50 of the Best Big Dog Names and Their Meanings

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It is always a challenge to decide on the very best title that your pet will carry with it for the rest of its life, but the options for some of the most personalized and meaningful big dog names are endless.

While it may be a relief to know that there is an ample amount of name options for your large pet, it can take a significant amount of time and energy on your part to scour through hundreds of big dog names.

What you need is a concise guide list of only the most befitting big dog names to go with the large size, or even the larger-than-life personality, of your precious pet.

Take a look at the following options for big dog names that are laid down along with their respective meanings to allow you to best gauge the suitability and likability of each name for your humongous pet.

A big brown fluffy dog
This dog is huge and its name is Apache.

Male Big Dog Names

  • Velikan

A compelling title for your robust dog, Velikan means “giant”.

  • Mufasa

Kids and adults who grew up with this movie will love this big dog name.

Mufasa is the famous pack leader from the Disney animated movie, The Lion King.

The name represents a lion, which makes it ideal for a feisty, a pet that likes to take control.

  • Goliath

A Biblical name, Goliath is a reference to anyone or anything huge in size.

  • Apache

A Native American race of brave and strong warriors.

This big dog name will go with a dog that is strong and fearless.

  • Maverick

The description of an independent, single-minded individual – ideal for a dog that has a large personality and loves to do things its own way.

  • Bison

This is a kind of ox, a large beast often found in the plains.

The bison is a formidable creature and naming your pet after one will truly encapsulate the size of your huge dog.

  • Bearwolf

This is a strong big dog name best suited for a large, fluffy canine.

  • Bruiser

The name describes a large dog with a robust, brawny build and a lot of strength to take on any threat.

  • Titus

A Latin name that can mainly be defined as anything that relates to giants.

  • Obelix

A charming name for a big dog, Obelix has a literal definition of “pillar of strength.

Not only does this merely define the amount of energy that your large dog possesses, but it also describes what your loyal and supportive pet means to you.

  • Taurus

Another Latin big dog name that symbolizes a bull, making it ideal for a large, raging dog that will launch itself at anything like a bull.

  • Humberto

A well-known German name that refers to a famous giant.

  • Massimo

Latin for “the greatest”, this big dog name serves as one of the most appealing titles to describe the large presence of your mighty pet.

  • Maximus

In Latin, Maximus is a name that means “greatest”.

If the name seems too long for your big dog to grasp, you can simply shorten it to “Max”.

  • Hercules

A reference to the brave Greek god and also a big dog name that translates to “grandiose gift”.

A parent and puppy sitting in front of a fireplace
Amazon can be both a male or a female name for a dog.

Female Big Dog Names

  • Ursa

Ursa is a Latin name for a female which means “bear”, making it fitting for a large, fluffy dog that is good to cuddle with.

  • Crimson

An unusual but pleasing name for a pet dog.

In literal terms, crimson means “red”, which would make it suitable for a red-haired pooch.

However, this big dog name also implies power and strength, which makes it an ideal choice for a big, formidable dog.

  • Moxie

An informal term that depicts the strength of character and determination.

The name is meant for a strong-willed and courageous dog.

  • Deluxe

To describe something superior and grand, ideal for your large, magnificent dog.

  • Amazon

This big dog name is a reference to a member of the warrior group of females believed to have existed in Scythia in ancient Greece.

  • Mooshka

This is a Russian big dog name that infers endearment, ideal for an affectionate pet with a sweet disposition.

  • Olympia

From the large mountain in Greece, Mount Olympus.

  • Titania

A derivative of the name Titan, which depicts immense strength and power.

  • Arizona

While this is the name of a large desert, it can also be used as an ironic reference for a big dog.

The literal meaning of this big dog name is “little spring”.

  • Beastie

A play on the word beast, giving it a feminine touch for a large female dog.

  • Amayeta

A name of Native American roots is a reference to large-sized berries, ideal for your sweet, gigantic pet.

  • Da-Xia

This oriental name has Chinese roots and means “big hero”.

  • Hyndia

Taken from Norse mythology, this big dog name means “giantess”.

  • Skadi

Also inspired by Norse mythology, Skadi refers to a mountain giantess, which makes this moniker suitable for a sheepdog.

  • Valerie

Borrowed from French, this big dog name means “to be strong and healthy”.

Long haired dog at the beach
This dog is called Beethoven.

Cute Big Dog Names

  • Igor

In Norse mythology, Igor is a reference to a warrior archer, which makes this an ideal name for a hunting dog.

  • Biggie

A play around the word “big”, making it an adorable sounding name for a pup that will grow very big.

  • Fatso

An informal way to refer to a fat, chubby person or animal.

  • Boomer

A Boomer is a large kangaroo.

The name will suit a dog breed that is overall jumpy and takes up a very large size when fully grown.

  • Butch

A macho name for a pet that likes to reiterate its manly presence.

  • Chubbs

This is a unisex name for a puppy that comes from a breed that usually grows up to be round, chubby, and plump in appearance.

  • Bruno

This is a Germanic name that means “armor”, depicting warfare, and thus, a symbol of strength.

  • Virat

This big dog name comes from Sanskrit and means “majestic”, ideal for your regal dog.

  • Tito

While this short, unisex Latin-origin name may sound sweet, it means “giant”.

  • Hulk

A reference to the huge and powerful superhero portrayed as a green, gigantic, beast-like creature in the Marvel comics.

  • Kahu

In Maori culture, Kahu is a large, majestic hawk.

  • Machete

A war reference, more specifically a broad, blade used as a weapon in combat; a suitable name for a hunting dog.

  • Enzo

Italian for “giant”.

This big dog name will work even more perfect if your large dog is of Italian descent.

  • Cyclops

A gigantic, one-eyed monster in Greek mythology.

  • Nanook

The master of bears; ideal for a pet that has a bear-like body structure.

The Most Popular Big Dog Name of All Time

  • Beethoven

Ever since the large, furry Saint Bernard was featured in the Beethoven movie series, the dog, as well as this big dog name, has stolen the hearts of dog lovers all across the globe.

The name itself is also a reference to the legendary music composer, Ludwig van Beethoven.

My Final Thoughts

Having a summarized list of an otherwise limitless category of big dog names is always helpful.

Depending on what kind of dog you have and on how well the meaning of its potential title goes with its personality of physical aspects, you can go ahead and start testing out these big dog names on your magnificent pet.

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