The Bull Daniff: A Complete Guide

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He is very friendly to people in general. He’s the perfect dog for easygoing people and lowkey.

He is an ideal apartment dog because he rarely barks. He will only bark if absolutely necessary, like when he needs to warn you of a stranger on the premises.

The Bull Daniff is a designer breed composed of two purebreds, the Bullmastiff and the Great Dane. The Bull Daniff will be a large to a giant dog. He has a short coat that only sheds moderately.

His coat can be kept clean and shiny by weekly brushing.

He will be of moderate energy level. But due to his size and stature, he will need to get out more than once each day.

The Bull Daniff is a devoted and affectionate companion that will be happiest in a big home with a secure and fenced in space.

Owners of Bull Daniff dogs say they are gentle dogs, but they need a firm and consistent handler for them to be at their best.

Bull Daniff Puppies – Before You Buy…

A light brown Bull Daniff by a lake
Even though the Bull Daniff looks intimidating, he is a gentle canine.

What Price are Bull Daniff Puppies?

The price of Bull Daniff puppies is anywhere between $600 and $3,000.

How to Find Reputable Bull Daniff Breeders?

One thing that you should know about reputable breeders is that they never sell their puppies to pet stores. Puppies that are for sale in pet stores mostly come from puppy mills.

When you purchase a puppy there, it means that you are also supporting the inhumane industry of puppy mills.

A responsible breeder breeds to the standard, including the areas that address personalities, intelligence, and working abilities.

They breed to improve the breed, but they do not have more litters than necessary to achieve this. They keep no more dogs than they can properly take care of.

They also test all breeding stock for any kind of known and testable genetic disorders. They carefully screen potential buyers and match their puppies to the right home or the right family.

They also take back any dog that they have produced at any point in the dog’s life when their owners are no longer capable of taking care of them.

3 Little-Known Facts About Bull Daniff Puppies

  1. The Bull Daniff loves to be around living and moving beings, whether humans or animals.
    This means that he is also prone to separation anxiety. He does not like being away from his family for a long time.
  2. He has a love for activity and can’t sit still for too long. The best thing about the Bull Daniff is its friendly yet protective nature, making him an excellent family pet and companion.
  3. The only problem with the Bull Daniff is that he requires a lot of space. He will not be happy living in a small apartment.

Physical Traits of the Bull Daniff

A small black and white Bull Daniff
The Bull Daniff is a very special dog to have as a pet.

The Bull Daniff will have a mix of physical traits of both the Bullmastiff and the Great Dane parent dogs.

Some Bull Daniff dogs may inherit more of the Bullmastiff traits, while others will take on more of the Great Dane characteristics.

They will often look like heavier and fuller Great Danes. They have a muscular and strong build. Typically, the Bull Daniff has a large head with floppy ears.

Their facial expression is noble and loving. The breed has deep and large jowls. He is also known to drool.

Bull Daniff dogs are usually tan, gold, gray, light brown, black, and white. They may also have brindle, merle, or spotted coats.

Their short coat needs very little maintenance. Brushing his coat on a weekly basis will remove the dead hairs.

The folds on the skin of the Bull Daniff should always be clean and dry to prevent bacterial or yeast infection.

After your Bull Daniff walks in the rain or is given a bath, he must be thoroughly and gently dried off.

His ears should also be checked weekly. Clean them with an ear-cleaning solution that is approved by a veterinarian.

His teeth should be brushed several times a week to prevent gingivitis and tartar buildup.

His nails may need to be trimmed monthly. It is recommended that his nails be trimmed often as a puppy so that he will get used to the practice.

How Big is a Full-Grown Bull Daniff?

The Bull Daniff can grow up to 32 to 34 inches in height and weigh 115 to 200 lbs.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Bull Daniff?

The life expectancy of the Bull Daniff is between 8 and 12 years.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Bull Daniff

The Bull Daniff will inherit his parent dogs’ behavior and personality traits. Even with his litter mates, you will notice that they all have different temperaments.

In general, the Bull Daniff is very smart, bold, and devoted.

Your Bull Daniff puppy must be socialized at an early age. He can be wary of strangers, but very rarely does he become aggressive.

Both the Bullmastiff and Great Dane traits will make him protective and a great watchdog. Although he is a very large dog, he is a gentle, easygoing, and loving dog.

The Bull Daniff loves children. But due to his size, he must be supervised when playing with small children.

He will be affectionate and protective of other household pets if he is exposed to them at a young age.

Because of his willingness to please his owner, training will not be difficult. However, he may suffer from separation anxiety if he is left alone for long periods.

When it comes to obedience training, this breed is typically submissive, and he will be glad to follow the rules.

Like all other dog breeds, he responds best to positive training. Giving him treats and rewards and showering him with praise will yield the best results.

You should not scold or be harsh with him. Instead, keep the training sessions short and engaging.

Use a consistent, patient, and firm approach to establish yourself as the pack leader.

The Bull Daniff’s Diet

A Bull Daniff puppy with its tongue out
The Bull Daniff is composed of two purebreds, the Bullmastiff and the Great Dane.

The Bull Daniff is a big dog. This means that he needs plenty of food that will supply him with the nutrition and energy he needs.

However, you also don’t want to overdo it as you don’t want him to become overweight or obese.

Feed him a high-quality dry food that contains whole food ingredients without any allergens or artificial ingredients.

You can give your dog 4 to 5 cups of this food every day but split it into multiple feedings. You can also give him high-quality canned dog food for variety.

If you go for this option, reduce the amount of dry food so that your Bull Daniff will not end up eating too much.

How Much Exercise Does a Bull Daniff Need?

Your Bull Daniff will enjoy long daily walks. They are a must for a dog of his size. He will also like playing fetch and running in a fenced-in yard.

Additionally, your Bull Daniff may appreciate visiting a dog park. It’s good to get him used to meeting new faces.

Positive experiences with others will allow him to grow in confidence. Play should be limited during high temperatures.

His energy levels will be higher when he is a puppy. But because he is a large breed and growing fast, it’s important for him not to overdo activities that may put stress on his bones and joints.

Bull Daniff Health and Conditions

The Bull Daniff may inherit some of the health conditions that usually affect his parent dogs.

However, there really is no way to predict an individual dog’s long-term health because every animal is unique.

There’s also no guarantee that a Bull Daniff will inherit any of these problems, especially since hybrids tend to be surprisingly hardy.

A Bull Daniff might be prone to conditions that include heart problems, skeletal problems, and eye ailments.

He can also suffer from bloat, hip and elbow dysplasia, cancer, and hypertrophic osteodystrophy.

My Final Thoughts on the Bull DaniffA spotted Bull Daniff lying on a couch

Even though the Bull Daniff looks intimidating, he is a gentle, caring, and protective dog.

They form strong bonds with their humans. They also get along with children and other pets.

If you would like to have a watchdog that will bark to let you know that someone suspicious is near your home, the Bull Daniff will not disappoint.

They are suspicious of strangers until they are sure they can be trusted, but they will not show aggression.

The Bull Daniff is a very special dog to have as a pet.

If you are willing to provide him with the extra care he needs, you will never regret your decision to make him a member of your family.

He will fill your life with joy because of his positive attitude and loving nature!

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