Chonzer: A Complete Guide

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If you were breeding two dogs together, their first choice probably wouldn’t be to breed a German rat hunting dog with a tiny lap dog.

But somewhere along the way,  some particularly intelligent breeder decided to give it a try. They were not disappointed.

Chonzers on footrest
The Chonzer is an incredibly friendly dog.

The resulting dog is an energetic medium-sized dog that will be like your shadow.

They have a high level of activity that they get from their Schnauzer ancestry, but they have an exceptionally friendly demeanor that they get from their Bichon Frise ancestry.

These dogs are wonderful family pets and they will get along great with your children and will also get along very well with any other pets that you have.

One thing that you should be aware of before you buy your first Chonzer is that they like to bark a lot.

Many times these little guys are trained as guard dogs. Despite their smaller stature, they have a very loud bark.

These are very loving dogs, and they will constantly seek the affection of all of your family members. If you let them, they will follow you everywhere.

They enjoy car rides long walks and have even been known to swim from time to time.

Although they are not classified as a hunting dog, many hunters enjoy their presence so much that they bring the dog along with them anyway.

Chonzer Puppies – Before You Buy…

Although the Chonzer is a lovable and very self-sufficient dog, there are some Basics that you should know before you purchase it.

They do have certain energy requirements and require a decent amount of human attention and companionship.

What Price are Chonzer Puppies?

These little puppies are quite a steal. The average price for a Chonzer is right around $300. This makes them a very affordable option for most families.

Most of the time they have white fur, but when they have darker colored furs which are rarer, they have been known to go up in price to around $400 or $500.

Considering how long these dogs can live, this is a significant investment to make for a loving family dog that will be appreciated for years.

How to Find Reputable Chonzer Breeders?

The Chonzer is a very distinctive breed of dog.  it must come from a Miniature Schnauzer and a Bichon Frise.  anything else is a month, and you will be getting ripped off.

That being said, because this dog is not very expensive, it is not likely to find a breeder who will try to rip you off in the first place.

You will usually only run into this problem when you are dealing with higher-end dogs that cost $1,000 or more.

Because these dogs are so popular, you can easily find them just about anywhere across the United States.

There are several online dealers who will sell them to you, but usually, the best idea is to go in person to an authorized breeder or to try and find somebody who just had puppies and is looking to get rid of them.

Sometimes you may even find people who are giving them away free or less than $100!

3 Little-known facts about Chonzer puppies

  1. The Chonzer is almost always a happy dog. They love to run around and play with their human friends and with other dogs.
  2. These dogs will follow you around anywhere. Whether it is a trip to the grocery store, or you are just walking out to the mailbox, they will try their best to be your constant shadow.
  3. These dogs are hypoallergenic which makes them a great option for people who suffer from allergies, but who aren’t willing to give up their love of dogs.

Physical Traits of the Chonzer

These dogs are a lot more like the Miniature Schnauzer in appearance. The only Bichon Frise looks that come through are mainly in the eyes and the smaller stature.

As far as the body looks, it is long, lean, and angular. This is the traditional Schnauzer stance which is very similar to that of a pointer dog.

Their fur is almost always a lighter color. This is a trait that they pick up from their Bichon Frise heritage.

The Miniature Schnauzers most commonly have darker hair whereas the Bichon Frise most commonly have cream-colored or white hair.

Once in a while, you will find a Chonzer who has brown or black hair, but it is usually uncommon, and if you do, you will usually pay extra for the rarity.

Happy Chonzers in yard
Each Chonzer has its own specific personality.

The Chonzer has a very muscular appearance. It gets this from its Schnauzer heritage.

They are quite Hardy dogs and can take a lot of roughhousing.

This makes them a great companion for children who are often rough and misjudge their strength.

They have broad foreheads, deep-set eyes, and a prominent nose.

Their ears are big and Flappy and are probably the most expressive feature that they have on their faces.

One of the features that particularly sets this dog park is its mustache.

It’s not quite so large and fluffy as the nectar schnauzers, but it’s still very noticeable and gives the Chonzer a very sophisticated look.

How Big is a Full-Grown Chonzer?

The Chonzer is a medium-sized dog that can weigh up to 35 lb on the heavier side. If it picks up more genes from the small Bichon Frise, then it will likely weigh in on the smaller side at around 25 lb.

Looking at their heights, they can range from anywhere to 10 in tall to 18 in tall.

This wide variation and their size are due to the discrepancy between the Miniature Schnauzer and the Bichon Frise.

Both breeds are completely different from each other and share very few features. This means that the Chonzer’s size depends primarily on where it gets the majority of its genes from (usually the father).

What is the Life Expectancy of the Chonzer?

These dogs have an average lifespan of between 10 and 13 years. Well, this isn’t very long, it is enough to build a meaningful relationship with them.

These are one of those breeds that can maintain an incredibly high energy level and cheerful demeanor even into their final year of life.

Much of the time even if they are suffering from sickness or painful joints, their owners will never know about it. While this is sad, it does, however, speak for the character of the dog.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Chonzer

These dogs are known for being highly intelligent. They get this from their Miniature Schnauzer heritage, which is known for being some of the smartest hunting dogs and the world.

It won’t be long before your Chonzer has figured out where you hide everything of value and your house. If you leave the treats out in plain view, you can be sure that he will find a way to get to them.

Their temperament is very mild, And they are known for being incredibly friendly dogs. This makes them a great choice for people with kids.

Not only can they withstand the rough play, but they will not respond and turn if a child accidentally hits them too hard.

This is a very common concern for parents who are searching out a dog that their whole family can get along with.

Each Chonzer has its own individual personality as well. It is very rare will you find two of these dogs that are the same.

Some time to be more upbeat and extroverted, and others prefer to remain and the house with the human family members and other pets who they know better.

Some of this has to do with genes, but most of it lies in the way that they are raised. If they are raised being exposed to new people all the time, then they will be far more accepting and friendly towards strangers.

However, if they are raised primarily around the family members, then they will be more likely to be most comfortable around those people.

The Chonzer’s Diet

Chonzers on some pillows
The Chonzers love to bark, a lot.

Larger Chonzers the way around 35 lb we will need to be given around 2 cups of food a day.

They are best when fed once in the morning and once at night, and can skip lunch without a problem.

If you have a smaller Chonzer who weighs around 25 lb, then you will probably want to feed him a little bit less than 2 cups.

As with any dog, it is not a good idea to overfeed them, as this can cause them to develop high blood sugar and diabetes over time.

How Much Exercise Does a Chonzer Need?

These dogs maintain a moderate level of activity and do not require excessive amounts of playtime like their Miniature Schnauzer relatives do.

Usually, it will be perfectly fine if you take them out for a 20-minute walk at the end of the day. They do enjoy going out to dog parks and associating with other dogs as well.

Chonzer Health and Conditions

Ironically, the Chonzer has been known to get allergies even though it is considered a hypoallergenic dog for humans.

These are not common, but they are usually seasonal and will manifest by causing your dog to sneeze when they are around a bunch of pollen.

Their big ears are unfortunately also a target for ear infections.

However, as long as you maintain regular Veterinary check-ups, then your dog should be healthy and happy.

Final Thoughts on the ChonzerChonzers guide

If you’re looking for an incredibly friendly dog who will be your shadow every single day, then the Chonzer is a great companion for you.

They are relatively self-sufficient as well, and they are usually perfectly okay with being left at home for a few hours while you are at work or attending school.

They are great with kids and especially with any other pets that you have.

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