The Bolonoodle: A Complete Guide

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Bolonoodles are a dog breed that consists of a mix between a purebred Poodle and a purebred Bolognese, two dogs that are known for their mixture of affection and intelligence.

You will come across few breeds that are as cute as these little balls of fur, and they have plenty of positive aspects.

This dog is suitable for a wide range of owners thanks to their small size and their relatively light needs when compared to other breeds.

If you want to avoid a dog that may end up stressing you out, you will love the Bolonoodle. Though they may be energetic, they are rarely too much for you to handle.

Of course, as with any dog, no matter the reputation, you will want to carefully examine their tendencies and their qualities before you end up making your purchase.

That being said, let’s move on to our examination of these adorable companion dogs that are suitable for nearly any owner, regardless of previous pets.

Bolonoodle Puppies – Before You Buy…

A white Bolonoodle running in the mud
The Bolonoodle is a moderately active dog.

While these puppies may be some of the cutest ones you have laid your eyes on, it helps to do some research before you make your purchase.

There are plenty of dogs breeds that may look adorable on the exterior but hide a demon within, and you should always find out whether or not this is the case before you make your purchase.

So how does the Bolonoodle compare to other cute dogs? Is it as sweet as you would assume or can its looks be deceiving?

What Price Are Bolonoodle Puppies?

The price of a Bolonoodle will depend on all of the typical factors for a breed that is a descendant of two pure breeds.

For instance, the pedigree of your dog will have the single most significant influence on the price, but the popularity in the local area and the number of breeders around are also factors.

Most Bolonoodle puppies will sell for around 800 dollars, which is as much as many purebred dogs will retail for, making them one of the more expensive mixed breeds.

That being said, I firmly believe that these puppies are worth the money due to their loyalty and intelligence.

How to Find Reputable Bolonoodle Breeders?

Since Bolonoodles are relatively common, you will find that coming across a breeder isn’t as challenging as it can be for some other mixed breeds.

If there aren’t many dog breeders in your area, however, you may find it a little more challenging to come across a reputable Bolonoodle breeder.

We would recommend getting active in the local breeder community so that you can find the best place to get your puppies.

Breeders are a talkative bunch, and you will be likely to find puppies that are raised humanely by interacting with the breeding community.

Keep in mind that if you live in a relatively rural area, you might have to travel far to find a suitable Bolonoodle breeder.

3 Little-Known Facts About Bolonoodles

  1. Bolonoodles are smart enough to play dumb so that they can get what they want, don’t let these little dogs pull one over on you because they are certainly capable of it!
  2. These little pets are fiercely loyal, and they can start to get anxious when left alone. A Bolonoodle will form a strong bond with its owner, and they will be ecstatic to see you upon your return, even if you were gone for only five minutes
  3. They are susceptible to “small dog syndrome” in which they (for lack of a better term) start acting like cats. What I mean by this is that the dog begins to believe that you are there to serve its needs, and it will also stop listening to many commands

Physical Traits of the Bolonoodle

Since the Bolonoodle is a descendant of the Poodle mixed with the Bolognese, you can expect to see characteristics of both dogs present in the breed.

The fur on these dogs is their most noticeable feature, as both of its parent breeds feature an exceptional coat

Keep in mind that a pure Bolonoodle is one that is descended from two purebred parents, but there can be further variations in heritage.

Bolonoodles have the benefit of only a single coat of fur, and they are hypoallergenic, making them an excellent option for both very young and older owners.

Bolonoodles also have the benefit of needing relatively little grooming due to their small size.

Although you will have to brush their fur to prevent matting, there isn’t much of it, so it should be a relatively quick task.

You also won’t have to worry about these dogs shedding since they do very rarely.

A Bolonoodle enjoying the view
The Bolonoodles need frequent brushing.

How Big is a Full-Grown Bolonoodle?

While poodles can get rather large, you will find that this is a relatively small dog breed.

The Bolonoodle takes more from the Bolognese side of the family than the Poodle side when it comes to determining their size.

You will find that most Bolonoodles will weigh somewhere between 6 to 12 pounds, meaning that they are one of the smaller breeds on the market.

Since these dogs are so tiny, they are relatively low-maintenance, provided that they don’t develop small dog syndrome.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Bolonoodle?

Since this is a relatively small dog, you will find that it has a longer lifespan, and there is also the matter that it is a designer breed.

Designer dog breeds tend to have longer lifespans than purebred dogs, and that is almost certainly the case with the Bolonoodle.

These dogs are bred for companionship, and they will provide it for at least 13 to 15 years of your life.

Bolonoodles are in it for the long run, so you won’t have to worry about them until much further down the line, unlike some larger breeds.

Intelligence, Temperament, and Personality Traits of the Bolonoodle

So I have covered how the Bolonoodle looks, but how does it act? As I briefly mentioned, Bolonoodles are ideal companion dogs.

They are brimming with loyalty, and they will want to be around you whenever possible. Some owners may even describe these dogs as clingy.

Don’t leave them alone for too long, as Bolonoodles may get sad or panicked when they don’t see their owner for very often.

If you are single and you work, however, the dog will eventually grow accustomed to your work schedule, as long as it is consistent enough.

These dogs love playtime, so be prepared to invest in toys and other accessories so that you can play around.

Other than that, you just need enough free time to pay attention to them, so they don’t feel rejected. Ignoring a Bolonoodle can lead to them getting upset, but they will always bounce back when you’re ready to play.

This is perhaps the best quality of this breed. No matter what you do, as soon as you start paying attention to Bolonoodles, they get excited and playful.

These dogs will always be ready to interact with you, whether they are just waking up from a nap, or if they have been chasing you around all along.

The Bolonoodle’s Diet

When it comes to diet, the Bolonoodle eats about as much as can be expected from a small dog breed such as this.

Since Bolonoodles are so small, I would highly recommend feeding them a high-quality food brand since you won’t be buying that much food in the first place.

Bolonoodles will typically eat twice a day, and the smaller ones will usually eat around half a cup of food.

Larger examples (10 lbs and over) will consume a full cup of food split into 0.5 cups per meal. This diet is more than enough to keep these small dogs sustained.

How Much Exercise Does a Bolonoodle Need?

Bolonoodles are a Poodle and Bolognese mix
The Bolonoodle is such a tiny creature.

Being a small dog, you will find that the Bolonoodle also doesn’t need too much exercise.

They will typically get enough exercise for their needs in the fifteen to twenty-minute intervals when you take them out to do their business.

Of course, being such active dogs, Bolonoodles will get enough exercise while playing around in the house, so I would recommend setting up an area where they can play.

A dedicated zone will give your Bolonoodle some much-needed space in which they can have fun.

Bolonoodle Health and Conditions

The Bolonoodle tends to be healthier than a lot of other breeds, both pure and mixed alike. You will find that these dogs typically inherit few of the issues that are common to both parent breeds.

It is well-known that Poodles aren’t the healthiest dog breed, but crossbreeding has eliminated many of those issues.

Luckily, the Bolognese is a relatively healthy dog, so the mix makes for a dog that rarely suffers from severe problems

Common Issues:

  • Obesity
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Cataracts and other eye problems

Child Safety

A lot of dog owners sometimes find out the hard way that small designer dogs like the Bolonoodle can be tricky to deal with around children.

Smaller designer dogs, often other Doodles besides, get jealous of children getting more attention than them, or just find kids annoying to be around.

Luckily, the Bolonoodle is a friendly playmate who has no problems with children whatsoever. Better still, these dogs escape the envious traits of other small dogs like them, because they’re even good with toddlers and very young children.

It’s refreshing in how simple this makes life because that isn’t always the case with other dogs.

However, the Bolonoodle is a smart dog who knows that the family is what’s important. Besides, children who can keep this little dog active and amused are always going to become his or her new best friends!

The Bolonoodle is often very cautious and careful around children when meeting them for the first time – especially babies and toddlers.

This dog breed knows at the basic level that these miniature masters of theirs need extra special care and protection.

They also know that running around causing a scene isn’t going to help them bond with the children while they grow up, so even the most lively of this breed will turn it down a notch when little kids are around.

Of course, bigger kids who have as much energy to burn as these dogs do can become a bit of a mischief tag team sweeping all over the house and garden, so watch out for that!

My Final Thoughts on the BolonoodleA Bolonoodle

Few dogs can match the sheer companionship that is exuded from Bolonoodles.

If you are looking for the most affectionate small dog in the world, this breed is a sure competitor.

I wish you luck in finding your new puppy.

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