The Bullboxer Pit: A Complete Guide

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The Bullboxer Pit, commonly referred to as the American Bulldog, is one of the most popular mixed breeds.

The Bullboxer is a mix between the Boxer and American Pitbull, two strong and incredibly brave dog breeds that were once used as messengers and carriers throughout both World Wars.

The Bullboxer is a fantastic companion.

It is an extremely loyal and devoted dog and can be protective of its owner, as such it should be trained and socialized with people as early as possible to avoid any aggressive behavioral tendencies in the dog.

If trained correctly, the Bullboxer makes an intimidating, effective guard, or farm dog.

However, its ferocity is matched by its caring, loving personality.

The Bullboxer develops strong, personal connections to its human companions and can be gentle with children and other pets, making it a great family pet too.

The Bullboxer has a short and easy to manage coat, it is very low maintenance, but it does shed all year long, so keep a vacuum cleaner handy.

The Bullboxer, like most Pit mixes, tends to drool, sometimes excessively.

Bullboxer Pit Puppies – Before You Buy…

The Bullboxer Pit being cuddled
The Bullboxer is an excellent pet if you have enough time for him.

The Bullboxer Pit is an energetic breed, and its puppies are joyous and excitable. They can be quite a handful.

The Bullboxer is also quite intelligent, so even as a puppy it can learn to heed commands and depending on the individual’s temperament can be quite obedient from a young age as well.

Make sure to keep plenty of toys around for your Bullboxer puppy to play with, they will have an insatiable hunger for playtime, and they will chew through a steady supply of inferior chew toys.

Get a few good, strong toys that you know will survive some intense play.

Bullboxer puppies need to be socialized as soon as possible.

The key to a happy and healthy Bullboxer is acquainting it with other dogs as soon as possible, as well as with other pets and children you may have in your life.

Bullboxers thrive with a pack mentality and will behave best when they know their position in a hierarchy. Be a sturdy and dependable role model for your Pit, lead by example.

What Price are Bullboxer Pit Puppies?

Bullboxer Pits are not an uncommon breed and do not fetch unwieldy prices. Bullboxer pups can go for anywhere between $450 and $800 USD.

Your first consideration should be finding a quality breeder who offers a fair price for their hard work and commitment to raising healthy animals; the cheapest option might not always be the most ethical.

Where to Find Reputable Bullboxer Pit Breeders?

Bullboxer Pit breeders are common and can be easily found in many countries around the world.

A shelter or rescued Bullboxer can be challenging to acclimatize into a new household, as often they carry aggressive or antisocial behaviors from their previous owners or homelessness.

You must find a breeder that you believe has the right work ethic and whose integrity and character is sound.

The best breeders are those who love animals; there are a few things that all good breeders should be able to display:

  • Dog breeders fall into two categories. The first, are the ones that care about the animals they are working with. They spend their time educating themselves and all who buy from them on what’s important to know about the breed they work with. They are responsible for the quality of life that both the breeding parents and their subsequent offspring will be able to enjoy.
  • From how well they are taken care of to where they are kept matters. The most trustworthy breeders will have no problem showing the grounds or at the very least how they feed and take care of the animals.
  • Some breeders house their breeding animals and litter in dangerous conditions. The best breeders give their animals the perfect amount of space to venture and flourish. Non-stressed animal parents produce higher-quality offspring. At the same time, non-stress parents and puppies are better off mentally and emotionally.

3 Little-Known Facts About Bullboxer Pit Puppies

  1. The original Bullboxer Pit was derived from a now-extinct Molosser dog called a German Bullenbeisser.
  2. ‘Pit Bull’ refers to a range of short-haired, muscular dogs that incorporate Terrier and Bulldog genes.
  3. The Bullboxer Pit along with all Pit variants faces a damaging social stigma that would brand them as ‘dangerous dogs,’ the truth is that Bullboxers are sweet and loving animals and just need the appropriate owners who will raise them with the respect and patience they deserve.

Physical Traits of the Bullboxer Pit

A Boxer and American Pitbull mix in the park
The Bullboxer Pit is a loyal and devoted companion even for small children.

Some people describe the Bullboxer as a medium-sized dog, though its strength and stocky, sturdy build see it punching above its weight.

The Bullboxer has a short straight haired coat which is very smooth, and it can come in a myriad of different colors and coat patterns.

The Bullboxer has narrow hindquarters but broad shoulders and a puffed-out, proud chest.

The Bullboxer has a wide, and short head and sometimes has beady eyes. It is not uncommon to see the Bullboxer with its mouth open, tongue out, and happily panting saliva on the ground.

How Big is a Full-Grown Bullboxer Pit?

A full-grown Bullboxer Pit reaches up to 50 and 80 pounds in weight and can reach up to 26 inches tall. The males measure very slightly larger than the females, as is common in dog breeds.

What is the Bullboxer Pit’s Life Expectancy?

The average Bullboxer Pit lives between 10 and 13 years old.

Intelligence, Temperament, and Personality Traits of the Bullboxer Pit

The Bullboxer is a smart, tenacious and determined breed. It can be incredibly brave and foolhardy making it a fantastic companion.

The Bullboxer is also a great family dog; it is often deceptively gentle with other animals and young children.

It has been referred to as the ‘nanny dog’ for its tendency to grow attached to very young children.

This attachment and love can materialize in protective aggression though, so as always with powerful dog breeds caution must be exercised to ensure that the Bullboxer has been properly socialized and does not display any anti-social behaviors.

The Bullboxer craves family integration; the more it feels it is part of the pack the easier you will find its behavior to control and its temperament more appropriate.

This dog should not be kept in a setting too small for it, or its temperament will shift negative, and it will become hard to handle.

It should regularly be exercised to ensure it is entertained, and mentally engaged.

An apartment building isn’t a suitable home for this dog breed; if you have limited space, you should consider looking into a smaller, less demanding dog breed.

The Bullboxer Pit’s Diet

A brown Bullboxer Pit in a car
The Bullboxer Pit is commonly referred to as the American Bulldog.

Be warned; the Bullboxer is a big eater. Very big. Some Bullboxers lack discipline with their eating habits and as such their food intake must be carefully monitored.

Bullboxers eat the same sort of foods other medium-large dogs do: high-quality meat and poultry, protein-packed diet is essential to keep your Bullboxers happy and healthy.

How Much Exercise Does the Bullboxer Pit Need?

The Bullboxer Pit is a high-energy dog. It loves to be productive, and it craves a role to play. This is why it makes such a favorite guard or farm dog breed.

The Bullboxer should be regularly walked, every day if possible. It is essential to ensure your Bullboxer doesn’t become restless if you live in a small house with little yard space.

A cooped up Bullboxer will suffer mental health issues, and its behavior may become erratic.

Bullboxer Pit Health and Conditions

The Bullboxer has no serious, notable health concerns. It does, however, fall victim to a few lesser, thankfully avoidable health issues.

Serious Issues

  • The Bullboxer Pit can be susceptible to having a displaced joint problem from birth, a condition where the hip is at increased risk of dislocation when used. Furthermore, some Bullboxers develop cardiomyopathy, a serious, lifelong infection of the heart which causes abnormal contractions in the organ.

Minor Issues

Bullboxers are susceptible to demodectic mange, a mite infection that can cause your dog discomfort and hair loss.

Consult your veterinarian for the suitable treatment options if you believe your Bullboxer is carrying the infection.

Male Vs Female

Due to a few subtle and obvious differences between the male and the female Bullboxer Pit, you must keep them in mind to make an informed choice when getting a pet.

The male Bullboxer Pit has an average height of 17 to 20 inches.

On the other hand, the female Bullboxer Pit stands tall at 16 to 19 inches.

The male Bullboxer Pit also weighs greater than the female one, which is common in most dog breeds.

The male Bullboxer Pit has an average weight of 60 to 80 pounds while the female one weighs anywhere from 50 to 70 pounds.

However, diet and exercise can cause differences in the physical appearance of the Bullboxer Pit which is why it might not be very easy to differentiate between a male and a female Bullboxer Pit based solely on the physical features.

The behavioral traits, on the contrary, are quite stark.

The male Bullboxer Pit will be more prone to fights for dominance than the female one since the latter backs down from a fight if necessary.

The female Bullboxer Pit is relatively mild compared to its male counterpart which can show sudden differences in behavior.

The male Bullboxer Pit, when kept in a small or enclosed space, can quickly become temperamental and adopt a very negative behavior.

Before getting a male Bullboxer Pit, know that it can get very exhausting for you since this dog is very likely to behave in a rowdy manner with other dogs.

As opposed to most other breeds of dogs, a male Bullboxer Pit will mature faster than a female one.

The male Bullboxer Pit matures at around 6 months while the female can take up to one year to mature.

Also, the female Bullboxer Pit will exhibit more aggressiveness and is more alert than the male one.

You also need to consider that a female Bullboxer Pit will attract many unneutered male dogs when it is in heat.

My Final Thoughts on the Bullboxer PitA Bullboxer Pit smiling at you

The Bullboxer is an excellent pet if you have the time and ability to house it properly.

It is a loyal and devoted companion and a wonderful member of any family, including small children.

It can take a bit of work to exercise such an energetic dog, but if you are up for it, you’re in for tremendous fun and endless memories with a quality furry friend.

If you are seeking a dog to accompany you during long guard shifts or farm duties, then the Bullboxer is an able, efficient teammate who will love you for your leadership.


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