The Boston Yorkie: A Complete Guide

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Looking for a designer breed that comes with qualities such as a high level of intelligence, caring about his family, low maintenance, and unbelievably cute looking?

The Boston Yorkie might be just what you are looking for.

This breed is the result of letting a Boston Terrier fall in love with a Yorkie. A cheerful little mix dog that is both intelligent and sensitive.

Sensitive in a way that he deeply cares about his human family, and even other pets, and usually gets very attached.

A great addition to the family nevertheless, as he is really easy to train and loves going on to all the “adventures” with the kids

Though this is not a huge dog breed and you should oversee playtime with the kids just so that the pup doesn’t get hurt.

In this guide, besides finding out that you need to be careful with the pup, you will also get an in-depth insight into the breed.

Also, you will learn which questions to ask the breeder and how to find a reputable one. And, you will find out what it means to live with a Boston Yorkie.

But first, let’s see how and where to start the search for the perfect puppy.

The Boston Yorkie Puppies – Before You Buy…

a Boston Yorkie with a pink collar
The Boston Yorkie is very playful.

Designer breeds, especially when they are cute like the Boston Yorkie, tend to be more expensive than standard breeds.

Therefore, the first thing you should know about a Boston Yorkie puppy is the price. This way, you will know if you can afford this pup before spending time on the research.

So, let’s first see how huge of a hit will your budget suffer?

What price are the Boston Yorkie puppies?

For a Boston Yorkie puppy that comes from good, healthy parents with all the necessary health tests clearances, the price range goes from $900 to $2000.

Of course, the price depends on how good of a personality the pup’s parents have, of their physical condition scores, and if they are showcasing genetic material.

For a dog show winning pup, you can expect a price of around $2K. But, if you are just looking for a pet to welcome into your home, then the price will be significantly lower.

To find a puppy with the right genetic set, you need to talk to a breeder that knows a lot about the breed itself and knows his dogs well.

How to find reputable Boston Yorkie breeders?

When looking for a reputable breeder, there are certain red flags you should keep an eye on.

For example, when you notice that the breeder is not that familiar with the breed, or has more than two or three different litters at the same time.

The first option is probably a backyard breeder that just wants to make some easy profit by selling the pups.

This is a gamble because even though he might have done the health test clearances for the parents, there’s no guarantee that the temperament of their offspring is the right fit for you.

Reputable breeders keep this in mind as well and are very selective when it comes to mixing the genes of two different bloodlines.

The second option we mentioned, plenty of litters available at the same time, most likely means that you are dealing with a puppy mill.

This is not a place you want to buy your puppy from because both the parents and puppies live in terrible conditions and are probably not with good health.

So, to make sure your puppy is completely healthy has the temperament you are looking for, and doesn’t come with any hidden genetic heritable health issues, ask the breeder the following questions:

  • “Can I see a documented medical history of both the pup and the parents, as well as the parent health tests clearances?”
  • “Can I see both of the pup’s parents?”
  • “What can you tell me about this breed and the overall living with them experience?”

The breeder shouldn’t have a problem with showing you all the necessary documentation and offering you advice about feeding, training, and care of the puppy.

If you notice that the pup’s parents are behaving the way you would want your pup to behave when he grows up, the chances are great that you found a reputable breeder; and, that the puppy you take home will be exactly what you wanted.

3 Little-known facts about the Boston Yorkie puppies

A Boston Yorkie with a pink ball
The Boston Yorkie is a couch potato most of the time.

Now that you know the price and how to find a reputable breeder, it’s time to see if you can handle a Boston Yorkie puppy in your home.

Here are some not so known facts about the puppies of this breed.

  • They live to please their owners

Boston Yorkies are owner pleasers. Even while they are just pups, they love to see that their human family is happy with what they’re doing.

So, if you don’t want to hurt his feelings, and speed up the training process, you need to praise your pup every time he does something well.

He will remember that that particular action is something that makes you happy, and will be pleased to do it again.

  • They love a good challenge

When you start the training, you will notice right away how the pup loves having a challenge he needs to solve.

This is an intelligent breed and loves to learn new things and commands. So, as long as you are firm and consistent with the training, you will have no problems with the growing up process of your puppy.

  • They suffer if left alone

Sure, the Boston Yorkie pups are lively and playful. But, they are highly sensitive and don’t like being left alone.

So, either you get two, or another pet to keep him company while you are all out, or bring the pup with you if you don’t want him to suffer from depression.

Physical Traits of the Boston Yorkie

In this part of the Boston Yorkie guide, we will talk about how big can your puppy get when it grows up; and, you will also discover the life expectancy of this breed.

Don’t worry, they are in for a marathon.

How big is a full-grown Boston Yorkie?

Knowing that neither the Boston Gentleman nor the Yorkie, are big dogs, expecting the size of your little hybrid to be of a Bulldog, would be a far stretch, wouldn’t you agree?

Therefore, no, they are not big. In fact, they are like slightly bigger Chihuahuas, but with a less feisty attitude.

The height range you can expect goes from 9 to 17, depending on if it’s a male (they are slightly taller) or a female.

As for the weight, yes, they have the doggy supermodel slimness, and the range goes from 10 to 25 pounds. Again, males are slightly bigger and weigh more than females.

What is the life expectancy of the Boston Yorkie?

As we mentioned, the Boston Yorkie is in for the long run. If taken care of properly, meaning high-quality food and regular vet checkups, you can expect your companion to be with you some 12 to 15 years.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Boston Yorkie

A black and white Boston Yorkie on a couch
Boston Yorkies have relatively low energy levels.

The Boston Yorkie comes with both parents’ sides. You will see the Gentlemanlike behavior from the Boston side, while also having the Yorkie shyness with strangers.

This is also a good breed when it comes to keeping an eye and ear on the household as they know to bark for the stranger-danger warning.

But, an overall impression when it comes to Yorkie’s is that they are intelligent, spunky and rowdy little dogs.

Don’t let the rowdiness fool you into thinking that they are not sensitive. In fact, they are so sensitive that if their family leaves them alone for a long period, they will suffer from separation anxiety.

This is something they picked up from both parents as both breeds are well known for getting attached to their family quite quickly.

Also, when it comes to keeping the family close and safe, don’t be surprised if your little Boston Yorkie shows unbelievable bravery if he thinks the family is in danger somehow.

Sometimes, that terrier side means plenty of barking. It would be best if you can train your dog to stop barking on command.

This will go a whole lot easier if you start your pup’s socialization from the first moment he enters your home.

When it comes to how good these dogs are with kids, the answer is they can be pretty well behaved while playing with the kids.

But, due to their small size and relatively gentle build, you shouldn’t let them play alone, for the dog’s sake, not for the kids’.

Also, they are fit for a family of any size and even do great in apartments. They still need regular daily walks to burn off that accumulated energy.

One thing is clear, you might hit a few bumps along the road, especially during the training.

If you love your Boston Terrier pup, treat him gently yet firmly, and regularly provide enough exercise for his relatively lively personality, you will end up with a happy little dog that lives to love his family.

Boston Yorkie Diet

In general, when it comes to Boston Yorkie’s diet, the demands are not too overwhelming and complicated.

Here are the ingredients that should be regular in all your dog’s meals:

  • Protein

Most of their diet should be protein because they need it much more than we do.

And, most of the commercial dog foods for dogs of their requirements are properly balanced. Which is great, but you need to keep an eye on the protein amount anyway.

  • Kibble

The Boston Yorkie is one of the rare breeds where kibble has an advantage over wet dog food from tin cans. In fact, in most cases, wet food can cause your dog to have bad breath.

However, feeding your dog is not a simple as it may seem at first. Namely, mostly because of their allergies.

This breed is known for having some food allergy issues with certain ingredients so you need to be careful.

Also, they don’t take grains so well and even a slight amount of, for example, beans, or peas, will cause gas issues.

And you don’t want a little fart machine running around in your home, don’t you?

How much Exercise does a Boston Yorkie need?

Your little hybrid needs regular daily walks, at least twice a day. It doesn’t have to be a two-hour marathon, but you will have to spend some half an hour with each outing.

The best way to make him socialize as well as to do some obedience training is to take your Boston Terrier to a dog park. He will burn off the excess energy there, and polish on his both social skills and manners.

However, keep in mind that this breed has problems with extreme temperatures, whether we are talking about the heat or a winter blizzard.

During the summer, we recommend an early morning walk, trying to keep him in the shade all the time, and evening walks when the temperature of the air is more comfortable for him.

When it comes to winter, your Boston Yorkie shouldn’t go out without a dog sweater or a jacket, and the walks shouldn’t last more than 15 to 20 minutes.

Due to their relatively moderate energy levels, Boston Yorkies are great for apartment living, but they can be barkers, so keep your neighbors in mind as well when thinking about choosing this breed.

Boston Yorkie Health and Conditions

Generally speaking, the Boston Yorkie, as a breed, has a reputation for being healthy. However, as with any other dog breed, certain conditions are associated with the Boston Yorkies.

The major health issues that can trouble this breed include Patent Ductus Arteriosis, Patellar Luxation, Cushing’s Disease, and Mitral Valve Disease.

On the other hand, minor health issues that are relatively rare yet can occur with some Boston Terriers, include Diabetes, Dry eye, Cataracts, and Atopic Dermatitis.

Now that you know on which health conditions to keep an eye on, we recommend asking the breeder about the pup’s health history, as well as health tests clearances of the parents for the mentioned issues.

My final thoughts on the Boston YorkieA Boston Yorkie looking back at you

As you’ve probably guessed from the section title, this is the end of your Boston Yorkie guide.

By now, you have learned that this breed comes as a mixture of two small, yet very lively breeds – The Boston Gentleman Terrier and the famous Yorkie.

The gentleman’s side of the little Boston Yorkie makes him want to play and cuddle all the time, while the Yorkie in him, makes him want to go and catch mice in the barn, even when there isn’t one.

So, as a result, this breed is generally a couch potato most of the time, with the occasional burst of energy that is displayed as a 10-minute running session around the house.

The most notable part of this breed is the fancy colored color combination and the fluffiness of the coat itself.

Thanks to its small size and the overall easy-going nature with relatively low energy levels, the Boston Yorkie is a great choice for families with kids or for people who live in smaller apartments.

And, with proper training and socialization, which don’t come hard to these dogs, you will have a well-behaved gentleman that loves the family, wants to get involved in the activities as long as it isn’t too hot or cold outside.

Thank you for reading the whole guide! We hope that you now have a much clearer picture of this breed and that you are much closer to making the final choice than you were in the beginning.

Of course, if you found this guide useful and interesting to read, feel free to share it on social media so that your friends can get much more familiar with this amazing breed as well.

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