Border Collie Pyrenees: A Complete Guide

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Designer dog breeds are a very popular choice for potential dog buyers today.

Due to an increase in combining different breeds in the past few decades, there is a multitude of crossbreeds to choose from.

Ultimately, it is your job to determine which dog breed is best suited for your lifestyle.

The Border Collie Pyrenees is a large, loyal dog which is a hybrid mix of the Border Collie and the Great Pyrenees.

It can absorb the personality of both its parent breeds and can be alert, intelligent, energetic and protective.

Finding the correct information and utilizing it to your advantage can save you a lot of future heartaches.

You owe it to yourself and your new dog to make sure that this is a dog that you can live with.

Border Collie Pyrenees – Before You Buy…

Happy Border Collie Pyrenees
The Border Collie Pyrenees is an excellent watchdog.

Most people fail to realize that purchasing a brand new puppy dog is a decision that will impact their lives for many years to come.

It is always recommended to accumulate as much quality information as possible, as it can provide the best possible opportunity to obtain a breed that will fit seamlessly into your life.

If you want to steer clear of problems in the future, it is best to refrain from making emotionally charged decisions that originate from your heart and not your head.

Therefore, it can be a great deal of benefit to you if you engage in a crash course about the breed you intend on buying.

What Price are Border Collie Pyrenees Puppies?

Since it is a somewhat rare crossbreed, the average price of a Border Collie Pyrenees puppy is difficult to come by.

The two-parent breeds are rather expensive and average around $1000 so be prepared to lay out some money for this dog.

Due to its rarity and high price, you should be prepared to search high and low for this breed. If you expect to get results, be prepared to invest effort and time into the search.

And when you do come across the puppy at a price that is within your budget, it is a good idea to have a good conversation with the breeder.

Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as possible so you can be sure that you are not getting the wool pulled over your eyes.

How to Find Reputable Border Collie Pyrenees Breeders?

You should know from now that investing a significant amount of time and effort into locating this breed is a given.

You can start your adventure by perusing through your local online breeder networks and pet classified advertisements regularly. If you do not look for it, you will not find it.

You can also locate available puppies for sale by successfully networking with other pet owners and making it known you are in the market for this particular breed.

Often, it is not what you know, but who you know.

Staying focused, positive and well informed, should eventually yield satisfying results to your liking.

All told, the amount of effort you put into your search will end up making a difference in the type of animal you can locate.

3 Little-Known Facts about Border Collie Pyrenees Puppies

  1. The Border Collie Pyrenees is a mix of the larger shepherd dog breeds (Roman) and a smaller shepherding breed (Viking).
  2. The Great Pyrenees breed is thought to have first appeared in Central Asia or Siberia.
  3.  Descendants of the Great Pyrenees are Mastiff type dogs whose fossilized remains have been located along the North and Baltic Sea Coasts.
Border Collie Pyrenees in fence
The Border Collie Pyrenees requires approximately three cups of food per day.

Physical Traits of the Border Collie Pyrenees

The Border Collie Pyrenees is a larger crossbreed which can have the physical appearance of either one or both of the parent breeds.

It has a well proportioned and solid body, giving it an athletic appearance.

It can have either a long and coarse coat or a short and smooth one. There is a water-resistant dense undercoat that provides it protection from the cold weather.

Their color can be either white, grey and cream or black and red tri-color.

They have brown or blue eyes, erect or semi-erect ears, and a very regal, alert and intelligent facial expression.

Their skulls are of equal length and width, their tail is upright or arched over the back, and the feet are round with heels that have sufficient padding.

How Big is a Border Collie Pyrenees?

Categorized as a large-sized breed, a Border Collie Pyrenees can reach a height of 20 to 32 inches when fully grown.

This mixed dog breed can weigh between 30 to 120 pounds, which gives the heavier model an impressive appearance.

Owing not only to their size but their energetic and active lifestyle, it is best for this mixed breed to reside in a home with a yard.

Apartment living is not recommended, however, this breed can live in an urban setting as long as it has sufficient real estate for its activity.

What Is the Life Expectancy of the Border Collie Pyrenees?

The Border Collie Pyrenees has a life expectancy of approximately 10-13 years, which is around average for a large dog.

This breed requires a significant amount of exercise, mental stimulation and a quality diet to provide it with a chance to live a potentially full and healthy life.

One of the biggest parts of being a successful dog owner involves getting to know your dog and being sensitive to how they are feeling – physically and mentally.

This will be important when diagnosing situations where your pet might not be feeling well or when something may be out of the ordinary.

Intelligence, Temperament & Personality Traits of the Border Collie Pyrenees

Intelligent, energetic, affectionate, loyal and protective, the Border Collie Pyrenees has all the characteristics of a fun-loving family pet.

They are excellent with children and other animals and would make for a first-class family dog. They also socialize with strangers rather well.

As a result of the independent streak of the Great Pyrenees, this breed can be somewhat challenging to train.

Being highly intelligent and affectionate, it responds well to positive reinforcement.

They should not be left alone for an extended period, as this can lead to destructive behavior. This crossbreed enjoys colder weather conditions.

However, it is also able to handle the warmer climate.

Border Collie Pyrenees on beach
The Border Collie Pyrenees is a large, loyal dog.

The Border Collie Pyrenees’ Diet

To stay healthy and vibrant, the Border Collie Pyrenees should be fed a high-quality commercial dog food which is formulated for very active dog breeds of its size.

Meeting their nutritional needs daily is vital to your pet’s future good health.

As a larger active dog, this mixed breed should require approximately three cups of dry dog food per day. Canned food can also be mixed in as well.

Be mindful not to overfeed it and teach it bad eating habits which could cause weight gain and create adverse health problems as the dog ages.

How Much Exercise Does The Border Collie Pyrenees Need?

This breed is suited for highly active owners. The activity should consist of long walks and runs paired with playing in a dog park or backyard.

Fetch and frisbee are two games which this crossbreed enjoys playing.

Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the dog owner to make sure the animal get enough physical activity and mental stimulation.

Failure to do so could lead to an unruly pet that is not well behaved.

Border Collie Pyrenees Health and Conditions

Sadly, just like human beings, dogs are also vulnerable to illnesses.

A very sick pet can cause both a host of problems with the dog’s master, which can significantly take away from the enjoyment of owning a pet.

Knowing in advance what types of health conditions your pet may acquire is very important information that a future dog owner can use.

The Border Collie Pyrenees is predisposed to having health conditions which include hip dysplasia, deafness, collie eye anomaly, elbow dysplasia, cataracts, and cervical vertebral instability.

My Final Thoughts on The Border Collie PyreneesBorder Collie Pyrenees guide

If you are in the market for an intelligent and active family dog with superb instincts and characteristics, this crossbreed is definitely worth further looking into.

It is best for this breed to reside in a home with a yard so it can keep itself exercised and mentally occupied.

Due to its alertness, the Border Collie Pyrenees also makes for an excellent watchdog, although it is not suspicious of strangers.

Owing to its independent spirit, you should expect training to be somewhat of a challenge.

All in all, this is a high spirited dog that does well with owners who have a good attitude and a good frame of mind.

Keep in mind, that this could be a pricey crossbreed depending on how you intend to purchase it.

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