Brittany Beagle: A Complete Guide

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The designer breed dog market has experienced rapid growth over the past few decades, with many types of dogs to choose from. Picking on that is right for you takes a little bit of footwork.

The Brittany Beagle is a hybrid breed combining the Brittany and the Beagle, naturally enough. The parent breeds are both hunting companion dogs.

This mixed breed is small to medium in size and has a gentle disposition. This article has pertinent information about this mixed breed, assisting you in deciding how well this animal would integrate itself into your life.

It is best to educate yourself about the involved mixed breed, so you have no unwanted surprises if you decide to pick one up.

Brittany Beagle Puppies – Before You Buy…

Brittany Beagle looking out window
The Brittany Beagle is a very sweet mixed breed that comes from two hunting dogs.

When buying a dog, the last thing you want to do is get stuck with a breed that you cannot properly handle. Let’s face it; you will most likely be investing many years into your new family addition.

Therefore, you owe it yourself and the dog to make a choice you both can live with.

Try not to fall in love too hard and get too emotionally attached to the first puppy you see. Do some in-depth research on the breed and take some time to think things over, so you do not make hasty decisions.

What’s the old saying? Does haste make waste?

What Price are Brittany Beagle Puppies?

The Brittany Beagle is a relatively new and rare mixed breed. Thus it can be somewhat challenging to locate in the market.

You should be prepared to spend in the range of $800-$1400 for this breed, which is about average for one of its status.

The wide price range gives you some wiggle room when trying to negotiate a sale price.

Since owning a dog involves additional future maintenance costs, you should try and save a few bucks when banging out the deal for the new pup.

Once you find the breed of your dreams and settle on a price, you should pin down the breeder and grill them about the dog, its parents, the breeder’s business and anything else which assists in finalizing your decision.

How to Find Reputable Brittany Beagle Breeders?

As discussed, the Brittany Beagle is a rare mixed breed with a limited amount of information backing it. Off the bat, you should expect to invest some time into locating this newer breed.

To succeed in finding a quality canine, an active presence in the new puppy dog classified ads and local breeder networks is required.

You can also obtain leads by networking with other dog owners and broadcasting that you are searching for this breed and are interested in purchasing a puppy.

Becoming a member of dog owner forums (which there is no shortage of) and utilizing social media to your advantage can also help in locating the breed.

3 Little-Known Facts about Brittany Beagle Puppies

  1. The Beagle’s development dates back to 14th Century England and may extend back to the Roman occupation.
  2. Farmers who have used the Beagle for vermin extermination and rabbit hunting may have saved the breed from going extinct.
  3. The Brittany was first developed in the Brittany Province of France during the 19th Century.

Physical Traits of the Brittany Beagle

Often, the Brittany Beagle will display prominent characteristics of both parent breeds. This crossbreed has beautiful Brittany coloring which includes a white and orange combo or roan.

With regards to stature, this small to medium-sized mixed breed should also resemble the Brittany, which has longer and leaner legs.

This dog will have a medium size muzzle which is in proportion to the rest of the animal. The tail will most likely be bobbed or tail-less, which will also follow the Brittany blueprint.

Brittany Beagle sleeping on rug
The Brittany Beagle is not recommended for first time or inexperienced owners.

How Big is a Full-Grown Brittany Beagle?

As a small to medium-sized crossbreed, a full-grown Brittany Beagle can grow to a height of 12-15 inches.

Their weight can range from 25 pounds to 35 pounds, which is a bit on the solid side for a dog its size.

Due to their small and compact build, they can adequately live in an apartment setting or where space may be tight or limited.

They also do not create much of a problem when you want to travel with them.

What Is the Life Expectancy of the Brittany Beagle?

The Brittany Beagle has a life expectancy of 13-15 years, which is a decent amount of time to live for a dog of its size.

The various factors which will influence a dog’s life, for the better or worse, include activity/exercise, mental stimulation and the quality of food it is fed

The dog’s master must take a proactive role and bare the ultimate responsibility in the health of their pet.

Being fully aware of your dog’s health and being alert to any changes in their mood or physical condition will assist in discovering any potential health problems.

Intelligence, Temperament & Personality Traits of the Brittany Beagle

The Brittany Beagle is a very kind family-oriented dog that is terrific with children and friendly with strangers.

It is an alert, joyous and has an independent streak to it which may make it a bit difficult to train. For this reason, it is not recommended for first time or inexperienced dog owners.

This mixed breed does not tolerate being left alone, which may cause anxious behavior to develop.

For this reason, it requires a significant amount of attention to keep it mentally occupied and prevent it from resorting to destructive behavior.

Although it is a smart breed, it is often stubborn and strongly driven by prey, being that both parent breeds are hunting dogs.

Many owners will resort to food rewards for training, although this takes care since it is a mixed breed that tends to gain weight.

Happy Brittany Beagle in car
The Brittany Beagle is excellent with children and other pets.

The Brittany Beagle’s Diet

One of the most important things you can do as a dog owner is to fulfill your dog’s nutritional needs on a regular basis will give it a fair shot at a healthy and content existence.

Be sure to provide your dog with a dog food brand that is high in quality, which assists substantially in maintaining the breed’s health.

When it comes to food, the Brittany Beagle only needs approximately one and a half to two cups of dry dog food per day, which calculates to about $35 to $45 per month.

Always be careful not to feed your dog too much food or too many treats, since an increase in weight can lead to future negative health consequences.

This is certainly the case for this hybrid which has the potential to gain weight.

How Much Exercise Does The Brittany Beagle Need?

The Brittany Beagle crossbreed comes from two-parent breeds that have similar levels of intensity and needs for activity.

This mixed breed needs a daily run and having a backyard where it can play and let off some steam is always a bonus for a dog.

This dog should be taken for a walk and a run several times per day. Since it has the potential to have increased levels of anxiety when isolated for some time, it is essential to exercise your dog as much as possible.

Being prey driven, be careful when they are outdoors since they may tend to chase other animals.
Overall, this mixed breed needs about 60-90 minutes of activity per day to stay satisfied.

If you are an active individual or have a family who can give it the attention and playtime it desires, this mixed breed will do very well in such a situation.

Brittany Beagle Health and Conditions

It is important to know in advance of buying a dog that breeds are predisposed to certain health conditions.

Depending on the breed, some diseases and health conditions will be more prevalent than others.

Nothing takes the joy of dog ownership quicker than a seriously ill pet, which causes emotional and financial strain.

At the very least, you should be aware of any potential situations which may occur, so you are not caught by surprise.

The Brittany Beagle mixed breed is at risk for health conditions which includes hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, cataracts, glaucoma, and hypothyroidism.

To properly keep an eye on your pet’s health and keep it up to date with its vaccinations, an annual visit to the vet is strongly recommended.

My Final Thoughts on The Brittany BeagleBrittany Beagle: A Complete Guide

The Brittany Beagle is a very sweet mixed breed that comes from two hunting dogs.

Although excellent with families (children and other pets), it is not recommended for first time or inexperienced owners. It is known to have a stubborn streak and may be difficult to train.

Food costs for this breed are not exceedingly high. However, it does require a significant amount of attention and activity to remain healthy and content.

This breed is ideal for active individuals or those who have active families. This crossbreed can live adequately in an apartment setting.

However, a backyard would be something that it could use to full benefit.

Since these are prey driven dogs, a certain amount of care must be taken with them when outdoors.

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