Border Collie Names: 50 Awesome, Adorable & Silly Ideas

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The Scottish roots of the collie breed of dogs lend some of the greatest ideas for inspiration for the top Border Collie names around.

It is common knowledge that the title of your pet should hold a significant meaning.

Perhaps a name that describes some aspect of its personality or its physical appearance can be selected if you wish to highlight your favorite features of your newest family member.

Keeping that in mind, some of the top Border Collie names include those that describe the hard-working capacity of the dog, since it is a working breed.

Goes without saying, the best way to adorn one of the top Border Collie names to your Scottish pooch is to pay homage to the ancestral background of this herding dog.

Go through the following options of some of the best kind of Border Collie names and test them out on your pet to see which one clicks!

A black and white Border Collie lying down
Clyde likes spending his time in bed.

Male Border Collie Names

  • Clyde

This Border Collie name is a reference to the Clyde River in Scotland.

The name serves its purpose as a tribute to Scottish heritage.

  • Colin

The literal meaning of this Gaelic name is “dove”, which makes it fitting for a free-spirited Border Collie.

If your pet is fond of chasing birds outdoors, the name will perfectly go with this habit of his.

  • Doug

Another word of the Gaelic language that qualifies amongst the top Border Collie names, the meaning of Doug is “black water”, making it perfect for a black-haired Border Collie.

  • Dundee

A truly Scottish name for dog owners who want to respect the origins of their Border Collies.

The literal breakdown of the meaning of this Border Collie name is “fort” and “fire”.

The meaning of the name makes it ideal to describe the feisty and fiery personality of your spunky Border Collie, which, at the same time, is highly protective of its home.

  • Fergus

A shorter form of the name Ferguson, which describes a man of strength.

Ideal for your tough and hardy Border Collie.

  • Forbes

This Gaelic Border Collie name has a literal definition of “field”.

The name serves as one of the most ideal ways to draw an association with a herding sheepdog that has originally been bred to herd sheep in open fields, exactly like the Border Collie.

  • Rory

For a majestic red Border Collie, Rory is a Gaelic name that means “red king”.

  • Patch

One of the top Border Collie names that are descriptive of the most significant and commonly found physical feature amongst dogs of this kind.

Border Collies are known for their distinctive patch of dark fur that surrounds one or both of their eyes, making this the perfect name for your adorable pet.

  • Sport

To call to the high activity levels and working capacity of your Border Collie.

The name is a way to honor the ability of the breed to actively partake and excel in sports and agility competitions.

  • Whiskey

A significant feature of Scottish culture, whiskey is the signature alcoholic drink of Scotland.

This is a Border Collie name that liquor enthusiasts would appreciate for their pets.

  • Jobs

For loyal Apple users who want to pay tribute to Steve Jobs, or simply a name that describes the inherently impressive working capacity of a Border Collie.

Owners of this breed would know that a Border Collie never tires of doing some kind of work, especially if it means pleasing the master.

Border Collies thrive in an environment where they have something to do and work on, so giving it a name that means “something to do” is the best way to highlight this behavioral habit of theirs.

  • Chief

A border Collie name that aptly describes the inherent desire of your pet to take charge, owing to its original herding instincts.

Chief is a name that allows your pet to be recognized as the one that is in control.

  • Shep

A diminutive of the word “shepherd”, which is essentially an occupational name to describe someone that herds sheep.

The name makes complete sense when bestowed upon a Border Collie, which is by nature a herding breed of dogs.

  • Chase

To identify the tendency of your Border Collie to chase after birds and other moving objects, especially while playing outdoors.

  • Pepe

This interesting moniker is one of the top Border Collie name choices for owners who want to take inspiration from a cartoon character.

Pepe Le Pew was the TV skunk from the Looney Tunes cartoons.

If the pattern on your Border Collie’s body resembles that of a skunk, which is usually the case with black and white dogs of this type, Pepe will be a suitable and charming title for your pet.

A Border Collie jumping in the air
Believe it or not, his name is Forbes.

Female Border Collie Names

  • Pinta

This is an exotic Spanish name for a Border Collie that has a very suitable meaning for your pet.

Pinta is Spanish for “patch”, so if you want to really accentuate the patch of dark fur that is often found around the eyes of a Border Collie, this name will do the trick.

  • Nana

Inspired by the large, furry dog character in the Peter Pan movie, Nana is one of the choices for the top Border Collie names for a doting and affectionate pet like this one.

The literal meaning of the word is “grandmother”, which makes it an ideal way to describe the motherly nature of a female Border Collie.

  • Heather

A plant that is native to Scotland and known for its evergreen qualities.

The name refers to a wide range of a variety of shrubs of small pink and white flowers.

This is a lovely Border Collie name for a beautiful, kind-hearted pet that likes to spend time in nature.

  • Victoria

Queen Victoria of Great Britain was very fond of Border Collies, which classified as one of her favorite dog breeds.

If you love a royal name for your dog, this is definitely one that you will highly appreciate for your little princess.

  • Dora

Dog owners with kids will like this name for their pet.

Dora the Explorer is nearly every kid’s childhood favorite TV show, so children will not only be able to relate to a pet with this name but will enjoy calling out to their pet.

Moreover, Border Collies are known for their keen exploration skills, so the name goes perfectly with this trait.

  • Alba

A concise and straightforward name that simply means “Scotland”.

This Border Collie name is the perfect way to pay homage to your pet’s traditional roots.

  • Rhona

A Scottish Border Collie name that means “rough island”.

The name also means “fair” or “white-haired”, making it idle to describe the physical appearance of your gorgeous Collie.

  • Sorcha

This Gaelic name for females has to do with “brightness” and “light”, which perfectly encapsulates the radiance of your amusing Border Collie that is always trying to brighten up your day with its presence.

  • Mia

A world-renowned soccer player, Mia Hamm, is the inspiration behind this Border Collie name.

The association draws from the enthusiasm and love of the soccer player to play ball, a habit that is also shared by the Border Collie.

Border Collies are known to love ball games, especially ones that involve catching a ball.

  • Shadow

To describe the habit of your Border Collie to follow you around, quite literally stalking you like a shadow, this name aptly highlights this inherent behavioral trait of dogs of this breed.

  • Betsy

This is a top Border Collie name taken from the famously intelligent Border Collie.

Betsy is one of the world’s smartest dogs that rose to fame for being known as the dog who learned over 300 words.

She has a current world ranking of being one of two dogs that beat the record of an existing record-holding Border Collie known for having learned up to 200 words.

  • Faith

This delightful Border Collie name is for a highly devoted pet that is loyal to a fault and will always have its owner’s back, no matter what the circumstance.

  • Athena

For dog owners that have a keen interest in Greek mythology, you might want to consider naming your Border Collie after the goddess of wisdom.

After all, a breed that is recognized and applauded for its smarts needs to be honored with a majestic title that defines its intelligence.

  • Grace

If you wish to describe the gait of a Border Collie and its elegant trot, in particular, this name will fully capture the grace that your pet carries itself with.

  • Abbey

A simple and traditional Border Collie name, Abbey is a moniker that will call on the beauty and intelligence of your wise Border Collie.

Five Border Collie's hiding behind a tree
The Border Collie is a highly friendly breed.

Cute Border Collie Names

  • Star

In addition to being the shining star of your life, Border Collies have had immense fame in showbiz.

For this kind of stardom of the Border Collie, this name will be ideal for your popular pet dog.

  • Vita

Also related to showbiz, Vita is the short form of Vitagraph, the first film studio ever to cast a canine star in a movie.

  • Oreo

Border Collies are almost always found sporting a black and white fur coat, similar to the colors of the famous American biscuits known as Oreos.

  • Swirl

To celebrate a pet that comes from a breed that is mostly found in a combination of two colors that culminate together to produce swirly patterns in its coat.

  • Amber

Ideal for a pooch that has bright brown eyes.

  • Scout

Your Border Collie will be very fond of scouting new environments, people, and animals.

Additionally, this Border Collie name takes inspiration from Scout Finch, a character from the critically acclaimed book, To Kill A Mockingbird.

Scout Finch was a smart and rugged tomboy, which pretty much sums up the description of a Collie.

  • Alec

You would call someone a Smart Alec to describe him/her as a know-it-all who boasts about being all-aware.

  • Deanie

The globally famed American actor, James Dean, owns a Border Collie that is given a title that is a variation of his own last name.

  • Swift

To describe the swift, bolt-like movements of your speedy pet.

  • Bandit

From the hit TV show called The Little House on the Prairie.

In the show, Laura Ingalls adopted a stray Border Collie and gave it this name.

  • Houdini

The name of a famous escape artist, which can also aptly be used to describe the disappearing act that a Border Collie often carries out, especially when unoccupied or bored.

  • Ziggy

For the sprightly, zigzag movements of your Border Collie, especially during playtime.

  • Koda

This Border Collie name simply means “ally” and is the perfect way to address your best friend.

  • Hector

Inspired by Hector from Heck’s Way Home, a Border Collie who does everything to reunite with his family.

  • Fly

From the Border Collie, Fly, in the Oscar-winning movie, Babe.

The Most Popular Border Collie Name of All Time

  • Jean

The first ever dog to star in a movie was a Border Collie that was named Jean.

Jean may very well have started and pioneered the way for canine actors in showbiz.

For the star-like qualities of Jean and for the exotic ring that this Border Collie name has attached to it, the name amassed a great deal of fame as a popular choice amongst the top Border Collie names.

My Final Thoughts

Most of the top Border Collie names listed above come from Scottish origins, but at the same time hold a deep meaning that perfectly fits your pet.

So once you have found a Border Collie name that seems as though it has been custom-made for you and your pet, don’t hesitate to try it out on your precious Border Collie!

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