Black Dog Names: 50 Awesome, Adorable & Silly Ideas

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When it comes to naming your pet, black dog names are perhaps one of the easiest categories to choose from.

Numerous associations can be drawn from the color black.

You can give your dog a name that means “black” or one which refers to an object that is distinctly known for its dark or black color.

With so many options for black dog names available, it helps to find one concise but detailed source of shortlisted names that will be most suitable for your black dog.

Take a look at the following black dog names to get innovative ideas for the title of your pet!

A black dog resting its head on the couch
Believe it or not, this dog’s name is Smoky.

Male Black Dog Names

  • Blackjack

A play on the word black and also a name that refers to a hand weapon covered with leather as well as the popular card game.

  • Ninja

For a pet that has feather-light feet and can move around sneakily without making a sound, much like a Ninja, this black dog name represents the Japanese war technique that is often associated with the color black.

  • Onyx

As a black dog name, Onyx means “black gemstone” and has been derived from a word of the Greek language which means “fingernail” or “claw”, ideal for a feisty black dog that means the world to you.

  • Pepper

In the combination of salt and pepper, pepper is symbolized by the color black, which makes this an appropriate black dog name.

  • Ash

This black dog name relates to smoke and the burnt remains that are left after an ignited fire, which are greyish-black in color.

Ash is a popular black dog name to describe the color of a dog’s coat.

  • Charcoal

A unique name for a dog, Charcoal is a name that is a true depiction of the dark black color of your black dog.

  • Smoky

Any smoke-related word makes a fitting black dog name, owing to the association with grey and black hues.

  • Schwarz

If you want to give your pet a name that is unique in the sense that it belongs to another language, Schwarz is a German-origin name which, in literal terms, means black.

This is one of the black dog names, which are distinct for describing the color of your pet in a different language.

  • Montsho

A unique black dog name of African origin.

Montsho means black.

  • Adham

A name of Arabic origin meaning “black genuine horse”.

You can use this name to refer to the speed, grace, and the black coat of your pet.

  • Nero

Nero has Italian roots and refers to the last ruling Roman emperor of the dynasty of Julio and Claudius.

This black dog name comes from the Italian word “Niro”, which means black.

  • Noir

For a classy and sophisticated French name, Noir is a fitting black dog name for your graceful pet.

Noir is French for black.

  • Kyran

A name of Gaelic roots, Kyran means “little dark one” and thus makes a suitable choice of name for a small-sized dog that is black in color.

  • Dewayne

An interesting pick for a black dog name, the literal meaning of Dewayne is “dark” or “black”.

The name comes from Irish roots.

  • Darth

For black dog names inspired by movie characters, Darth is a name that instantly makes one think of Darth Vader, the powerful Jedi known to join forces with the dark side.

The character of Darth Vader is distinguished for his black outfit as well as the black headgear that he keeps on through most of his role in the series.

As a name, Darth is a variation of the English word “dark”, thus making it ideal for your black-coated pet.

A small pup walking towards you
Her name is Brena.

Female Black Dog Names

  • Cinder

A name that refers to the burnt part of a piece of wood or coal.

This black dog name will have some bearing on the character of your pet, in the sense that it is known to channel single-mindedness and aggressive behavior in the bearer of this name.

Therefore, it is suggested for a dog that likes to be independent and has a powerful personality.

  • Alva

This is a Spanish name that means “black”, ideal for a dog with Spanish roots.

  • Brena

An intriguing black dog name of Irish origin, Brena refers to a raven-haired creature.

Even though a raven is a bird, the name calls to the characteristic black color of the raven, thus making it a suitable name for a female dog with shiny black fur.

  • Ebony

An Egyptian female name that describes a kind of dark-colored wood, as well as the color black itself.

  • Stormy

A storm is often associated with black clouds and a somewhat dark atmosphere, which makes this black dog name ideal for a pet that is audacious and has a feisty temperament.

  • Sooty

Another black dog name that has something to do with smoke.

Sooty comes from the word soot, the black carbon powder left behind when something is fully or partially burnt.

  • Huyan

For dog owners who want to go out of the box when it comes to their pet’s name, Huyan is a unique and uncommon choice for a black dog name.

The name has Vietnamese origin and describes a “reflective black color”, ideal for a pet that sports a shiny, lustrous black fur coat.

  • Nightingale

A delightful black dog name for a female dog that is vocal, but has a very sweet voice that she uses to express her love or appreciation for you.

Since the name includes the word “night”, we feel it goes aptly with your black-coated canine.

  • Lela

This black dog name of Kiswahili roots also means black and is a good choice for a non-English name.

  • Asita

A unique female name with roots in the Hindi language, Asita is “black”, and thus make for an ideal moniker for your special pooch.

  • Devaki

Also, a name that comes from Hinduism and has religious significance amongst followers of the faith, Devaki is a name more commonly used amongst siblings and means “black”.

  • Morticia

For a TV-inspired female black dog name, Morticia is a reference to The Addams Family character that always wore black.

  • Anisette

A unique and unusual blend of various spices and ingredients that come together to create a flavor of licorice, a type of candy often found in a distinctive black color.

  • Skylar

This Dutch name has a very deep meaning; it means “guarded”, and is thus a suitable title to give to a protective female dog who knows when to be friendly and when to be wary of other humans.

The name is an extension of the word “sky”, which can refer to the dark night sky, creating an association with the black coat of your pet dog.

  • Coffee

One of the most appropriate references to dark-colored food, Coffee can be a suitable beverage-inspired black dog name for a pet that has a dark coat.

A close up of a dogs face
Hello, my name is Coffee.

Cute Black Dog Names

  • Espresso

A unisex coffee-inspired black dog name that refers to a very strong blend of coffee made with dark roasted beans.

  • Inky

From ink, this is an interesting choice for a black dog name, which has a spunky touch to it, making it ideal for a sprightly and cheerful pet.

It is suitable for both genders.

  • Hershey

A chocolate-inspired name that is fitting for a dark-colored dog, especially considering how the brand Hershey has a range of decadent dark chocolates as well.

Regardless of whether your pet is a male or a female, the name Hershey will go with its coat color.

  • Indigo

A blend of dark blue and purple, Indigo is a dark color that will go with your pet’s jet black fur coat.

The name can be given to a dog of either gender.

  • Brownie

To add to the list of food-inspired black dog names, Brownie will aptly describe your dark-colored pet.

It is also everyone’s favorite dessert, which always reminds one of home, thus making an ideal moniker for a sweet, family-oriented dog.

  • Kala

Kala is a Hindi word, which is translated to “black” and is used to refer to anyone or anything that is black in color.

So if you want to give your pet a rather traditional name but also want the color of its coat to be highlighted, this black dog name does the job.

  • Caviar

A classy name that refers to the expensive fish delicacy.

The color of caviar is black, hence making it an ideal choice as a fun black dog name.

You can use this name for either a male or a female pet dog.

  • Luna

Related to the moon, this name symbolizes how your black colored dog is a source of radiance in your life, always shining brightly as every and brightening up your day as well.

This name is more suited for female dogs.

  • Dusky

A name that refers to a relatively darker tone of color, Dusky is a fitting black dog name for your dark-skinned pet.

  • Eightball

For those of you who want to put a fun, personal spin on the name of your pet, you can call it Eightball, especially if you’re a snooker or pool fan.

This name is added to the list of black dog names because the eight ball is the black ball in the game.

There’s no restriction as to what gender this name is suitable for, so if the name intrigues you, you should definitely consider it for your beloved pet.

  • Flint

This black dog name refers to a kind of hard, greyish black rock.

In addition to its significance as a black object, this type of rock is known to be useful for producing fire, especially when struck with steel.

In the case of your pet, this quality of the rock can be interpreted as your pet’s ability to produce a spark in your life and fill it with joy and liveliness.

  • Galaxy

A name inspired by cosmology, Galaxy is a lovely black dog name that signifies the vast and magnificent system of the stars in space.

The name can be given to either gender of a dog.

  • Domino

If you have kids, Domino will be an enjoyable name for them to address their pet.

This black dog name is inspired by the rectangular black pieces that are used to play a game of dominoes.

The name is more suitable for a male dog, but may also be used for a female.

  • Coco

From chocolate, this black dog name is an extremely popular pick for dogs that have dark brown or black fur that can be associated with the dark cocoa color.

Moreover, this is a name that symbolizes the sweetness of your precious dog.

Again, this is a unisex name for a pet dog.

  • Bat

A short and simple black dog name that refers to the mouse-like animal with wings known for its characteristic black color.

The Most Popular Black Dog Name of All Time

  • Shadow

The name ‘Shadow’ has topped the charts for black dog names in terms of popularity.

If you truly want to encapsulate your dog’s tendency to follow you around, quite literally like your shadow, this name will accomplish exactly that.

The name has gained popularity for being simple yet meaningful, and particularly suitable for black-coated dogs because of the association that can be made with a black shadow.

My Final Thoughts

Having scoured the list of black dog names, we hope you would have been able to decide on the most perfect title for your beloved pet.

If you’re still at a crossroads, we suggest you read through the meanings of the names that caught your eye and test them out on your dog to see which ones it responds best to.

The name that clicks with you and your pet should be the one you choose for your dog!

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