Preppy Dog Names: 50 Classic & Refined Ideas for Your Pup

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When it comes to pets, animals that you adore and love ever so much, you’d want to give it the highest quality title, which is exactly what preppy dog names serve to do.

So why should you explore preppy dog names?

The first reason to go for a name that has a touch of regality and a bourgeois essence to it is to portray your dog as a sophisticated and strong character.

Additionally, the category of preppy dog names gives us some of the most classic, unique and evergreen titles for our beloved pets.

The options for preppy dog names are limitless, which is why the following ones have been cherry-picked and compiled to produce one concise source of the best preppy dog names most relevant to our favorite furry friends.

A light brown dog with a foam whale on its head
Blade is always fooling around…

Male Preppy Dog Names

  • Alfred

From the word “elf”, Alfred has a literal meaning of “counsel of elves”, and is ideal for a small-sized dog with a large personality.

  • Everett

A name of German origin which means “strong as a boar” – to depict the strength and power of a formidable pet.

  • Finley

This refers to a fair warrior, ideal for a pet that is big on principles and has a lot of fight in him.

  • Franklin

“Free man” is the meaning of this popular English name.

  • Eugene

Of Greek origin, Eugene means “well-born”, which makes it a sensible preppy dog name for a high born pet.

  • Blade

The meaning of this preppy dog name is “wealthy glory”, which makes it perfect for a pet with an aristocratic aura.

  • Benedict

A name of Latin origin which means “blessed”, ideal for your noble pet.

  • Alvin

Another preppy dog name for a small-sized dog, Alvin means “friend of elves”.

  • Anthony

The meaning of this Latin-origin name is “priceless”.

No matter how expensive a preppy school is, you can’t put a price on the intelligence of your pet dog.

  • Abelard

The meaning of this preppy dog name is “resolute”, which describes the determination of your pet.

  • Albert

A French name that describes someone that is famous and noble.

  • August

Of Latin origin, the meaning of August is venerated, describing someone that garners a lot of respect of its peers – ideal for a pet that is revered by its loved ones.

  • Bryan

A common name of Gaelic roots with a meaning that is synonymous with adjectives like strong, noble, and virtuous.

  • Caspar

A Persian origin name that means “treasurer”, for a pet that understands the value of things and treasures them.

  • Chevalier

A French name that means “knight”, perfect for a pet that protects and cares for its owners with all its might, quite literally like a knight in shining armor.

Three small puppies wearing bow ties
Meet Alvin, Caspar, and Richelle.

Female Preppy Dog Names

  • Aldercy

The meaning of this female preppy dog name is “chief”; ideal for a pet that likes to take charge and lead its pack.

  • Alexandra

She who defends – perfect for a guardian dog that serves as the most vigilant watchdog for you and your family.

  • Amory

This preppy dog name depicts bravery, strength, and power, ideal for a strong-willed and fearless pet dog.

  • Audrey

“Noble strength” is the meaning of this preppy dog name, which serves as a good way to describe your high-born pet.

  • Wilona

Just how everyone longs to get into an expensive prep school, you will also long for the love and acceptance of your precious pet.

The meaning of Wilona is “longed for”.

  • Veronica

The name depicts someone that brings victory and is ideal for the perfectionist in your competitive pet.

  • Valerie

To be strong and healthy is the meaning of this Latin female name.

  • Nicole

Nicole is a Greek name that means “victory of the people”.

  • Richelle

A French name that means “strong power”.

  • Roberta

“Bright fame” is the meaning of this preppy dog name – bound to bring your pet a lot of fame and fortune.

  • Sarah

A simple Hebrew name that means “princess”, giving your pet a touch of regality.

  • Queena

A play on the word “queen” – a royal, aristocratic name for your female pooch.

  • Radella

A reference to an elfin counselor, this name is best suited for a toy dog or any small-sized canine.

  • Mabel

A French name that means “lovable”, which your pet undoubtedly is.

  • Margaux

A unique Greek name that symbolizes eliteness. The meaning of this name is “pearl”, which is a precious and valuable gem.

A small pup in a green polo shirt and scarf
His name is Bennet.

Cute Preppy Dog Names

  • Fitz

The literal meaning of this sweet preppy dog name is “son”.

  • Caviar

An exotic kind of food, comprised of fish eggs, that is often associated with wealthy people that can afford to pay for such an expensive delicacy.

  • Bennet

The meaning of this unisex Latin name is “blessed”.

  • Binky

This cute preppy dog name is a reference to a toy that a baby gets too attached to.

It is also what one would call the high jump or hop of a rabbit, especially when it is happy.

  • Alexis

Of Greek origin, the meaning of this name is “defending men”. It can be used for either a male or a female pup.

  • Andrea

A Greek unisex name that means “warrior”. The name is suitable for a strong and powerful pet dog.

  • Tilly

This is a Germanic unisex name that stands for a powerful battler, which makes it suitable for a strong, protective pet.

  • Ulrika

Another German preppy dog name that depicts good fortune, prosperity, and immense power.

  • Tate

This preppy dog name means “bright” and “pleasant”.

  • Trudy

A popular preppy dog name of German origin which means “strength of the spear”.

  • Winifred

A unisex name of Welsh origin, Winifred means “blessed peace”.

  • Garfield

The literal meaning of Garfield is “field of spears”, which relates to a battlefield.

The name is also a reference to a spoilt and snobby, but kind-hearted, cat character in the comics of the same name.

  • Sloane

This preppy dog name means “fighter” and is good for a pet with a powerful personality.

  • Tory

One who conquers, depicting the power of the elite bourgeois class on the common man.

  • Bourgi

A play on the word “bourgeois”, which is synonymous with the quality of being preppy.

Royal Preppy Dog Names

When choosing the best preppy dog names for especially elegant dogs, you might do well to go all out on the regal side of things and handpick a name that once belonged to a king, a queen, a scholar or a noble from history.

Here are a few ideas to get you started!

  • Victoria

One of the most famous queens of England, Victoria ruled over a highly distinctive, industrial and expansionistic era in that country’s growth.

A dog who seems to suggest that she is not amused might well suit being named after this no-nonsense monarch!

  • Catherine

Catherine of Russia was a ruler famous for using her wiles and charms to win over the world during the height of her reign.

A pooch who’s likewise content to let her charisma open doors for her might well suit such a name too.

  • Henry

There have been a fair few King Henry monarchs over the years, although Henry VIII of England and his endless supply of wives often draws the most attention!

  • Bismarck

A remarkable and determined ruler of Germany, Bismarck’s name speaks of strength and conviction – perfect for a strong-willed dog who’s the protector of your home.

  • Boudica

In ancient times, this Celtic warrior woman led a daring revolt against the occupying Roman Empire of her age.

A dog who seems to enjoy her freedom a touch too much sometimes might suit this name.

  • Caesar

The famous Roman Emperor Julius Caesar presided over one of the ancient world’s most expansive, inventive and overwhelming empires. If your dog seems to be master of all he surveys, he can pick this preppy name for sure.

The Most Popular Preppy Dog Name of All Time

  • Princeton

The literal meaning of this popular pick amongst preppy dog names is “prince’s town”.

Princeton is the name of a highly prestigious and respectable educational institute, the admission to which is highly sought after.

The image of the institution as well as the regal meaning of this title gives it an aura of eliteness, which makes it one of the most sensible and popular preppy dog names.

My Final Thoughts

One would think that preppy dog names should ideally be focussed on highlighting the aristocratic qualities in a pet dog, but that is not always the case.

Preppy dog names can be inspired by the high-born origins of the breed of dog that you own, as well as from its noble and powerful personality.

Having gone through the list of some of the most meaningful preppy dog names, you should now be able to select your favorite picks of the lot.

Test them on your pet dog to see which one it most takes a liking to because that is the one that will click with both you and your pet.

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