Chihuahua Names: 50 Awesome, Adorable & Silly Ideas

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The first step when bringing a new Chihuahua into your house is obviously to designate a name to the little angel.

However, this task of thinking up Chihuahua names may be much harder than you initially must’ve thought.

As is the case with naming children, one has to be extra cautious when naming their dog.

Names stick! Especially with pets. Once they get used to the name you start them off with, there is no going back.

The art of naming your pet may seem simple at first, but it’s not. The name has to not only suit your dog’s personality but should also be easy enough for it to pick up.

The simpler the name, the easier it would be for your dog to associate itself with it and respond to you quickly.

When it comes to Chihuahua’s we need to understand that they love their names and love to respond instantly when called out.

Chihuahua as a dog breed is one of the most amazing breeds.

Not only are they extremely tiny but also pack extreme levels of energy coupled with an innately affectionate nature.

Keeping their physical and personality traits in mind, we have compiled for you the best Chihuahua dog names list.

These names are spread across different categories such as gender, cuteness, and personality followed by their meanings.

We urge you to go through all of them and read through the meanings carefully as you never know which name might appeal to you.

Let us first start the list by first listing down our top picks for the Chihuahua males!

A brown Chihuahua
His name is Buzz.

Male Chihuahua Dog Names

  • Dino

The Chihuahua name means little sword and has a biblical origin.

This name is best suited for a clever little fellow which has a naughty personality.

  • Ace

Meaning topnotch, this name is reserved for the alpha dog.

This name was also used as Bruce Wayne’s dog in the ‘Batman’ comics.

  • Alexander

This Chihuahua name means the defender of Mankind.

The name reminds people of the Macedonian king Alexander The Great and would give your dog a very royal feel.

  • Hank

Meaning estate ruler, this is a very good name for a male Chihuahua.

  • Bubba

Meaning brother, this name is usually used to refer to a male best friend.

The name Bubba is not only cute but also very befitting of your new best friend.

  • Buzz

The name generally refers to the continuous humming sound made by certain insects and bees.

This Chihuahua name is very short and hence easy to pick up.

Usually, a male name would suit your male Chihuahua a lot.

  • Duke

Usually referring to the title of nobility, this is a great name for a magnificent Chihuahua pup.

Very short and easy to pronounce, your dog will pick up on this name in no time!

  • Felix

This name in the literal sense means lucky.

A very engaging name, you will feel joy in your heart every time someone calls your pup by this name.

  • Ghost

For those of us who have a thing for unique and weird names, Ghost is a perfect name for a male Chihuahua.

Referring to how light on their feet they are, a white-coated Chihuahua would fit perfectly with this name.

  • Gobble

Easy to pronounce, this name refers to eating hurriedly.
Best name for a Chihuahua that just loves to munch on food all the time.

  • Newton

Meaning new town, this is a great name for an intelligent Chihuahua.

Most famously known as the name of the gifted physicist and mathematician, Sir Isaac Newton.

Many people will relate to this name and would associate it with high intelligence, which would reflect brilliantly on your pup.

  • Oscar

Having a few different meanings, the most commonly accepted meaning is the divine spearman.

Many people will also relate this to the academy award and you can always tell them that your dog is your most prized accolade.

  • Otto

The meaning of this Chihuahua name is wealthy.

If your Chihuahua loves luxury, then this is the name for your pup.

Very easy to pronounce, this name will be easily picked up by your pup and your family.

  • Pheonix

If you are a bird lover, you would like this name.

Commonly referring to an ancient bird known to live for centuries on end, this is a very exceptional name for a pup.

  • Dewi

Meaning the beloved, this is a perfect name for your tiny male Chihuahua.

You can also call your pup Dew for short which is very easy to pick up and would compliment your pups’ small stature.

A Chihuahua's face with flowers on its head
Her name is Fifi.

Female Chihuahua Dog Names

  • Alexa

Meaning helper and defender, this is a very adorable name for your female Chihuahua.

  • Havana

This Chihuahua name may be derived from the word heaven, which will perfectly describe your adorable little pup.

  • Angel

Referring to a spiritual being, this gorgeous name is perfect for your beautiful Chihuahua pup.

Not only can this name be used as a reference point for how much you love your pup but can also be picked up very easily.

  • Fifi

This adorable name was the nickname of the Empress of France, Josephine.

Not only is this a very short and easy to remember, but it is also very adorable.

It would complement perfectly the royal stature of your female Chihuahua.

  • Flush

Referring to becoming red and hot, this name will be most apt for a red female Chihuahua.

  • Ginger

Commonly referring to the fragranced spice, this is a lovely name for a female pup.

Very easy to pick up, your dog would love to acquaint itself with this name very quickly.

  • Goldie

Meaning the golden one, this is a perfect name for a gold-coated Chihuahua pup.

A very pretty name, you and your family would love calling your pet by this name.

  • Rosie

Derived from rose, this is a beautiful name for any female dog.

This name would suit a rose-colored Chihuahua the best and would be easily picked up by your dog.

  • Velvet

Referring to the soft fabric, this name would perfectly describe your soft furry Chihuahua.

The name also has a very smooth and silky feel to it and is quite a unique name for a Chihuahua pup.

  • Verona

This is a beautiful name of a city in Italy and would suit a female Chihuahua pup.

  • Caddy

Meaning a small container, this name would be perfect for a small Chihuahua pup.

This is a cute short name, easy to call out and remember.

  • Chanel

Belonging to the French origin, this Chihuahua name refers to a canal or a channel.

Rather like the brand, this is a very intriguing name and would perfectly fit the stature of a female Chihuahua.

  • Classy

Meaning stylish and sophisticated, this perfectly sums up the personality of a Chihuahua pup.

This is a classy name for a classy dog.

  • Haley

This Chihuahua name refers to the ingenious nature of the pup.

Highly intelligent, this name suits the personality of a Chihuahua perfectly.

  • Iota

This name means a spec or atom.

Since the Chihuahua pup is the smallest dog out there, this name is very apt for your little pup.

A Chihuahua wearing a blue bow tie
His name is Nibbles.

Cute Chihuahua Puppy Names

  • Aldo

This is a cute Chihuahua name that means old and wise.

A Chihuahua is a highly intelligent pup and this name would symbolize the high wisdom in a Chihuahua pup, which would only increase with age.

  • Aldora

This is a charming female Chihuahua pup name that means noble.

Very easy to pronounce and remember, your dog will get acquainted with it in no time.

  • Brandy

This is a unique yet charming name for a Chihuahua pup.

Meaning warm, this is a very short and cute name for your dog.

You are sure to have a lot of fun with this name with your friends, family, and pup.

  • Nibbles

This Chihuahua name means to take small bites, which would be very apt for your little Chihuahua that likes to nibble on its own food with its small mouth.

  • Orion

Of Greek origin, this cute Chihuahua name refers to a hunter in Greek mythology.

Very short and unique, this is a very good name that can be used for both male and female Chihuahua pup.

  • Patsy

Of the Latin-American origin, this Chihuahua name refers to a patrician.

This name is not only cute but also suits the aristocratic personality of a female Chihuahua pup.

  • Java

This Chihuahua name is a popular one, literally meaning home.

Having an Indonesian origin, this name is not only very easy to remember but is also a friend and family favorite.

  • Lacey

This Chihuahua name refers to being lacy or lace-like.

This is a cute female Chihuahua name originated from Ireland.

  • Lucky

This name is a very common Chihuahua name and refers to having good luck.

This name symbolizes how lucky your dog can be for you.

  • Sera

This Chihuahua name is not only unique but exceptionally sweet as well.

Meaning winged angel, this is for all of you who think of your little pup as being heavenly.

  • Mac

Meaning the son of, this Chihuahua name is very short and easy to use.

It symbolizes your relationship with your pup, which is that of a parent.

  • Moody

This Chihuahua name is perhaps the aptest name for a Chihuahua pup.

Meaning arrogant or haughty, this name best describes the personality of a Chihuahua pup.

  • Taro

Of Japanese origin, this Chihuahua name refers to a first-born male.

Very easy to remember and pronounce, this name is one of the cutest names on this list.

  • Toad

Referring to the small amphibian, this is a very apt name for a miniature Chihuahua.

If you are someone who likes a little bit of humor, then you will definitely love to name your pup this.

  • Tudor

This Chihuahua name means the ruler of the people and is very apt for a pup that makes you run around after it all the time.

This is a very unique and cute name for a Chihuahua pup and is very easy to pronounce.

The Most Popular Chihuahua Name of All Time

  • Gidget

Out of a plethora of Chihuahua names, one stands out alone at the top.

Of Native-American origin, this female Chihuahua name is very popular.

The reason for its popularity comes from the most famous dog from the Taco Bell commercials.

The pup in the commercials is named Gidget in real life and is beloved by millions around the globe.

This is not at all a difficult name to pronounce or learn and your dog will have a great time getting used to it.

The meaning of this name is the strength, and although a Chihuahua is considered to be a very small dog they are fairly very strong.

The qualities associated with this name are that of a philosophical and spiritual nature.

Mexican Chihuahua Names

You can pay homage to the Mexican, and even ancient Aztec, origins of this dog breed by looking into some of the best Mexican names.

Sometimes of Spanish origin and sometimes of Aztec origin, these fascinating monikers are also often catchy enough that your little pup will learn his or her name in no time.

  • Luis

A male name, and a Spanish version of Louis. The name means brave, and we all know how Chihuahua dogs can square off against anyone and anything, no matter the size – brave indeed!

  • Angel

Pronounced this time around as AN-HEHLL, this nonetheless means angel. It can be an adorably ironic name for a chihuahua if yours proves anything but angelic!

  • Manny

The shorter, informal version of the male name Manuel, which means “God is with us”.

This nickname version of this classic Hispanic name suits the laid back ways of the male chihuahua, but also pays homage to his Latin American ancestry.

  • Silvia

This popular female Mexican name owes its etymology to mean “someone who came from the woods” – very much suited for a female chihuahua who’s very fond of walks in the great outdoors.

  • Guadalupe

A hugely popular female Mexican name, it means “river of the wolf” – a dramatic name for a dramatic and courageous female chihuahua in your life!

  • Alexa

A female form of Alex, and a name that’s spiked in popularity among gadget owners’ homes recently too.

It might be wise to give your chihuahua this name only if you’re sure a certain home assistant won’t try and answer you instead!

  • Bianca

Although Italian in origin, this name is popular in Mexico too, and it suits a light-colored chihuahua especially well – it means whiteness and clarity.

My Final Thoughts

Naming your pet is just the same as naming your child.

With every new addition to our family, picking out the best name for them is one of the most important and most daunting tasks.

This extensive list of Chihuahua names is to make this task of naming your furry little friend much easier.

Not only does the list contains a unique selection of the best Chihuahua names but it also contains the relevant meanings of the names.

Once you have gone through this extensive list you are bound to have short-listed a few of your favorite Chihuahua names.

Selecting a name is not as easy as just slapping a name on your pet but is a much more difficult task.

You need to make sure that the name not only suits the color, personality, and size of your pup. Rather, you need to think about what name would be most suitable for you and your family.

Choose a simple yet unique name that your dog can easily get accustomed to very early on and helps you both during training.

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