The Border Collie Bernard: A Complete Guide

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The Border Collie Bernard is a designer hybrid breed of dog that has brought together two breeds that you would have never have expected, the Border Collie and Saint Bernard.

They are two completely different types of dogs, and yet they do somehow work well together with this kind of thing, and that alone is a real surprise.

You probably know very little about this hybrid breed even if you have owned either of the parent breeds before.

If that is indeed the case, then our complete guide to the Border Collie Bernard is going to prove to be very important.

Throughout our guide, we will cover every single aspect that you can expect to know to ultimately provide your new dog with all of its needs.

By the end of it all, you are going to be in a much better position to look after them just as any sensible owner should be.

Before we do that, we do want to start things off by turning our attention onto you.

Border Collie Bernard Puppies – Before You Buy…

A small Border Collie Bernard
The Border Collie Bernard is a lovely pet to own.

The problem with any dog is that the owner has to be responsible enough to look after them correctly, and that is why we are looking more closely at you for just a few moments.

You must be honest with yourself as to your ability to care for them correctly throughout their life.

In doing so, it will mean you need to think about various key questions that we believe play a part in your overall decision.

Questions such as the following:

  • What is your understanding of the size and strength of this breed?
  • Do you know what is required from a maintenance point of view for them?
  • Are you prepared to provide them with the exercise that they need?

We are talking about relatively basic things, but they are all very important in the overall care of the dog.

What Price are Border Collie Bernard Puppies?

When you are looking at the price of Border Collie Bernard puppies, then you need to think about many important factors that will ultimately make a difference to the final price that most people end up paying.

You must also remember that the price can vary, so we are unable to offer you an exact figure and more of a rough guide as to what to expect.

People are going to be aware of the pedigree of the parents of the breed and how this affects the price.

People accept that the better the pedigree, then the higher the price.

This is simply because of the very common notion that it means you get a stronger and generally healthier dog that will have fewer problems than most.

A second thing has to be that the different breeders also have their very own ideas about the current rate on the market while those breeders that have spent time building up a great reputation will be more likely to add something extra to the price.

What this means for you is to go ahead and shop around the country as you could easily save some money.

Finally, your location can make a difference simply because where you live in the world, or even your country is more than capable of changing the price.

Always carry out your own research simply because the difference in the price just within a small area can be pretty impressive.

What all of this means is that we need to be careful with the prices that we quote. In the United States, you are looking at a rough price of somewhere in the region of $400 to $800.

In the United Kingdom, it will be more likely to be somewhere around £400 to £900 depending on those factors that can simply influence the final price.

How to Find Reputable Border Collie Bernard Breeders?

An adult Border Collie Bernard looking at you
The Border Collie Bernard is a very intelligent canine.

For you to locate a reputable Border Collie Bernard breeder, it is going to be important that you can set aside some time to carry out your very own research.

However, you do not have to be stressed out because this is very easy and straightforward to do.

The first place to look has to be the Internet will prove to be the best course of action, and you need to be in a position to set aside some time looking for groups, clubs or associations that you know will be located in your general area along with having something to do directly with this breed.

In general, you will find that most of the people that play a role in these types of groups have an invested interest in the potential future of the breed.

This means that they are more than likely to pass on any kind of advice to those that are showing an interest.

This is a hybrid dog, so they are will not be listed with the Kennel Club.

However, they are still in a position to help and are well worth checking out what they have to say and asking them if they can indeed help.

They could be in a position to the least point you in the direction to go or even who they believe can help you with this breed, and either of those things will prove to be important.

Finally, you have the Dog Breeder’s Association that is based in your very own country as they are also in a position to help you out.

They can either have their list of breeders that they will be quite happy to pass to you, or they may very well take the same approach as you got from the Kennel Club.

3 Little-Known Facts About Border Collie Bernard Puppies

Of course, there is so much to learn about the Border Collie Bernard, so these three facts may very well make a bit of a difference to you.

  • They are good at search and rescue.

This breed can be wonderful at search and rescue as it fits in perfectly with things that their parent breeds are used for.

However, in this case, it seems as if everything has been magnified several times.

  • They are surprisingly agile.

Even though they are part Saint Bernard, they are more agile than people give them credit for. Of course, this then helps with the search and rescue part as well, so they do put it to good use.

  • We know little about their background.

Considering the two parent breeds are well-known, we know very little about the background of this hybrid breed. However, it is such a wonderful dog that perhaps this is not as important as we think.

Physical Traits of the Border Collie Bernard

A Border Collie Bernard sitting in the snow
The Border Collie Bernard loves snow.

Physically, this is classed as being a medium to large size dog as the genes of the Border Collie do help to bring the general size down lower.

However, this breed does share a number of traits between the two breeds that come across in its physical nature.

Their facial expressions come straight from the Border Collie, but generally, they will have a body that resembles more of the Saint Bernard.

This is especially true for their coat which is quite thick and rough and that is why it does require quite regular grooming to remove the dead hair from it.

They will have either blue or brown eyes and a black nose. Their coat will have white and brown with them often being mixed.

How Big is a Full-Grown Border Collie Bernard?

This is a breed that does not have much of a difference between the sexes when it comes to their size.

However, the male will often be more towards the upper end of the spectrum compared to the female which may very well be something that you need to keep in mind.

For their height, you are looking at them measuring anywhere between 20 to 35 inches. For their weight, then it can vary from 45 to 120lbs, which is a huge difference.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Border Collie Bernard?

The life expectancy of the Border Collie Bernard is going to be somewhere between 9 to 12 years of age.

However, if you are able to care for them correctly and also provide them with everything that they need in life, then it can be possible to extend their lifespan.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Border Collie Bernard

This is both an intelligent and very gentle breed for you to own. They will want to protect you, and it does mean that they are wary of strangers and will take some time to get used to them.

They are also very loyal and will want to snuggle up close to you to have a snooze as they enjoy knowing that you are there with them.

They can also be slightly wary around children, but early training should mean that this no longer becomes an issue.

They are very intelligent as a breed, and they will pick up on new commands in a short period of time.

However, they can be a bit stubborn at times, so you need to be aware of this or else you could find training them gets a bit difficult if you do not know how to handle it.

The Border Collie Bernard’s Diet

The diet for the Border Collie Bernard is pretty easy to follow as they are a relatively big dog, so their diet is going to have to match up.

This translates into them requiring three cups of quality dry food per day that is designed for dogs of this size.

If you buy them as a puppy, then get advice from the breeder on how to feed them, when and how often.

Follow it exactly as they have some very precise nutritional requirements to then grow and develop as they should.

Avoid cheap food due to the filler ingredients that are in there. They can cause digestive issues and have no nutritional value, so it will prove to be pointless.

Treats and table food are another option but do so sporadically and in small amounts. Do not get them used to eating in this way or you could cause problems for yourself.

How Much Exercise Does a Border Collie Bernard Need?

The Border Collie Bernard has a moderate exercise need which equates to around 60 minutes of exercise per day.

This is due to the Saint Bernard part which does dilute the energy levels you would see with the Border Collie.

You do not have to take them on a stressful or fast-paced walk but they should also have access to a yard to explore whenever they want to.

They could be safe in an apartment, but it will increase the number of times that you need to physically take them out.

You might also want to give them some agility and obedience training as they will love doing that and it just helps to burn off some energy.

Border Collie Bernard Health and Conditions

The Border Collie Bernard can have a number of health conditions to be aware of even though there is no guarantee that they are going to then develop them later on.

However, the main ones that you need to be aware of include:

This is pretty impressive when it comes to their health conditions, but they can pick up allergies and other more common diseases throughout their life.

You still need to pay close attention to them wherever possible.

Also, if you are buying a puppy, then get confirmation from the breeder that the parents do not have something that can be passed down to your puppy genetically.

My Final Thoughts on the Border Collie BernardA Border Collie Bernard puppy

Overall, the Border Collie Bernard is going to prove to be a wonderful dog to have in your home that will be loyal, loving and protective on a daily basis.

They have an amazing temperament, are very intelligent and have big personalities, so you are certainly going to have a wonderful new addition to your house.

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