The Border Newfie Dog Breed

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The Border Newfie is the hybrid combination of the Border Collie with the Newfoundland.

Both of these breeds share a history as European working dogs and have been used by farmers and fishers for hundreds of years.

The Border Newfie is a very friendly, affectionate, hard-working, and intelligent dog.

They love to be in the outdoors which makes them a perfect fit for people who live on large farms or ranches with plenty of outside space for them to run around in.

Often the best predictor of how your hybrid will behave is to look at the characteristics of the parents.

The Border Collie originated on the Scottish and English border. It was originally used by the shepherds who lived in the hills and raised their sheep, cattle, and goats there.

This dog is incredibly intelligent and was trained from an early age to guide and protect livestock.

They were able to memorize all of the paths, keep the animals in line, and would keep a sharp lookout for any wolves or would-be thieves.

The Newfoundland was a common working dog on European farmsteads.

Early English and Irish settlers brought this breed over to Canada (specifically Newfoundland), where it served as a companion and helper for fishers.

Border Newfies in the snow
The Border Newfies are happy, friendly, and very protective.

It was here that the breed developed many of the prominent features that it has today. They are known for their webbed feet that allow them to swim farther and faster than almost any other dog.

They also have a very thick, watertight, coat of fur which protects them from the icy water and frigid arctic climate.

Besides performing as exceptional working dogs, both of these breeds have great character traits which are all passed onto the Border Newfie hybrid.

These dogs are very obedient, and as long as they are trained to respect their owners from an early age, they can be taught new tricks no matter how old that they are.

Border Newfie Puppies – Before You Buy…

As puppies, these dogs look like little more than small black and white balls of fluff. However, within a year, they will grow into a large-sized dog, so you need to keep this in mind.

They are traditionally outdoor dogs, and they do not do well if they are kept indoors without the wide-open space that they need to run around and exercise in.

Aside from this, there are several other considerations that you should look at before bringing home one of these puppies. Let’s take a look.

What Price are Border Newfie Puppies?

These puppies will run you around $1,000 depending on which breeder you go to and the pedigree of the parenting dogs.

If one or both of the parenting breeds has a history as a show dog, then you can expect to pay up to $1,300.

However, if the parenting breeds were mainly working dogs and never saw a showroom floor in their life, you are more likely to get a better deal.

How to Find Reputable Border Newfie Breeders?

These dogs are very popular in the northern United States and Canada because of their sturdy build and ability to withstand the cold winters.

So if you wish to find a breeder, you may have to travel up north or be willing to pay the extra shipping fees.

You will want to look for a breeder who has sufficient outdoor space for his dogs.

Both of these dogs are used to open air, and if kept indoors they can develop aggressive and irritable behavior which can be passed on to any offspring or affect their general health.

Also, you want to find a breeder who can provide screening.

When you are paying $1,300 for a dog, you want to be sure that they aren’t going to be prone to any diseases which could cut their life short.

3 Little-known facts about Border Newfie puppies

  1. Border Newfies are happiest when they are outdoors running around. These dogs need a purpose and don’t do well as house pets.
  2. Border Newfies will form strong bonds at puppyhood with their owners, so socialization is important.
  3. Border Newfies love the water. If you live around any lakes or rivers, don’t be surprised if this dog jumps right in and spends all day swimming.
Border Newfies in the water
The Border Newfies have a very thick, watertight coat.

Physical Traits of the Border Newfie

The Border Newfie is usually a large-sized dog. On the surface, they look like really big, extra hairy Border Collies.

However, once you take a deeper look, you’ll be able to see the small subtleties and differences.

For one, these dogs have a lot thicker build than a typical Border Collie. Their shoulders are wide which gives them an equally wide gait.

Their necks are very thick to support the large head which they inherit from the Newfoundland. It’s also common for the Border Newfie to inherit the webbed paws of the Newfoundland.

Even without the webbing, their paws are huge which makes it easy for them to walk across the snow.

As both of the parenting breeds are traditionally black, grey, and white, the Border Newfie is no different.

The most common color coat is black or dark grey. Many of these dogs will have white paws or a white belly.

Their coat is long and thick, and they will shed most of it off during the warm summers.

This means that you will need to spend a significant amount of time grooming them if you want their fur to look great year-round.

How Big is a Full-Grown Border Newfie?

Border Newfies are quite large animals, and they can easily grow as heavy as 125 pounds.

While the Border Collie is a medium-sized dog, the Newfoundland is known as one of the largest breeds in the world, and the Border Newfie inherits most of its physical from the Newfoundland.

Looking at their height, these dogs usually stand about 2 feet tall, but can sometimes be a bit shorter depending on how long their legs are.

In general, females are a few pounds lighter than males but will have the same height.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Border Newfie?

These dogs have an average lifespan of around 13 years which is very good for a large breed of dog like this.

Most other large dogs will only live to be around 10.

The first 75% of their life they will be very active and full of energy, but once they begin to age around 10 or 11 years, they will slow down significantly.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Border Newfie

Curious Border Newfies
The Border Newfie is an incredibly intelligent animal.

Both the Border Collie and the Newfoundland are known for their quick minds and their ability to be easily trained for a myriad of different purposes.

One important thing to take into consideration is that these dogs need a purpose.

Whether as a working dog, seeing eye dog, or as a family companion, they need to have something important to do.

They don’t do well if they are made to sit around the house all day without anything to keep them occupied.

These dogs have a very mild temperament. They are big, friendly dogs that are known for being gentle giants.

They are rarely ever aggressive unless they see that somebody is directly threatening their family’s well being.

They tend to be very protective, especially of other animals in the house and small children. This is due to their heritage as herding animals.

Border Newfies are very fun dogs. They’re known for being social and enjoy the company of other people and other dogs.

They love to be out at public dog parks or just being allowed to walk around the neighborhood and meet new friends.

It’s important for their development to socialize them, and it will make them far happier and more friendly animals.

The Border Newfie’s Diet

These are large-sized dogs and will need to eat at least 5 cups of food a day, sometimes 6 if they are active. To support their large muscle mass, you should try to feed them a high-protein diet.

This will help them recover from long exercise sessions and ensure that their energy levels remain at a healthy level.

Since they are traditionally winter dogs, it’s common for them to eat extra and store some fat during the Winter. This is healthy, and they will shed it off quickly when the weather warms up.

How Much Exercise Does the Border Newfie Need?

Border Newfies only need a moderate amount of exercise. They love being outside and doing things, but they tend to walk and trot around instead of run.

These dogs save their sprinting energy for when you have a large ball to throw them, in which case they can run incredibly fast.

Border Newfie Health and Conditions

Border Newfies are relatively healthy animals. The most common problem that you will run into with this breed is musculoskeletal problems such as Dysplasia or compacted spinal disks.

Their large frames tend to cause them extra strain throughout their life.

Final Thoughts on the Border NewfieBorder Newfies guide

If you are looking for a wonderful family dog that will get along great on your large farm or ranch, then the Border Newfie will be a great fit.

They are happy, friendly, and very protective.

Border Newfies are also incredibly easy to train and are known for their intelligence and obedience.

They have all of the best traits of both of their parenting breeds and if you’re willing to give them space and training that they need, you won’t be disappointed.

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