The Chi Chi: A Complete Guide

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The Chi Chi is a designer hybrid dog that has brought together the Chihuahua with the Chinese Crested.

Considering both breeds are quite similar in many ways, at least this is a hybrid breed that does tend to make a considerable amount of sense.

It can easily be the case that you are already aware of some important factors surrounding the two parent breeds, but, this hybrid breed is something new.

However, to make life a lot easier for you, we have created our complete guide to the Chi Chi.

Throughout our guide, you will learn everything that you need to know about the breed to make caring for it a whole lot easier for you.

By the end, you will certainly feel better equipped to own this breed and give them the kind of life that they deserve to have.

Before we do that, we do want to begin by effectively turning the tables onto you, and that is where we will start.

Chi Chi Puppies – Before You Buy…

The Chi Chi sitting in a handbag
The Chi Chi is such a charming pet.

Before you go ahead and buy any kind of puppy, there are several things to think about. This applies no matter the size or level of experience that you have regarding a dog.

So, the kind of things that we want you to think about at this point are along the lines of the following.

As you progress through our complete guide, you are certainly going to pick up a number of other points that will prove to be rather important, but keep referring back to these points regularly.

What Price are Chi Chi Puppies?

The first thing we want to do is to provide you with some guidance as to the kind of price you should be expecting to pay for this particular breed.

Of course, this will not be a precise figure as there are so many variables, but it will provide you with a kind of ballpark figure to contemplate.

To begin with, the supply and demand for the breed will have an impact. The popularity of breeds will ebb and flow by a considerable amount, and that will always change the price.

Your location is also going to play a role.

Some breeds are just more popular in certain areas over others, so shopping around can certainly make life that bit easier for you when it comes to still getting a good dog but at a lower price.

You should also pay close attention to the pedigree of the parents as that is generally linked to you then receiving a better dog as a result.

However, the better the pedigree, then the higher the price, so do be aware of that. Finally, there are the actual breeders themselves.

They all have their ideas as to what they want to charge, and those that are viewed as being more specialists for the breed will certainly want to increase their price.

When you put all of this together, it then means you should be looking at a price of somewhere in the region of $700 to $1000 in the United States, but with some variation included.

In the United Kingdom, you could be looking at prices of up to £1000 in some instances, but shopping around is always going to be a good idea.

How to Find Reputable Chi Chi Breeders?

Being able to locate reputable Chi Chi breeders is going to be slightly easier than you may have initially believed. However, it does need you to be prepared for doing some work on your part.

Perhaps your first port of call should be your very own research, and Google will be able to help.

Doing some searching into associations, groups or clubs that are linked to this breed will prove to be a good thing to do.

Groups of owners will often have the future of the breed in mind, so they will be happy to pass on information related to breeders with a good reputation to those that are looking at owning one.

Also, even though it is a hybrid breed, the Kennel Club in your country could still be in a position to help.

If they do not have access to the names of breeders, they will at least be able to guide you towards those that could help you out in some way.

Finally, there’s the Dog Breeders Association for your country, and they can be another useful resource to tap into.

Once again, they can either provide you with names of breeders that you can trust or help you to get in touch with people that can help.

3 Little-Known Facts About Chi Chi Puppies

The Chi Chi is still a relatively unknown breed, but then that just means you have a lot to think about and learn about them.

However, in this instance, we are just going to look at three different facts that could make a huge difference to your understanding.

  • They are pretty messy.

This is not a tidy dog as they will leave things strewn all over the place. Also, they are not the tidiest of eaters either.

  • They are great at climbing.

This breed is seen as being rather good at climbing, so that is certainly something to be aware of around your home.

  • They might not have hair.

While they are not completely bald, it can often be the case that they might not have as much hair as you would think.

Physical Traits of the Chi Chi

The Chi Chi playing with a pine cone
The Chi Chi loves spending his time in the open.

As the two parent breeds are quite similar in a number of ways, it does mean that they blend together well when it comes to their physical traits.

However, the physical side of things can vary depending on the level of influence that the genes from one breed have over the other.

They can either have the full hair of the Chinese Crested or bald patches with bits of hair all over their body, so there is certainly some variation.

With a number of them, they will have white hair on their stomach and paws.

Their body is often more rectangular than anything else, and they will also have a rather long neck. They will also have a higher forehead than most dogs.

They will have either round or almond-shaped eyes and they will be brown in color. Their nose will be black.

Maintaining them is also easy to do but you need to be careful with bathing due to the potential for them to have skin sensitivity. Brushing once a week is also advisable.

How Big is a Full-Grown Chi Chi?

A full-grown Chi Chi is a small dog and as it is so small it does mean there is little difference between the sexes with their size.

The height of a full-grown Chi Chi is going to be anywhere between 5 to 12 inches. Their weight is anywhere from 4 to 10lbs, so this is a small dog.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Chi Chi?

The Chi Chi is a healthy breed, and this is certainly reflected in its life expectancy.

As long as they maintain their health, and you can keep a close eye on any issues that could be developing as early as possible, then their life expectancy should be in the region of 12 to 14 years.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Chi Chi

This is an intelligent breed that can be quite noisy at times. However, they are super friendly and love to play.

You will find that they bond with pretty much the entire family, and they are very loyal to anybody that is caring for them.

They do have a rather big personality, and that can often lead to them being quite bold when it comes to dealing with strangers or other dogs.

This is especially true until they get to know them better. They will also love children.

Overall, they have a wonderful personality and are full of life. They can be a bit stubborn, but they are certainly a whole lot of fun to be around.

The Chi Chi’s Diet

The Chi Chi standing in long grass
The Chi Chi can easily create bonds with different types of people.

From a diet point of view, the Chi Chi does not eat that much, which is no surprise considering its size.

You are only looking at providing them with around one cup of food per day, and that is not that much at all.

However, it does also mean that you can ill afford to make mistakes with their food as they must get all of their nutrients in a small amount, and that is then going to mean you have to provide them with high-quality dry food.

Cheaper dog food simply uses inferior ingredients that are there to bulk up the product and serve no purpose other than that.

Get food that is for small dogs, and you should have no problem in making sure that they get everything that they need.

Furthermore, if you buy your Chi Chi as a puppy, then make sure you follow the guidelines provided by the breeder.

These are designed to make sure that the dog gets what it needs to develop correctly, so do not ignore it.

Finally, you might feel drawn into giving them some treats or food from your table, and that is fine.

The only problem is in making sure that you provide them with the correct amounts or they could develop weight issues.

Treats are sporadic and small. That way, they will not constantly expect them or be looking for them.

Table food can only include lean meat or some vegetables. Do not exceed more than 15% of their daily food intake via this source.

How Much Exercise Does a Chi Chi Need?

The Chi Chi is viewed as having a high energy level, and that does translate into them requiring a significant level of exercise on a daily basis.

This should amount to around 45 minutes per day, but you also do not have to walk too far with them.

As long as they are able to get outside for this exercise, then they will be perfect for apartment living.

They will be able to burn off some energy inside of your home, but getting outside and exploring those scents will always be important.

Chi Chi Health and Conditions

The Chi Chi has relatively few health conditions for you to be aware of, but then that does not mean they will be immune to things happening to them.

It will still be the case that they can develop various illnesses that you must keep on top of.

Also, when you go to buy a puppy, you must always talk to the breeder and seek confirmation that the parents have been checked over by a vet.

They should be able to give you evidence of this, and it just increases the chances of you getting a healthy puppy.

However, the main health conditions that you should be aware of are as follows:

They are all viewed as being relatively minor concerns and are certainly not a major factor in the general health of the breed.

They can, of course, also develop allergies and pick up various illnesses throughout their life, so do not forget about that.

My Final Thoughts on the Chi ChiA Chi Chi with a sweater on

The Chi Chi might be small, but they are big when it comes to who they are as dogs.

They are so energetic and fun to be around at all times.

They are fast learners when it comes to new commands, are wonderful with the entire family, and will be more than happy to snuggle up to you when they want to have a snooze.

They also find it easy to create a bond with most people in their family.

Overall, the Chi Chi is going to be a fantastic addition to your family, and they will bring a smile to your face time and time again.

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