The Boxador: A Complete Guide

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The Boxador is the hybrid breed of two of America’s most popular household dogs; the Boxer and the Labrador Retriever.

These two dogs are high-energy, playful, and loyal dogs which makes them great for big families who can give them the attention and exercise that they need. The Boxador is no different.

They have the intelligence of the Retriever combined with the excitability and protective nature of Boxers.

To get an accurate view of the hybrid, it’s often a good idea to do an overview of both of the parenting breeds.

The Boxer is originally a German dog that was bred using the English Bulldog and Bullenbeiser (a common hunting dog in the 19th Century, now extinct).

They were bred mainly for looks and companionship, unlike their predecessors.

However, they possess many of the traits necessary to become a good guard dog, and it isn’t uncommon to see Boxers used by law enforcement agencies.

They are incredibly friendly dogs and are known for their explosive energy and love of running.
Labrador Retrievers were originally bred for hunting purposes.

Happy Boxador
The Boxadors’ coats of fur are usually short to medium.

They have acute senses which can track downed prey for a long way into the swamps and woods.

Retrievers are also used for bird hunting a lot as they don’t mind running into the water to scare a flock up where their hunting companions can easily pick them off.

When you combine these two breeds into the Boxador, then you get an incredibly versatile dog.

Most of the time, they are kept as family companions, but if you are willing to spend a little bit of extra time training them, they will make a great guard or hunting dog.

Boxador Puppies – Before You Buy…

Boxadors very cute as puppies, and many people bring one home without first considering what type of dog it is that they are bringing into their home.

These dogs are incredibly active, and they don’t do well in city environments or if they’re left indoors without a lot of space to run around.

The only reason you should bring one of these dogs home is if you plan on giving them plenty of exercise, and you can devote time to training them.

If you can provide these two things, however, then you’ll be rewarded with a great family dog.

What Price are Boxador Puppies?

Boxadors have become very popular in America throughout the past few years. You can usually expect to pay around $900 to $1,000 to bring home your first puppy.

This price is also a reflection of the high price of the parents. Labs are known to cost at least $1,200, and Boxers can easily cost up to $1,000.

How to Find Reputable Boxador Breeders?

Despite their popularity as a hybrid dog, Boxadors were mutts long before they were officially introduced as a hybrid.

This means that they are common to find in animal shelters.

Unless you are specifically trying to adopt a shelter dog, then you should make sure that you are going to a reputable breeder, who isn’t going to sell you a mutt that they got for free from somewhere.

You want to find a breeder who knows what they are doing, can give you up to date information on your Boxador’s parents and can devote enough time to his stock to keep them happy.

A reputable breeder will have also spent time screening all of his dogs for behavioral issues.

Boxers are a lot like Pitbulls in the fact that they are often used as fighting dogs which can make them aggressive.

If you want to have a happy Boxador, then you need to make sure their Boxer parent was never mistreated or trained for aggressive behavior.

3 Little-known facts about Boxador puppies

  1. Boxador puppies need a lot of attention. If they are left home alone for too long, they have been known to howl loudly for hours.
  2. Boxadors need a lot of space to exercise, especially when they are growing up.
  3. Boxadors need to be properly house trained at an early age. They need to learn to save all of their energy for the outdoors. Otherwise, they will knock over everything in your house.

Physical Traits of the Boxador

Boxador with tennis ball
The Boxador is a very intelligent dog like its parents.

The Boxador is a medium to large-sized dog. They tend to take after the Labrador in their body shape but retain many of the facial features of the Boxer.

The Boxador has a relatively low body and has short legs relative to the size of its long body. This is one of the features that makes them especially good for hunting purposes.

It allows them to crouch low to the ground and have the element of surprise when chasing down a bunch of birds or chasing out prey into the open.

Their coats of fur are usually short to medium, depending on how much of the Labrador’s traits that they inherit.

Boxers are almost completely hairless, whereas the Labrador tends to have medium length hair.

The color of their coat is dependent on which breed is dominant.

Sometimes they will have the mahogany and fawn colors of the Boxer, and sometimes they will have the black or golden fur of the Lab.

Sometimes they can even inherit spotting from the Boxer, which can give them a truly unique look.

How Big is a Full-Grown Boxador?

A full-grown male Boxador can easily weigh up to 70 pounds, especially if they exercise a lot and pack on extra muscle.

Females tend to weigh around 5 pounds less than their male counterparts and are a little bit shorter.

These dogs are also around 23 inches tall, which is a bit short when you consider their larger body size and are inherited from the Labrador.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Boxador?

As both of the parenting dogs are known for their longevity, the Boxador can easily live to be up to 15 years old if properly cared for. This is quite a long life for a large dog.

Most other large breeds have a maximum life expectancy of around 10 years, which can sometimes make them a bad choice for families who don’t want to go through a loss.

The Boxador, however, will be able to watch over your family and live long enough to see everybody grow up.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Boxador

Happy Boxador with a friend
The Boxadors are so cute.

The Boxador is a very intelligent dog, as they tend to inherit this trait from the Labrador Retriever. They can easily be trained to do just about anything if you are willing to put in time and energy.

The most important thing to teach them, however, is the difference between right and wrong.

Due to their Boxer nature, these dogs have been known to be mischievous, and this will need to be trained out of them at an early age before it develops into a more serious problem.

These dogs are very playful and curious and love to be in the great outdoors sniffing, exploring, and chasing squirrels.

They treat the world as their oyster and love to see, hear, and do new things. If you have an active family, then the Boxador is a perfect match.

They’re always up for a new adventure, and they even do well on road trips.

Boxadors can have a little bit of a temperament if they are in an unfamiliar environment or they are getting a sensory overload in a large city environment.

However, outside of situations like this, you will find them to be very mild-mannered. They are happiest when they are having fun.

They are very social dogs and will never go out of their way to get into a fight with other dogs.

The Boxador’s Diet

The Boxador is fairly large and is a very active dog. As a result, they will need to be fed at least 4 cups of food a day.

While they are puppies, you should do your best to keep their diet balanced, and after they are full-grown, then you should switch to a high-protein food to support their larger muscle mass.

Since they have fast metabolisms, you should expect to feed them a few times a day.

How Much Exercise Does the Boxador Need?

Boxadors need a lot of exercise. Before you bring one of these puppies home, you need to be aware that they will need at least an hour a day of exercise.

If you’re going to be away from home for an extended period, then it’s a good idea to leave them outside in the backyard or at a doggy daycare so that they can run around to their heart’s content and get all of the exercise that they need.

Boxador Health and Conditions

In their youth, these dogs are very healthy, but due to their Boxer ancestry, they have a natural predisposition to develop cancer in their later lives.

They can also develop stomach ulcers and Hip Dysplasia. A reputable breeder will have properly screened for these conditions, however, so hopefully, you won’t have to worry about this happening.

Final Thoughts on the BoxadorBoxador guide

The Boxador is a large dog that is a perfect fit for active, adventurous families.

They need a lot of attention and exercise, but if you can give them these, then they will live a long happy life.

Boxadors are great family dogs, but they can also be trained as a general-purpose working and hunting dog as well.

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