The Border Beagle: A Complete Guide

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Companionship and guardianship are perhaps two of the best qualities that a dog can have.

Some of our favorite canines, the popular Border Collie and the widely-adored Beagle, have a vast history as working dogs that have always served a useful purpose – be it of herding or hunting – to their master.

So it comes as no surprise that the offspring of these two dogs would be a joyful bundle of a variety of different, but admirable, genes.

The fact that you’re reading this article means either of two things: either you’ve decided you want to get a pet dog and are trying to settle on a breed, or you have already set your eyes on this designer dog and are doing your research on it.

Either way, this handbook will serve as a haven to you.

There are a lot many aspects to know about the Border Beagle, and in this manual, we will go through each of them step by step.

We understand that getting a new pet is not just a one-time purchase; it is a process.

And this process is one that will have consequences for you long after you’ve brought your puppy home.

In order to ease this process and make it a fun experience for you, we’ve explained every quality and requirement of this adorable designer breed in great detail.

You will be walked through every step, from the very point that you contact a breeder, right up till you bring it home and start training it.

Additionally, we will be giving you an insight into what life with the Border Beagle will look like to help you better understand your compatibility with this dog.

The Border Beagle Puppies – Before You Buy…

The Border Beagle
The Border Beagle is perfect for people with big families, elderly people, or children.

Try to answer these questions to check how much you already know of these designer dogs:

  • How much does a Border Beagle puppy cost?
  • Will I be able to find a good breeder for a Border Beagle?
  • Do I fulfill the prerequisites of keeping and raising a Border Beagle?

Do not worry if you draw a blank on these questions, for the answers will be revealed to you shortly.

What price are the Border Beagle puppies?

The Border Beagle is not an expensive breed. So if you’re quoted an unbelievably high price, rest assured that the breeder is disreputable.

The standard going price for Border Beagles is approximately $600. This price may differ by plus/minus $100.

However, considering how both the Border Collie and the Beagle have a starting price of $600 (and mixed puppy are more often than not less expensive than their parents), you should expect to pay around the $600 figure.

How to find reputable Border Beagle breeders?

A common risk associated with mixed breeds is that breeders may often try to fool their customers into paying more than the required.

Designer dog breeders often tend to have puppies produced in abundance, without taking into account the health of the puppy.

Border Beagle puppies that are priced higher than normal are often associated to unreputable sources.

When going to purchase a Border Beagle, make sure that you ask to see both the parents or at least ask the breeder where they both are to make sure that they aren’t being used in puppy mills.

Puppy mills are the worst, most unethical way to breed puppies.

Often, money-hungry breeders will get their supplies through such means, which entails that your puppy will not have the best health and may be prone to genetic health conditions.

Furthermore, if you’re trying to search for a breeder online, be sure to read and compare reviews for that breeder.

Also, while breeders who have puppies available online will push you into believing that the picture of the pup is an accurate representation of what you will receive, always meet the breeder in person.

Online buying comes with its own set of risks, particularly if you’re told to pay via credit card.

Most importantly, a good breeder will always deliver documents proving that both parents of the puppy have been cleared for health issues and tested for other important health clearances.

It is always preferable that such documentation is attested and certified by a professional.

3 Little-known facts about the Border Beagle puppies

Here are some amusing facts about this breed that you may not have heard before:

  • The Border Beagle is a highly outgoing dog that will cozy up to children and pets

Border Beagles are known to be dedicated pets that will express unconditional affection towards you and your family.

While they will be shy when meeting another dog, especially a male one, the Border Beagle can easily be socialized with the right training.

  • These dogs have a heightened sense of smell

The instinct to follow their nose is strong within dogs of this kind. This is attributable to the Beagle genes inherent in this breed.

Therefore, you can expect your Border Beagle to sniff around and chase after intriguing scents, which is why you need to supervise its activity when it plays outside in an open area to avoid letting it get away.

  • Grooming requirements for the Border Beagle are minimum

You should expect some shedding, but this is usually only limited to seasonal shedding and can be eliminated with regular brushing (preferably every day).

Apart from that, it is okay to bathe your dog only when required to keep its coat and skin healthy.

Physical Traits of the Border Beagle

The Border Beagle mix
The Border Beagle should not be kept in an apartment for too long.

The Border Beagle borrows a lot from its physical traits, including its size and lifespan, from its pedigree parents.

So let us look into how well the dog fares in terms of weight and height measurements.

How big is a full-grown Border Beagle?

The Border Beagle is neither small nor large; it is a medium-sized pooch that weighs between 20 and 40 pounds, depending on genetics and general well-being.

In terms of height, the Border Beagle usually measures at least 15 inches and can grow as tall as 23 inches.

What is the life expectancy of the Border Beagle?

The general life expectancy of a healthy and well-maintained Border Beagle is 12 to 15 years, which gives you plenty of time to create beautiful memories with your lovable pet.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Border Beagle

The personality traits of the Border Beagle are many and can be listed down in one go.

However, it is good to analyze every quality to see how it would affect the overall behavior and temperament of your dog. The Border Beagle is playful, social, and insanely smart.

While this is a pet that will prioritize your happiness above all, it will resort to various means to gain your attention.

The key to raising a faithful and obedient Border Beagle is to give it a lot of time, focus, and pay heed to its needs.

Once you get a Border Beagle, you can rest assured that you would never face a threat from burglars or other intruders in your premises.

This is a territorial canine that will guard its house with its might. Therefore, be prepared to hear a lot of barking every time a stranger enters your house for the first time.

You will need to show your pet that the person that it perceives as a stranger is a welcomed guest to let it calm down and be comfortable in their presence.

Interestingly, the Border Beagle is fond of car rides and will also showcase habits like digging and chewing.

While the Border Collie is known for its modest personality, the Beagle is an excitable dog that will carry out amusing antics to entertain its owners.

Hence, you can expect your Border Beagle to be a delightful mixture of the two-parent personalities.

Having said that, to get the best out of your pet, you must subject it to a lot of training ever since its youthful days as a puppy.

The stubbornness of the Beagle will have to be weeded out of the Border Beagle’s personality with obedience training.

Keep in mind that it won’t help if you send your pet away to be trained by some professional, only for it to come back to you and disobey your commands because it doesn’t recognize you as its leader.

You will need to show your pet a firm hand and a lot of reward-based positive reinforcement to train it in accordance with your commands.

Find ways to show your dog that you are the pack leader, which is the only way you can get the Border Beagle to obey you.

The Border Beagle Diet

The Border Beagle
The Border Beagle gets the traits from both parent breeds.

The Border Beagle will need a nourishing diet that caters to its energy levels and its size. For this reason, try to purchase dog foods that are specific to the Beagle breed.

Some good store-bought dog foods include dry dog kibble from companies like Royal Canin, which has a specific line of Adult Beagle dog food, and Beneful Adult Dry Dog Food.

Provide your pet with the best quality of food that serves it all the important nutrients that are necessary for its development, especially as a puppy.

A good routine to keep your dog on is to feed it at least 3 cups of dog food a day, portioned into several meals over 24 hours to avoid overfeeding and bloating.

The average budget that you should set aside for your dog’s food consumption will come down to roughly $34 to $45 a month.

How much Exercise does a Border Beagle need?

Restricting the Border Beagle to a closed setting or keeping it tied up are perhaps some of the worst ways to treat this canine.

Allow your dog a good number of hours in the open outdoors, preferably in a yard that is enclosed (so you won’t have to keep it on a leash or worry about it running away from home).

Once you start living with a Border Beagle, you’ll soon understand that you cannot expect to slack off on its activity needs.

At least an hour of physical activity every day, including walks and a lot of stimulating playtime, is the key to keeping destructive behavior at bay.

Ideally, you should take your dog for several walks throughout the day.

To further aid with socialization, make frequent visits to dog parks where your pet can interact with other dogs and humans in a safe environment.

The Border Beagle Health and Conditions

This is an exceptionally healthy hybrid with some very strong genetics.

Given that your breeder has guaranteed the pure health of both parents of the Border Beagle and identified no genetic conditions, you can expect that your pet will live a long, healthy life without any severe health problems.

The only concern that this dog could be at risk of is hip dysplasia, which is a very common health ailment in all canines.

Epilepsy could occasionally be diagnosed with your dog, but there is a higher chance that your pet will not be plagued by it.

Grooming Advice

The amount of grooming your Border Beagle requires will most often be related to whichever gene it inherits from its parents.

However, there are a few general rules you need to follow to ensure your dog remains well-groomed.

Grooming is absolutely essential if you want your Border Beagle to remain healthy and clean at all times.

Although the Border Beagle is generally a very healthy breed, keeping a close check on any signs of discomfort is your job as a dog owner.

Catching an issue early on is essential to ensure that your dog gets the proper treatment and can fight off whatever is affecting it efficiently.

Since the Border Beagle is not a hypoallergenic breed, it is likely to shed around the house especially during the shedding season.

To avoid an excess of fur all around the house and on your dog’s coat, make sure to brush your Border Beagle every single day.

You can swap between the rubber curry brush and the bristle brush to best suit the needs of your dog.

Make sure to brush the entire coat so that you can get rid of all of the excess hair as well to prevent any tangles from happening.

Since the Border Beagle has floppy ears, these will require a weekly check and clean so that they can remain safe from bacteria and dirt.

Giving your Border Beagle a bath once every month is also enough to keep it clean and well scented.

You should pay special attention to brushing the teeth of your Border Beagle as food might get stuck in its teeth which might be irritable.

Brush your Border Beagle’s teeth at least once a week to ensure cleanliness.

Make sure to take your pup to the vet occasionally to get everything checked out so that you can be sure that your pup is healthy.

Can it travel by car?

The Border Beagle is a medium-sized dog that loves having its owner’s attention at all times. This is why you should take your pet along with you on your car ride, whether they are short or long.

However, make sure your vet approves of this since how comfortably and safely a dog can travel by car also depends upon its health and physical fitness.

Even though with its height of 15 to 23 inches and an average weight of 20 to 40 pounds, the Border Beagle can easily sit on a car seat, you should still buy a dog harness.

This will protect your dog against shocks or jumps.

Since this breed of dogs requires at least an hour of physical activity every day, you should not ignore its activity needs during the car ride.

This makes it essential to take a short break after every few hours and let your Border Beagle roam around a little to relax its muscles and burn off its energy.

It is also important not to drastically change the mealtimes or the diet during the ride which can largely upset your pet. You also need to keep a water bowl as well as some treats for your dog.

Since this dog sheds a little, to protect your car seat from any hair or stains, you can cover the seat with a thin plastic sheet.

Also, if suggested by your vet, take medicines along with you in case your Border Beagle gets sick during the ride.

Furthermore, take small toys such as a chew toy or a rubber bone which can help your dog with anxiety or stress during the ride.

Lastly, make sure you lower down the windows by a few centimeters when you leave your dog inside the car so that it can easily breathe and not feel too hot.

My final thoughts on the Border BeagleThe Border Beagle: A Complete Guide

Now that we have reached the final part of this guide, we can safely say that the Border Beagle is perfect for people with families, elderly people, or children.

Even singletons will benefit from the companionship of the Border Beagle, as long as they can dedicate their time and attention towards their pet.

Apartment dwellers that can promise ample space for the dog to run about can get their hands on this breed, while people with big houses or residents of rural areas will be the perfect candidates for the Border Beagle.

All-in-all, the Border Beagle gives owners the best of both the Border Collie and the Beagle, and while both pedigrees are highly sought after, their hybrid offspring is all the more delightful as a pet.

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