Brown Dog Names: 50 Awesome, Adorable & Silly Ideas

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When we think brown and sweet, chocolate pops into our head, which is one of the most popular sources of inspiration for brown dog names.

Luckily, however, your choices are not limited to it. Brown dog names can be a play on practically any word or object that has something to do with the color brown.

With so many ways to assign your pet a brown dog name, there needs to be a comprehensive list of shortlisted ideas for the most thoughtful and appealing brown dog names.

To ease your dilemma, here is a compilation of the best kind of brown dog names along with a detailed definition of each one to allow you to make the best possible choice for the title of your beloved pet.

A light brown dog sitting in the snow
This is Teddy and he loves spending his time with kids.

Male Brown Dog Names

  • Bruno

If your pet is a German Shepherd or any other German breed and sports a brown fur coat, Bruno will be a suitable moniker for it.

It is a German name which means “brown”.

  • Teak

This brown dog name has been inspired by a type of hardwood found in a shade of brown.

Teak is a highly sought-after timber usually used to make high-quality furniture.

The fine quality and beautiful brown color of teak draw an interesting association with your brown pet.

  • Otter

This brown dog name takes inspiration from another brown animal.

The semi-aquatic otter is a small, sweet animal that is brown, hence making it an enjoyable pick for a brown dog that is preferably small in size.

  • Chip

A food-inspired brown dog name that refers to the chocolate chips that are usually found in cookies.

Considering how the name describes a sweet chocolate food item, the name will be fitting for a pet with a loving disposition.

  • Bosco

This intriguing brown dog name sounds like it belongs to a dog that is rough around the edges with a tough exterior, but sweet and affectionate at heart.

Bosco is a brand of chocolate syrup, making it another one of the chocolate food-inspired brown dog names.

  • Brewster

Whether you want this name to be associated with a coffee brew or a brewer of beer is up to you, but we definitely love this brown dog name for being unique and having a rustic sound to it.

  • Copper

This is a popular pick amongst brown dog names because it is associable with the reddish-brown color of the metal, as well as to pennies.

Additionally, the name is an informal way to refer to a police officer, hence making it an interesting combination of color association as well as occupational association.

If your pet is a guard dog and is big on ensuring the security of your house, Copper will make an ideal brown dog name.

  • Rusty

For a rust-colored or dark brown pet, Rusty is also a brown dog name that you can consider for your beloved pet dog.

  • Teddy

This name is a popular choice for brown dog names, especially with families that have kids.

The name refers to a stuffed bear that is often found in a shade of brown, thus making a very fitting tag for your cuddly playmate.

  • Tanner

Tanner is a common boy’s name.

Goes without saying, the name describes the tan, glowy pigment of the skin that is often the result of staying under the sun for too long.

If your pet sports a short-haired coat that has a golden or almost yellow shade of color, you can adorn this brown dog name over it.

  • Cheerio

A famous brand name of breakfast cereal, Cheerio is another name associated with a food item commonly found in a lot of American households.

A bonus that comes with this name is that it can be perceived as a play around the word “cheery”, and is thus ideal for your lively and fun-loving pet.

  • Walnut

This brown dog name comes from a brown nut that is widely used in cooking.

If the shade of your dog’s brown fur resembles that of a walnut, you can easily consider this name as a suitable pick.

  • Woody

The idea behind this brown dog name is rather self-explanatory: it comes from wood, which is always found in a distinctive brown color, no matter what the shade.

  • Toast

If you want to keep your pet’s name simple yet meaningful, Toast is an ideal moniker that calls to the brown color of the coat that your pet sports.

  • Waffle

Another brown dog name that takes inspiration from food, Waffle is a name that will suit a dog that has a light-brown coat or perhaps a splattering of dark fur in contrast to a lighter background if you truly want it to fit the description of waffles drizzled with maple syrup.

A small brown dog sleeping on a blanket
Her name is Sienna and she loves sleeping.

Female Brown Dog Names

  • Autumn

A classic female dog name that depicts the brown, almost auburn color that is often associated with the season.

  • Caramel

This name for a brown dog makes perfect sense: it refers to the chewy, candy-like substance that is used in a variety of sweet food items and has a distinct, light brown color.

The moniker is ideal for a pet that sports a caramel-colored coat.

  • Amber

A valuable, fossilized shrub that.

Amber is a fitting brown dog name for a dog that not only shares the same shade of brown color in its coat but is also as precious as the resin of this tree.

  • Sahara

For a change, this brown dog name does not refer to a brown food item or any material of wood.

In fact, this name is inspired by the Sahara desert known for its blinding golden sand.

Therefore, the name has an exotic touch to it and will suit a dog that has golden-brown fur, like a Golden Retriever or a Labrador.

  • Sable

A small, short-haired creature that is cherished and commended for its dark brown, silky fur.

This female brown dog name will be ideal for a dark chocolate colored pet with an unmistakable luster in its fur coat.

  • Velvet

For a pet that is soft and silky to the touch and has a rich texture of fur, Velvet is a name that will aptly describe the quality of its fur coat.

  • Sienna

Sienna is a kind of paint color with a yellow-brown hue, making it an ideal moniker for a pet that sports the same shade of light brown.

  • Sepia

Contrary to the previous color-inspired name, Sepia is a tone of brown that is more towards red.

Hence, the name will suit a dark brown or reddish-brown colored dog.

  • Dulce

A word that is often used to describe a decadent, sweet chocolate item, like a donut.

It is a classy female brown dog name that describes her affectionate and loving nature.

  • Honey

A dog with a golden-brown coat should be given a name that very clearly accentuates its remarkable color.

  • Mahogany

A type of evergreen hardwood that has a reddish-brown color, Mahogany is a name that describes this hue.

So if your beloved pet is dark-colored, Mahogany will prove to be a sophisticated brown dog name for it.

  • Nutmeg

Nutmeg is a brown colored spice that comes from the seeds of an evergreen tree, so if you want your brown pet to live a long, hearty life, this is the name to go with.

  • Tawny

Another shade of brown that resembles a tan color, Tawny is a brown dog name that will suit a pet that has an almost orange-brown or bright yellow-brown coat color.

  • Twinkie

A sweet and delightful brown dog name that comes from a cream-filled cake pastry, ideal to describe your loving pet.

  • Acorn

Apart from the association to the brown color of the nut, this brown dog name is best suited for a small dog that may look like it has a sweet, fragile build, but has a very tough and rugged personality of the inside.

A dark brown dogs face
Believe it or not, his name is Whisky.

Cute Brown Dog Names

  • Tiki

If you’re looking for a brown dog name that has a native touch to it, Tiki is a name of Maori roots which depicts a wooden or a stone figure of a god.

The name is an intriguing association with the brown color of these wooden figures.

  • Bear

This name will suit a dog that is large in size, akin to a big brown bear.

If the dog is fond of cuddling with you, that makes this name even more fitting for it.

This brown dog name is more suitable for a male dog.

  • Brandy

A dark-colored alcoholic beverage, Brandy is a fun moniker for your brown pet.

It is a unisex name so you can use it for either a male or a female dog.

  • Cadbury

There couldn’t be a brown dog name that has a more precise reference to chocolate.

This moniker for your pet is a reference to the world-famous brand of chocolates and will go with either gender of a brown dog.

  • Coffee

The advantage of picking this dog name is that it applies to a dog of any shade, as long as it is brown.

So whether your pooch is a light-brown pup or has dark, almost black fur, Coffee is a name that will relate to any tone of brown.

  • Starbuck

We found this name to be a very interesting choice for a brown dog name.

Also inspired by coffee, Starbuck is a play on the name of the famous coffeehouse.

It also can be broken down to “star deer”, which can make a fitting association with a stellar hunting dog.

  • Toffee

This dog name is taken from the chewy candy that is always brown.

A caramel-colored dog with a sweet disposition is an ideal candidate for this food-inspired name.

  • Whiskey

Another brown dog name that comes from an alcoholic beverage.

Whiskey is a unisex name for a pet that has a brown, almost honey-like color that resembles that of this drink.

  • Truffles

A delightful name that refers to balls of chocolate considered to be an expensive delicacy around the world.

  • Pretzel

A unique kind of biscuit that makes a very interesting title for a special pet.

Pretzels are glazed in a light brown color, thus making it an ideal brown dog name with a similar shade of brown.

  • Marble

Whether you’re referring to the intricate colors found in marble stone or to the brown and yellow marble cake, this brown dog name will call to the combination of various shades of brown found within your pet’s fur coat.

  • Twix

Another world-famous brand of chocolates.

  • Mochaccino

Although this is a rather long and complicated name for your pet to learn, you can use the short form, Mocca, of this coffee-inspired name.

  • Muffin

An ideal name for your muffin-colored pet that is also as sweet as this type of small cake.

  • Ginger

For a pet that sports a yellow, almost golden-brown colored coat, Ginger makes for a fitting unisex brown dog name.

  • Kopi

This sweet-sounding dog name means coffee in Malay.

Hence, the name is an ideal pick for a brown-haired dog and works well with either gender.

  • Bronson

This unique name for a dog has roots in Old English.

It is a rare name that is usually recognized as an Anglo-Saxon surname.

The literal breakdown of the meaning of this name is what makes it so appropriate for a brown-haired pup.

Brun is a word of Olde English and used to mean dusty or dark before it was taken to refer to the color brown, especially by the later Middle Ages.

Therefore, the meaning of Bronson is “son of brown”, making it ideal for your dusky pooch.

The name should ideally be given to a male pet dog.

  • Donagh

Another powerful title for a male pet dog, this Celtic origin name is a reference to a brow warrior.

The name will suit a pup of a breed that is known to be feisty and fearless.

So if your pet is a good watchdog or guard dog, Donagh is a name that will perfectly capture its protective nature.

  • Cola

For the owner who is a fan of fizzy drinks, Cola is a sweet name for their dark-haired pet.

The name is short, easy to pick up, and will suit both a male and a female pup.

  • Godiva

This majestic name is more commonly recognized today as a world-famous brand of chocolate.

However, the meaning of this unisex dog name is what makes it even more appealing to pet owners.

The literal meaning of Godiva is “gift from God”, which is one of the best ways to describe your emotions towards your beloved pet.

The name has English roots and will sit perfectly with a chocolate-brown pet dog.

Scrumptious Brown Dog Names

While we’ve covered a few foodie dog names already as part of our list, there’s no denying that many of the most delicious brown dog names can take their cue from one of your favorite treats!

Here are a few ideas for your delectation.

  • Fruitcake

An especially barmy dog will love being named after both a delicious dense fruitcake and the fact that this word’s also a slang one for someone who’s a bit nuts!

A hyperactive dog who’s seemingly on a permanent sugar rush can be all the more cute with a name like this.

  • Maple

The delicious, gloopy goodness of maple syrup never goes out of style, yet it can also be a surprisingly elegant name for a female dog too.

  • Beefy

If your dog has his or her way, it’d be delicious beef steaks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.

Sadly, it’s not that realistic for any dog to live of beef steaks this often, but a name like Beefy can suit a broad-shouldered dog with a big appetite.

  • Gelato

Well, technically gelato comes in every color, but there’s no denying that chocolate or caramel gelato is often the best!

A cool dog with a hint of Italian style about them might well suit this name.

  • Milkshake

Chocolate milkshake, to be precise! Guilty pleasures best sipped through a straw, but also a cute name for a dog with a cool, refreshing personality.

  • Hazel

This is the right name for your dog if it has the coat of the most beautiful and light shade of brown – hazel.

Keep in mind that this name goes well with a female dog mostly.

Apart from this, ‘Hazel’ can symbolize your dog’s generosity, kindness, and love as well.

  • Peanut

If you are looking for a funny and lively name for your dog, ‘Peanut’ is the right pick.

This name represents the dusty-brown complexion of your dog.

Also, ‘Peanut’ is a very loving and adorable name for a dog that is small in size.

  • Snickers

For all the foodies out there, you can give your dog a food-inspired name.

One of the most popular and delicious chocolates out there, ‘Snickers’ is bound to make for a fun name for your brown dog.

And the best part is that this name will suit dogs of all sizes and built. In addition to this, remember that this name will suit a male dog the best.

Lastly, ‘Snickers’ will go well with a dog which is very sweet, just like the chocolate it is named after!

  • Champagne

Referring to the popular French sparkling wine, ‘Champagne’ is an interesting name that will ensure that your dog has the most unique name.

Also, this name will go very well with a dog that has a very different and outstanding personality.

Apart from this, give this name to your dog if it is very strong, intelligent, and openly interacts with selective people only.

‘Champagne’ is also a good choice because it can be used as a unisex name.

The Most Popular Brown Dog Name of All Time

  • Brownie

A brown dog name could not get any simpler than this, which is perhaps one of the main reasons behind the surge in popularity of this name for brown dogs.

Brownie can either refer to the decadent and sweet chocolate dessert or simply be a play around the word “brown”.

In either case, the name has been a top favorite amongst brown dog names for being simple and meaningful.

My Final Thoughts

You’ve probably gathered by now that the choices for brown dog names are endless.

So it all comes down to how well your pet reacts to its name, which you will only be able to find out once you start testing your favorite names on your beloved brown pooch!

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