendly!
  3. The Cocker-Pei makes for an excellent watchdog.

 Physical Traits of the Cocker-Pei

Because the Cocker-Pei is a mixed breed, it can look entirely different throughout each litter.

Some will look like a Cocker Spaniel, and some will look like a Shar-Pei, it all depends on the genetic makeup of each puppy.

It can also look like a complete mix of both parent breeds, blending the incredibly popular features of its predecessors.

The Cocker-Pei has a rough, short coat that slightly feathers around its head.

It can range colors of red, black and brown. It will have deeply colored eyes that will either be brown or green, and its nose can either be brown and pink.

How Big is a Full-Grown Cocker-Pei?

The Cocker-Pei is a medium to large-sized breed and is known for its masculine look. A Cocker-Pei will grow between 18-21, with it being bigger in length than it is height.

The Cocker-Pei will weigh around 65 pounds, with 45 generally being the minimum. It is big and masculine for its length, giving it the tough aesthetic of a fighting dog.

The male is generally bigger than the female, and you will need to supervise it around small kids.

What is Cocker-Pei’s Life Expectancy?

The Cocker-Pei will generally live a maximum of 15 years, with 10 being the minimum. This is around the same as both the Shar-Pei and the Cocker Spaniel.

It is important not to get caught up in these expectancies, as they can vary depending on health.

Because of this, it’s important to keep a close eye on any health concerns that your dog might have, and schedule regular trips to the vet.

Intelligence, Temperament, and Personality Traits of the Cocker-Pei

The Cocker-Pei is a sweet, loving dog that is generally amazing around children of all ages. However, they should still be supervised around small children just in case of any rough play.

They are easily trained and will need socialization from a young age.

If the Cocker-Pei is left alone for too long, it can get nervous and destructive, as it suffers from separation anxiety.

It is somewhat wary around strangers and therefore will need to warm up to family friends that live outside the house. Because of this, it makes a great guard dog.

The Cocker-Pei is incredibly loyal to its owner and will love a nice laze around the couch.

A cute baby Cocker-Pei sitting amongst the grass
The Cocker-Pei is a combination of the Cocker Spaniel and the Shar-Pei.

The Cocker Pei’s Diet

The Cocker-Pei will consume around 3 cups of food a day, with cuisines alternating between sliced meats like pork and chicken, dry dog food, kibble, and other grains.

This will cost a dog owner roughly $50-$60, meaning the Cocker-Pei has an incredibly expensive diet.

How Much Exercise Does the Cocker-Pei Need?

The Cocker-Pei only needs a moderate amount of exercise per day. It will participate in roughly 45 minutes of physical activity daily, and 9 miles of walking per week.

Its requirements can be met with jogging, walking, running, hiking, frisbee and flyball.

Cocker-Pei Health and Conditions

Serious Issues:

  • Entropion
  • Demodectic Mange
  • Hip Dysplasia

Minor Issues:

Supplements and Vitamins

The Cocker Pei is a designer dog breed with a pretty robust immune system, but even so, a lot of dog owners who welcome this pet into their lives like to go the extra mile in making sure that their animal gets the best of vitamins and minerals.

A lot of opportunities exist nowadays for pet owners to really make the most of increasing the health and well being of their pets – in much the same way as dogs’ owners themselves are doing more and more to look after their health and nutrition.

Specialist formulas and pills that can boost your Cocker Pei’s levels of vitamins, minerals, and other goodies are readily available at most pet stores.

Because some dogs are fussy eaters, you’ll find they come in lots of different formats.

So for instance, if your Cocker Pei isn’t down for taking a supplement pill, you might have more luck with a liquid formula that goes into their meals, or a chewy snack that feels more like a treat than a supplement.

With all that being the case, though, many dog owners like to lean on nature’s solutions rather than the more medical or pharmaceutical approach.

In other words, you can hand over some pieces of fruit or vegetables to boost vitamins and minerals in your Cocker Pei.

Apples, melons, bananas, even cucumber – cut into little pieces, your Cocker Pei can enjoy both the flavor of these treats, but also the vitamins and fiber content naturally occurring in these snacks.

Even a big dog needs very little of this sort of thing though – dogs can use these vitamins far more efficiently than human bodies do, so they need smaller portions than this.

My Final Thoughts on the Cocker-PeiThe Cocker-Pei

Overall, the Cocker-Pei is an incredibly fun, friendly and caring dog that is suited for any type of dog owner.

With the right amount of socialization, it will fit into your family smoothly.

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