Bulldog Names: 50 Awesome, Adorable & Silly Ideas

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The Bulldog is usually a dog lover’s favorite breed.

A very amazing breed, the Bulldog can be both a watchdog and a fighting dog at the same time.

Although most people associate the Bulldog with having a very overwhelming nature, this is certainly not the case.

This breed is not only highly affectionate with their owners but is also a highly loyal companion. The Bulldog has a very diligent personality when it comes to dealing with children of all ages.

When bringing a new Bulldog pup into your home the first thing you need to do is thinking up of the best name for your new family member.

Every dog is different and unique and hence every dog deserves its very own name which best describes its nature.

However, naming your new Bulldog pup is not as easy a task as you’re making it out to be. Naming your pet is one of the hardest feats that you will ever have to go through.

This is because not only you but also everyone you know is going to refer to your dog by this name for the rest of its life.

Once you’ve made your dog used to its name, there’s definitely no taking a step in a different direction.

To make this extremely difficult task a piece of cake for you, we’ve gathered some of the best Bulldog names from around the world.

The following list has come as a result of extreme scrutiny and love for the Bulldog and you are bound to land on a few good names while you are reading through.

So let us not waste any more time and dig right into the best Bulldog names that we have gathered for you!

A Bulldog puppy standing on the couch
His name is Shorty.

Male Bulldog Dog Names

  • Spike

Originating from the United Kingdom, this name means long and heavy nail.

This Bulldog name was also the name of the Bulldog from Tom and Jerry and hence is the first one on this list.

  • Ace

This Bulldog name is a common name, which means unity in Latin.

This name also symbolizes the highest of ranks and your dog deserves nothing less.

  • Winston

The literal meaning of this Bulldog name is victory town.

Originated from England, this name can also be referred to as Winston Churchill which symbolizes a Bulldogs firm nature.

  • Rex

Of Latin origin, this Bulldog name means the King.

This is a very popular Bulldog name and for a good reason too, it refers to the ultimate ruler which is your Bulldog.

  • Shorty

Since the height of the Bulldog is often very short, this name is very apt for the breed.

Symbolizing short height, this name is often given by people to smaller dogs and is very easy to pronounce as well.

  • Henk

This Bulldog name means home ruler, which is the right status for your dog.

Originating from Belgium, this name is very easy to pronounce and pick up by your dog.

  • Bullet

This is a very unique Bulldog name for dog owners who also love firearms.

Symbolizing an actual bullet, this name can represent the actual shape of a Bulldog’s body.

  • Gatsby

It can be referred to like the movie “The Great Gatsby” and is a very unique name for a Bulldog.

Very relatable with the movie, people will often refer to your dog as the Great Gatsby and isn’t that always a proud moment for a parent.

  • Sampson

This Bulldog name refers to the sun.

It also has a biblical reference where a character named Sampson was known for his strength.

Since clout is an attribute of the Bulldog, this name will be ideal for your little pup.

  • Gomer

This Bulldog name is quite unique and means complete. It also has qualities of practicality and dependability.

Of Hebrew origin, this name is quite easy to remember and pronounce and symbolizes how your pup completes your life.

  • Hardy

This is a very apt Bulldog name meaning strong.

Very easy to pick up, this dog name is perfect for your strong Bulldog and symbolizes its strength.

  • Hyder

This Bulldog name translates to Lion and originates from Sanskrit.

Very easy to remember, this name symbolizes the bravery of your Bulldog.

  • Indigo

This Bulldog name refers to the color blue and originates from Latin.

Very easy to get used to, this name will be a delight for you when you’re training your dog since it has a very good ring to it.

  • Raimond

This unique Bulldog name loosely translates to guards wisely.

This name may refer to a lunar impact crater and originates from Albania.

It symbolizes the ability of the Bulldog to guard you and your home.

  • Teddy

Meaning the gift of God, this Bulldog name represents what a blessing your pup is in your life.

The name originates from France and will remind you to always cuddle with your pup as it would remind you of a teddy bear.

A Bulldog sleeping on a blanket
Her name is Xena.

Female Bulldog Dog Names

  • Cleo

This Bulldog name is short for Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt, known for her beauty.

It symbolizes the beauty of your female Bulldog and is a very short and easy name to handle.

The literal meaning of this name is to praise and acclaim.

  • Mable

Originating from Denmark, this Bulldog name refers to being lovable.

It symbolizes your dog’s ability to receive and give love.

  • Alexia

Originating from Austria, this name refers to the defender of mankind.

This female Bulldog name is perfect for your Bulldog that guards you and your family against any danger.

The name symbolizes the Bulldog’s innate ability to guard.

  • Amorette

This Bulldog name, of Latin origin, means little love.

It symbolizes your love for your puppy and is very unique, sure to draw attention whenever you mention your dog.

  • Molly

This is very easy to pronounce Bulldog’s name which means bitter.

Of Hebrew origin, this name can be interpreted as being very extroverted and adventurous.

It is also a very easy name to pick up and your dog will not have a hard time getting accustomed to it.

  • Xena

Meaning hospitable, this is a very apt Bulldog name for your little cuddle ball.

Originating from Greece, this name symbolizes your Bulldogs hospitable and welcoming nature.

  • Bertha

Originating from Germany, this female Bulldog name means bright.

It symbolizes your dog’s energy and compassion and is a very easy name for dogs to catch.

  • Blossom

Like the flower, this name translates to flower-like.

Very apt for your little flower, this name originates from the United Kingdom and is a very pretty description of your female Bulldog.

  • Ayla

Having a Hebrew origin, this Bulldog name refers to an oak tree.

Very easy to pronounce, this name was also given to a character on Star Wars and many of your friends will be able to relate with it.

  • Nina

This beautiful Bulldog name means graceful and has a Hebrew origin.

It symbolizes the elegance of your female Bulldog and is a very suitable name for a very composed dog.

  • Dollie

This is very fun to pronounce female Bulldog name that means gift of God.

Originating from the United Kingdom, this name can be interpreted as having qualities of light-heartedness.

It can also refer to a doll, and we all know your Bulldog is ever ready to play with you.

  • Pansy

Originating from France, this is a very intriguing name that means thought.

It can be related to some of the faces your Bulldog makes when she’s either too sleepy or in deep thought.

It can also refer to the flower.

  • Tara

This beautiful name means tower is very easy to use for your female Bulldog.

Only two syllables, this name will be picked up by your dogs and family in no time.

  • Tessa

Of English origin, this beautiful and popular name means gatherer.

It is also a very easy name that can be easily learned by dogs.

  • Stephie

This is a beautiful female Bulldog name that means crown.

It symbolizes the royal stature of your female pup and is also a very unique Bulldog name.

An adult Bulldog with its puppy
Their names are Toto and Dollie.

Cute Bulldog Dog Names

  • Earl

First on the list is a very cute Bulldog name that means noble.

This name symbolizes the noble personality of a Bulldog and originates from England.

  • Birdie

Referring to being bird-like, this is a cute name for a female Bulldog.

Since Bulldogs are relatively small dogs, they can be referred to as being tiny like birds.

  • Chester

A very masculine Bulldog name, Chester means camp.

Not only is it very easy to pronounce but also describes the sturdy build of a bulldog very aptly.

  • Chase

For a bulldog that loves to give chase, this name means to hunt.

It also symbolizes the speed of your Bulldog as well as its internal desire to play fetch.

  • Mugsy

This male Bulldog name refers to having a funny and amusing face.

It aptly describes a Bulldog’s unique facial structure and is a very fun name to keep.

  • Brodie

Having a Scottish origin, this cute Bulldog name means muddy place.

Truly apt for a dog that enjoys playing in the mud and getting dirty.

  • Toto

This two-syllable name is very cute and apt for a female Bulldog.

Having no meaning, this is a very catchy name and is very fun to use.

  • Verona

A very cute name for a female Bulldog, this name means victory bringer.

It symbolizes your dog’s innate need to please its owner.
It is also very sweet and easy to say.

  • Webster

Of English origin, this is a very adorable name for a male Bulldog.

It means weaver and is a very unique name for a dog.

  • Jay

Of Latin origin, this cute male Bulldog name means swift.

It symbolizes the swift nature of a Bulldog and is a very short name.

  • Fiona

This beautiful female Bulldog name means fair or white.

This is a very pretty name that has a Scottish origin.

Very easy to use and understand, your dog will love to acquaint itself with this name in no time.

  • Yummy

This very fun to use name can refer to being delicious.

Especially apt for a dog that loves to eat all the time, this name is perfect for your little Bulldog.

  • Zooey

A very fun name to pronounce, this name is perfect for a female Bulldog.

Origin unknown, this is a Bulldog name that you would never get tired of calling out.

  • Mercury

This is a male Bulldog name that means the God of trade.

This is a very unique name for a dog and is also a very intriguing name.

It can also refer to the planet, Mercury.

  • Zoltan

A very cute yet masculine name, this Bulldog name means life.

This name symbolizes the life and charm that your Bulldog adds to your daily routine and is also very unique.

Fun Bulldog Names

Bulldogs aren’t often as appreciated as they should be for the fun-loving and humorous side. But if you give your pet the right name, you can change all that!

Whether your dog is a natural clown or just seems to delight in acting the fool for your attention, there are lots of names you can use to distinguish your bulldog as a gifted canine comedian.

  • Prankster

Bulldogs who are cheeky, hiding one of your shoes or snatching a page from the newspaper you’re reading and trotting off to put it on the lawn, deserve a name befitting their mischievous ways.

  • Einstein

Ever meet a dog who thinks he or she is smarter than he or she is? The real-life Einstein had a brilliant mind but was also renowned for being absent-minded, so focused was he on bigger ideas and thoughts.

You can have some of that mad genius in your bulldog brought to life with this name. It was also the name of the dog in the Back To The Future films, although that breed wasn’t a bulldog.

  • Domino

Named for the game piece that’s been a staple of bar games and tabletop wagers for centuries, dominoes inspire thoughts of games of chance, strategic thinking… and sometimes also pizza!

A playful bulldog with a big appetite would suit such a name superbly.

  • Vader

A dark-colored bulldog with a case of raspy breath and a mean look at those who cross him could do well for being named after the iconic villain of a certain science fiction film franchise.

It’s not such a stretch of the imagination. Just how Vader of the silver screen can come off as menacing despite his posturing and silly outfit, bulldogs are still not to be trifled with despite their stumpy legs and funny little faces!

The Most Popular Bulldog Name of All Time

  • Chief

Amongst the best picks for Bulldog names, the name Chief stands alone at the top.

Made popular by the TV series Outlaws which had a dog named “Big Chief”, this is a Bulldog name loved by a lot of people.

It can refer to the Bulldog’s territorial nature and can also refer to its nature of wanting to be the alpha in the house.

It is also a very short and sophisticated name that adds a hint of respect every time you call out your dog.

My Final Thoughts

All dogs are unique and special in their own right.

Therefore, it is important that we take a significant amount of time before finalizing a name for our beloved pets.

The Bulldog is a very special breed of dog and hence demands a very special name.
One that would not only showcase your love for the pup but also the pup’s personality and traits.

You can go through the list of the best Bulldog names as many times as you’d like, reading through the meanings carefully and then finally deciding on what to call your special pet.

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