50 City-Inspired Dog Names: 50 Awesome & Adorable Ideas

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When you have countless cities in the world, each with its distinct backgrounds and landmarks, there is no reason why one can’t look at city names for dogs.

Giving your pet a city-inspired dog name makes it all the more special, especially if the particular city holds a certain significance to you.

While the idea is definitely very appealing, it may seem daunting for some, since there is an abundance of different cities, towns, and villages that can be taken inspiration from.

In order to help you shortlist your options, the following city names for dogs have been cherry-picked on the basis of their relevance and significance to dogs.

Additionally, the corresponding meaning of each name has been mentioned along with it to allow you to best gauge the suitability of each city name for your pet dog.

A small dog sitting in front of a door
Hello, my name is Phoenix.

Male City Names for Dogs

  • Aspen

One of the coldest cities in the state of Colorado; the name will suit a pet that is inherently adaptable to cold climates.

  • Denver

If you look at the history of Denver, in particular, its origin, you’ll find that it was built as a silver-mining town.

Keeping that in mind, this categorizes as one of those city names for dogs that are grey-haired or sport a lustrous white fur coat.

  • Austin

A popular city in Texas that has also been popular as a name throughout history.

The meaning of Austin is “dignity”, which aptly describes a dog that has gained the trust and respect of its family members.

  • Derby

This is one of the British city names for dogs.

Derby is popular for its horse races, so if your pet can run at very high speeds and has the grit and grace of a horse, this will be a suitable moniker for it.

  • Cairo

An Egyptian city name for dogs that excel at everything.

The literal meaning of the name Cairo is “victorious”.

  • Phoenix

While this may be the name of a city in Arizona, the name is also a reference to a large, majestic bird significant in classical mythology, which makes it fitting for a free-spirited pet.

  • Chandler

Another addition to Arizona city names for a dog, this moniker is also a reference to the famous character from the hit TV show Friends.

The character of Chandler was distinctly recognized for being exceptionally funny, which makes this an enjoyable reference for a pet that makes everyone laugh with its goofy antics.

  • Orlando

A city in Florida, the reputation of Orlando as a popular tourist destination does justice to its title, which means “famous land” and is a name that is often used for humans and pets.

  • Jordan

The name of a country in the Middle East that literally means “to flow” and also has a river that connects to Israel and goes by the same name.

It is also a reference to the iconic basketball player, Michael Jordan.

Keeping in mind both associations, if your pet likes to take part in water sports, the name will go with this trait.

  • Wyatt

A city in the state of Indiana which is also used as a name with a great meaning: brave and strong.

  • Dallas

A city in Texas that is also a Gaelic name with the meaning “meadow”, which makes it apt for a dog breed that has been bred to herd sheep.

  • Romeo

A play on the name of the Italian capital, Rome.

The name is also used to describe someone that is charming and can steal the hearts of many with this charm, just like your pet is bound to do.

  • Salem

A coastal city located in Essex County in England that is rich in history.

In addition to being suitable for a dog that loves the seaside, Salem in Arabic means “secure” and “peace”.

Both of these are qualities that align with the sense of safety and peace that your pet brings to you.

  • Lawrence

While this name may be popularly used for city titles, you will not find many dogs named Lawrence, which makes it one of the very unique city names for dogs.

  • Jackson

A city in Florida, the capital of Mississippi, and originally a Scottish name that means “God is gracious”.

A light coloured dog laying down
Charlotte simply loves to have a long nap.

Female City Names for Dogs

  • Odessa

One of the most populous Ukrainian cities is a port to the Black Sea, making it an ideal moniker for a black female dog.

The name itself means “marine”, which makes it perfect for a dog that likes to swim.

  • Cheyenne

A Wyoming city name that defines as “red”, ideal for a red-haired pet.

  • Milan

The hub of fashion in Italy, a name that means “gracious”.

  • Adelaide

A popular Australian city.

This city name for dogs means “noble”.

  • Geneva

A beautiful city in Switzerland that may be used as a shorter form of the female name Genevieve, which means fair.

  • Victoria

A popular name that is also the title of a city located in Australia as well as one in Canada.

  • Savannah

A name that depicts peace and a city in Georgia.

  • Charlotte

A city in North Carolina and also the name of a pudding. The literal meaning of this French name is “petite”, for a pet with a dainty frame.

  • Florence

Inspired by a city in Italy, can also be shortened to “Flo”.

  • Aurora

This Illinois city has a name that means “dawn”.

  • Zaria

A city in Nigeria, the name of which means “blossom” and “princess”.

  • Helena

One of the more popular city names for dogs, also a reference to Helen of Troy.

  • Dakota

A US state and also a Native American tribe’ the meaning of this name is “ally”.

  • Shannon

An Ireland city and also the name of the longest river in the country.

  • Chicago

The populous capital of Illinois.

A dog wearing sunglasses and a scarf
His name is Tokyo.

Cute City Names for Dogs

  • Brooklyn

One of the boroughs in New York.

  • Caramel

A city in California that can also describe the caramel color of your pet.

  • Kobe

A city in Japan and also a very expensive type of beef.

  • Barcelona

A play on the Spanish city name, Barcelona.

  • Troy

A small city located in New York, ideal for a small-sized dog.

  • Paris

The iconic capital city of France.

  • Kona

Located in Hawaii and known for its volcanoes; ideal for a fiery pit.

  • Bristol

A city in the UK located on River Avon.

  • Campbell

A classic California city name.

  • Tokyo

The capital of Japan, ideal for a Japanese breed.

  • Jaffa

An ancient port city in Israel now known as Tel Aviv. The name means “wonderful”.

  • Reno

A city in Nevada titled “the Biggest Little City in the World”.

  • Sydney

The Australian capital.

  • Selma

Located in Alabama; a sweet dog name.

  • Regina

A wheat-growing city in Canada.

The Most Popular City Name of All Time

  • Boston Beans

Inspired by the city of Boston, one of the oldest American cities, this was the title of one of many pets owned by President Calvin Coolidge during his days in the White House.

Boston Beans was a beloved Bulldog, which gave rise to its popularity amongst bulldog names.

My Final Thoughts

If you saw your favorite city featured in this list of city names for dogs and feel that its meaning is relevant for your pet, go ahead and start getting your precious dog accustomed to its new title!

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