The Chigi: A Complete Guide

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The Chigi is a popular hybrid dog of the Welsh Corgi and the Chihuahua.

Both of the parenting breeds have been very popular house pets for over a hundred years, and the hybrid Chigi is taking the country by storm.

These lovable little dogs make great companions, and when they are properly trained are very friendly and affectionate dogs.

The Welsh Corgi has an interesting history. They were originally bred as small herd dogs and were first recorded and used by old Norse settlers.

Corgis are classified as heelers because they would nip the heels of the livestock to keep them in line and make sure that they kept moving.

They are known for being very intelligent and are relatively easy to train.

Corgies were first made popular by Queen Elizabeth II, who reportedly owned thirty of these small dogs.

Eventually, they made their way over to America where they have remained choice house dogs for almost five decades now.

The Chihuahua is the world’s smallest dog. They are thought to have descended from ancient Techichi dogs that were prized companion dogs owned by the ancient Mayans and Aztecs.

They are named after the city of Chihuahua in Mexico, where they have become a popular house pet due to their small size and the fact that they don’t need to be fed a lot of food.

When you combine these two dogs into the Chigi, you get a rather interesting breed.

This dog can either be warm and friendly, or it can be angry and feisty depending on how it is trained. In general, they are good with families and can make a very fun pet.

Chigi Puppies – Before You Buy…

A small brown and white Chigi with a ball
The Chigi has a long and pointed snout.

The Chigi is a popular house pet for quite a few reasons. They are low-maintenance, friendly, and are very affectionate towards their owners.

However, if you want them to be friendly like this, then you will have to socialize them at an early age, as they form deep bonds with the people who are around during their puppyhood.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common information that you should know about the Chigi before you bring your first puppy home.

What Price are Chigi Puppies?

The price of your Chigi can vary greatly from breeder to breeder.

If you find a good deal, then you could walk home with your Chigi puppy for just under $300.

However, some breeders have been known to charge almost $1,000 for Chigi pups.

Most of this is dependent on the parent dogs and if they were originally show dogs or have a good stock. High-end Chihuahuas can easily go for up to $2,000, and the same applies to Corgis.

How to Find Reputable Chigi Breeders?

These dogs are very popular and have a distinct body and facial shape. It’s not common to try to find breeders who are deliberately trying to pass the Chigi off for something that it’s not.

The most common deception that you will run into is that the breeder will try to overvalue the price of the parenting dogs. They may try to sell you a Chigi that’s only worth $400 for almost $800.

To find a reputable breeder who will give you an honest price, your best bet is to look for small, upscale breeders who have a good reputation to maintain.

They will likely be experienced when it comes to breeding Chigis since they are so popular. As always, it’s a good idea to look at the parenting dogs’ pedigree papers before making a final payment.

3 Little-known facts about Chigi puppies

  1. Chigis need to be socialized with their families during their first few months of life. They aren’t very responsive to strangers who come into their lives after they are fully grown.
  2. Chigis can have a feisty personality and will be the first to let you know if an unexpected visitor is walking up your driveway. They have a very loud and distinctive bark.
  3. Chigis need to be properly trained, or else they can develop aggressive and rude behaviors.

Physical Traits of the Chigi

A brown Corgi and Chihuahua hybrid
The Chigi can be easily trained.

The Chigi has the body of a Corgi with the head and facial features of the Chihuahua.

They are very small dogs, with short, skinny legs and a large upper body.

Their torso is also relatively long when compared to their height.

The most prominent feature of the Chigi is it’s bulging eyes. It gets this primarily from its Chihuahua ancestry.

To some people, this can be disconcerting, or it can look strange, but it is perfectly normal and is nothing to worry about.

However, in their later life, it can cause them to develop dry eyes.

Their snouts are long and pointed, a trait which the Chigi inherits from both the Corgi and the Chihuahua.

This gives them an excellent sense of smell, and it’s almost impossible to sneak food past them. If you open up a bag of chips on the other side of the house, they will smell it and come running.

Chigis inherit large, triangular ears from the Corgi. They will stand at different positions depending upon what their particular mood is.

When they are alert and happy, their ears will stand straight up in the air, when they are relaxed, they will hang loosely down by the sides of their head, and when they are angry or stressed you will see then folded back tightly.

Their fur tends to be a light brown or tan color with white spotting, which it inherits from the Chihuahua.

However, if they inherit traits from the Corgi, then they have been known to have quite a few other colors such as brindle, black, or grey.

Their coat is usually close-cropped with a rough texture and does not need to be groomed very often.

How Big is a Full-Grown Chigi?

Since their parenting breeds are known as the smallest dogs in the world, the Chigi is also fairly small. It is rare for them to grow heavier than 15 pounds.

If they inherit more from the Chihuahua, then they may only grow to be 10 pounds.

Looking at their height, Chigis only stand an average of 8 or 9 inches tall. Their small size makes them ideal house pets, and they don’t have a problem staying indoors for most of the day.

Your tiny home will seem like a large city to them.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Chigi?

One of the other reasons why these dogs are so popular with people is their longevity. It’s not uncommon for a Chigi to live to be up to 18 years old.

Their average lifespan is 14 to 15 years. In rare cases where they are overcome by a disease, then they may only make it to 12 years old.

This makes them ideal pets for people who don’t cope well with the loss of a pet.

Your Chigi will be around for almost two decades, and if you have children, then it can remain a companion to them for their entire childhood.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Chigi

A curious Chigi sitting down
The Chigi is an ideal dog for an apartment.

The Chigi has a moderate level of intelligence.

They inherit this from the Corgi who were trained to be herd dogs and had to keep up with fields full of livestock.

The Chigi is a relatively easy dog to train, but they can be a bit stubborn.

It’s important to train them early in their lives to ensure that they learn right from wrong and form good habits before they are fully grown.

If you wait until they are full-grown to train them, then they will have already formed bad habits and can turn into absolute nightmares.

An untrained Chigi will run around your house and will treat your family and your visitors very rudely. These dogs are very commonly seen on popular dog training tv shows because of this issue.

However, as long as they are well-trained, the Chigi can have a very pleasant temperament.

They are known for being friendly and develop affectionate bonds with their family members who they are first socialized with.

They get along great with other pets and small children as well, which makes them a great pet for almost any household.

The Chigi’s Diet

Because of their small size, these dogs usually don’t need more than 1 cup of food per day.

If they are especially active, then it’s common to up their food intake to 1-and-a-half cups of food per day.

How Much Exercise Does a Chigi Need?

The Chigi only requires a moderate amount of exercise. Because of their small size, they can easily get most of their energy out by just jogging around the house and jumping up onto large pieces of furniture.

Fresh air and outdoor activity is still very good for their health, however. They are also very social animals and love to meet other dogs.

It’s a good idea to take them on brief daily walks and to bring them to the dog park a couple of times per week.

Chigi Health and Conditions

In general, the Chigi is a very healthy little dog. You don’t have to worry about them developing musculoskeletal issues like Hip and Elbow Dysplasia because of their small size.

The most common medical problem to see is with their eyes. Because they are so prominent and exposed, they often develop dry eyes especially if they live in an arid environment.

This can usually be solved with special eye drops from the vet.

3 Important Training Tips

  • It is quite easy to train this dog due to its intelligence.

Since the Chigi has a very sharp and clever mind, it will quickly respond to your commands.

Also, you will not need to reiterate new teachings often as this dog can learn them the first few times you explain them.

To sharpen the mental abilities of this dog, you should give it challenging exercises where it makes decisions on its own.

Also, it will prove to be very beneficial to get your pet a dog puzzle and let it solve it.

  • You need to exhibit a slightly authoritarian attitude while training your Chigi.

Since this dog has a knack for doing what it wants and can become stubborn at times, you need to be firm during its training.

However, make sure you are not too aggressive as this might scare your little pet.

The only point of staying firm is to teach your dog that you are the leader of the pack and your commands and directions are to be followed at all times.

A little strictness will also keep the Chigi in line and deter it from being too playful during the training. Also, make sure you do not appear insecure to your pet as it can exploit this weakness.

  • Do not provide your Chigi with everything that it desires.

This tip will help you throughout the training of your dog. If you indulge your pet and give into every single desire it has, it will stop obeying your commands.

Moreover, it might even become stubborn and start believing itself to be the leader of the pack.

By choosing which wish to grant, you will be educating your Chigi that it cannot have everything it wants. This will inculcate discipline and patience in your pet.

Final Thoughts on the ChigiA Chigi lying on a blanket

There’s a reason why these dogs are so popular. If they are properly trained, then they can be very loving and affectionate dogs.

The Chigis are also very good with children and other small household pets.

They are also affordable, don’t have many health issues, and don’t eat a lot of food which makes them good for people who live in small homes or can’t afford expensive upkeep costs.

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