Best Silent Dog Whistle to Stop Barking 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks 

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PAWABOO Dog Training Whistle 5 Pack, Professional Ultrasonic High Pitch Adjustable Volume Dog Train Whistle to Stop Barking

Dogs are incredibly receptive creatures who genuinely care about pleasing their masters. Unfortunately, their innate ability to learn is overshadowed by their animalistic nature.

Barking is just one of those things that your canines struggle with resisting, even when they know you expect it. There is a squirrel in the tree, another dog near, or a knock at the door. Triggers are everywhstopere.

A silent whistle is a handy resource when you are ready to train your dog. It will prevent you and your dog from shouting over one another, creating a direct link between their behavior and the sound.

We gathered up 8 of the best silent dog whistles to stop barking that we could find. If you are in the market for one, hopefully, our reviews will help you find the one that most suits your needs. 

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites 

ModelPriceMaterialEditor Rating
Mumu Sugar
Mumu Sugar(Best Overall)

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Premium metal4.4/5
acme(Premium Choice)

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Solid brass4.35/5

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Heavy duty metal3.9/5

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Premium material3.2/5

The 8 Best Silent Dog Whistles to Stop Barking

1. Mumu Sugar Dog Whistle – Best Overall

Mumu Sugar

The Mumu Sugar Dog Whistle is our favorite of all. It’s an ultrasonic whistle that doesn’t damage your dog’s ears. It has adjustable frequencies so you can get the exact sound that your dog responds to best. You won’t have to worry about any irritation or long-term side effects.

It comes with anti-loss features, which are beneficial since it’s small and slim. The lanyard attaches nicely to the clip on the whistle. It has a lock nut and covers. You can put it around your neck, clip it to your keychain or belt loop. It is black in color and rustproof, so you don’t have to worry about it weathering over time.

You can easily take it with you on walks or wear while in the house. You can even hang it up on a key rack so you can have easy access to it while at home. Not only is it super convenient to use, Mumu Sugar provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a full refund offer if things don’t work out. As with any whistle, it may not be for every dog.

  • Ultrasonic
  • Adjustable frequencies
  • Not harmful to dog ears
  • Easy attachment
  • Rustproof
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • May not work for every dog

2. THINKPRICE Dog Whistle – Best Value


First of all, this THINKPRICE Dog Whistle is the best silent dog whistle to stop barking for the money, plus it’s a two-pack. It’s a win-win here. It has all the benefits of our number one times two. It comes with the anti-loss features with the lock nut cover and lanyard.

The two whistles are red and black. Each of them comes with their own separate lanyard, so you aren’t scrambling to keep track of one. They don’t feel quite as durable as some of our other selections, but for the value, you can’t beat it.

It even has an eBook training guide to help you along the way. You won’t be in the dark with this choice. It is a cheap way to start the training process. Even if you find you’d rather opt for a better-quality whistle in the future, it’s an excellent starting point to show you and your dog the ropes.

  • 2-pack
  • All features of the first
  • eBook training guide
  • Two-color selections
  • Not as high quality
  • No satisfaction guarantees

3. Acme Silent Dog Whistle – Premium Choice


If you want top-notch quality and you don’t mind throwing in the extra money, Acme Silent Dog Whistle is rumored to be one of the very best on the market. It isn’t any wonder. You can feel the quality in the weight, as it is made of solid brass with nickel plating.

You can use it up to 400 yards away. Adjusting the pitch is a natural process so you can find the tone that your dog responds to best. This is not a fix-all, and it’s not entirely silent. It is meant to be used as a training tool. While it is mostly inaudible to humans, you can still hear a slight sound.

They have easy-to-understand instructions listed on the back of the package so you can get down to business. Acme guarantees each individual whistle is tested for accuracy and precision. You can have a little peace of mind knowing they care about their products.

  • Works up to 400 yards away
  • Made of solid brass and nickel
  • Whistles undergo testing
  • Expensive
  • It may be louder than expected

4. Side Dog Whistle


The Side Dog Whistle is another two-pack on the list. They have attached lanyards for loss prevention and come in black metal. It has ultrasonic sounds that you can adjust to fit with your dog’s learning style.

It has a decently compact size, which is lightweight and easy to carry. You can use it at a dog park, on walks, or in your home. It’s made of heavy metal and is textured for ideal grip. It is also within the safe parameters of ultrasonic sound, so it doesn’t hurt your dog’s hearing in any way. 

It doesn’t come with clear instructions, but it’s still easy enough to figure out. This whistle also comes with a satisfaction guarantee from the company. They claim if you aren’t happy with the product, they will provide a full refund.

  • Two-pack
  • Lanyard for each
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • No clear instructions

5. SmartPet Dog Whistle


This SmartPet Dog Whistle set is an excellent bargain, especially if you are interested in extending training. It comes with the whistle as well as a clicker so you can teach your dog in different ways.

The black metal whistle comes with a lanyard attached so you can prevent loss. The clicker also has a scrunched plastic wristband so you can keep that by your hands for use as well. In combination, you can teach your pet to control barking as well as basic commands like sit, stay, and lay down.

It comes with a set of training instructions to kick start the teaching. SmartPet gives a satisfaction guarantee as well as a lifetime warranty. This is an attractive point in the purchase. It isn’t completely silent, however, as you can hear it when it’s blown more so than others.

  • Whistle plus clicker
  • Training instructions
  • Lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee
  • Not completely silent

6. Mighty Paw Training Whistle

Mighty Paw

This Mighty Paw Training Whistle is much like the other additions on the list. It’s an ultrasonic whistle with high enough frequencies to be virtually inaudible to the human ear. It’s weatherproof, so you don’t have to worry about rust or wear.

It is a stylish orange color in stainless steel. It has two attachment choices. There is a lanyard for neckwear, and it also comes with a retractable clip. You will get a training manual, so you won’t feel lost when the whistle comes. It’s a useful resource to learn from and resort back to when you need it.

This particular selection may have issues with the frequency, as some dogs don’t seem to react. This could be because of adjustments and not a whistle malfunction.

  • Attractive lanyard and retractable attachment
  • Weatherproof
  • Not all dogs seem to react

7. Ortz 45 NC Dog Whistle


The Ortz 45 NC Dog Whistle is not the best or worst on the list. It has all the needed features, like the adjustable frequencies and an included lanyard. It does have instructions so you can learn the ropes in training. They’re basic and straightforward.

One thing to note about this is that while it is supposed to be a silent whistle, it does make a noise. It’s not so pleasant, either. The adjustable frequencies don’t seem to be detectable by all dogs, and it’s not quiet, as advertised.

If you run into the issue of your dog remaining unresponsive, Ortz provides returns, refunds, and replacements. So, if you feel that the sound is a bit too loud for your liking, you can make it right.

  • Lanyard included
  • Refunds, returns, and replacements accepted
  • Screechy sound
  • All dogs may not respond

8. PAWABOO Dog Training Whistle


The PAWABOO Dog Training Whistle is a 5-pack of whistles, so you never have to worry about running short. It comes with a singular lanyard that you need to keep track of, as there isn’t one for all five. It also comes with a plastic sleeve for comfort.

While the claim is that it doesn’t easily rust, this doesn’t mean it won’t rust if left in the elements. Not that it will hurt much, as you’ll have spares.

It has a screw rod where you can adjust the frequency and a lock nut where you can keep the pitch. However, it’s rather loose on some, so it may have trouble keeping the acoustics where you want them. They also don’t feel as high quality as some others on the list.

  • 5-pack
  • Not completely weatherproof
  • Loose screw rods
  • Not as high quality

Buyer’s Guide

Hiring a dog trainer to teach your pooch the ropes isn’t an option for everyone. If you have the time and energy to reduce your dog’s barking habits, silent whistles are a wonderful and simple way to help. While barking is a natural means of communication for your pooch, learning when it is and isn’t appropriate will only benefit your relationship.

Understanding How the Silent Whistle Works

Francis Galton invented the dog whistle in 1876. He was experimenting with the sound capacities for various animals at the time. Since his discoveries on the matter, it has helped owners and dog trainers alike when teaching manners and good behavior for pets.

It is a false misconception that just blowing the whistle quiets the dog immediately. This isn’t true. While they can hear it, responding to it in a manner that prevents barking is a learned technique. Animals of various species can hear higher frequencies than humans. That is how it’s so useful to grab their attention while sparing your own ears.


There are quite a few benefits to training with a silent whistle. Some include:

  • No annoyingly loud sounds for humans
  • No harm to your dog’s ears
  • Consistent reinforcement
  • Encourages positive correction of behavior


You will want the acoustics of the whistle to work for your dog. Some dogs won’t be able to hear specific frequencies. This is why whistles come with adjustment features so you can appropriately tune the instrument for optimal responsiveness.


You will want a whistle that will go the distance. If your dog is going to be a ways away from you, you’ll want them to respond to commands. Check how many feet the whistle reaches before purchase. It may not be a crucial feature, as you may be training for one purpose where they will be in proximity. However, it is still a good idea—just in case.


You are going to be blowing into this whistle regularly. You will want a model that is easy to clean so you don’t have any bacterial built up inside. If your whistle is rust-proof, you can soak it in hot water, scrub it gently with dish soap, or set it in mouthwash.


You aren’t going to want a brittle whistle, especially if your dog adapts to the specific acoustics. Costs of replacements can add up or just be plain inconvenient. You will want a stronger selection that can withstand a few drops and won’t rust or break easily. 


Mastering the perfect pitch can be tricky. Some dogs respond more to louder frequencies, while others can use one that’s low tone. Typically, it is most useful to go from quiet and increase as needed until you find what works.


Some whistles are accompanied by an eBook, DVD, or detailed instructions to let you know how to use it. It is always a nice bonus for a product to come with a guide to get you started.


After all the detailed reviews, we hope we have helped you pinpoint precisely which option fits your needs. We stand by the Mumu Sugar Dog Whistle. Not only is it affordable, versatile, and effective, it comes with a satisfaction guarantee. That way, if things don’t work out, you will be no worse for the wear.

If you are looking to get the most bang for your buck, the THINKPRICE Dog Whistle is the best value on the list. It comes with two whistles for the price of one. While it may not be the most durable whistle on the market, it is a great starter with all the same perks. Plus, you have a backup in case you lose or break the other.

If money is no object, the Acme Silent Dog Whistle is a beautiful selection. It’s comprised of high-quality solid brass with nickel plating, so you know it’s made to last. If you want a professional style whistle to teach your pet, it’s the most premium selection we could find.

With any luck, you have already picked out your whistle, and you’re ready to order. Let the silence of the whistle provide you with many, many silent nights.

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