Best Leather Dog Leashes 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks 

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A dog leash out of leather

Not only are leather dog leashes classy looking, but they are also more durable than nylon ones. A leather leash won’t start looking dingy or slip easily out of your hand. Leather is made to last, though it can be an investment.

Once you begin your search for leather dog leashes, you’ll quickly find that there are countless options.

To make your search easier, we’ve compiled a list of reviews of the 10 best leather dog leashes, as well as a buyer’s guide so you know exactly what features to look for.

A Quick Look at the Winners of 2020:

ModelPriceHardware MaterialEditor Rating
Soft Touch Collars Braided
Soft Touch Collars(Best Overall)

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Solid Brass 4.8/5
Fairwin PET Braided
Fairwin(Best Value)

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Pure Copper Alloy4.6/5
Timber + Tide Outdoor Co Heavy Duty
Timber and Tide Outdoor Co(Premium Choice)

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Antiqued Clasp4.5/5
Logical Leather Full Grain
Logical Leather

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Nickel Plated Solid Brass4.2/5

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The 10 Best Leather Dog Leashes — Reviews 2020

1. Soft Touch Collars Leather Dog Leash – Best Overall

Soft Touch Collars

Our best overall choice is the Soft Touch Collars Leather Braided Dog Leash because it not only looks elegant, but it also comes with a lifetime guarantee. The leashes are handmade and naturally tanned with no harsh dyes, stains, or chemicals, so you don’t have to worry about your dog being exposed to anything harmful. The leashes are full-grain, genuine leather, which is a quality material made to last. The padded handle helps protect your hands from chafing and is comfortable to hold. It’s available in various lengths, from 4 feet to 6½ feet. It also comes in different natural leather colors. Lastly, the solid brass hardware has a lacquered finish to protect it from the elements.

The leather feels stiff at first, which is to be expected from full-grain leather — they aren’t treated with oils to soften them, so you’ll have to do that yourself. Simply using the leash will also break it in.

  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Leashes are handmade and naturally tanned
  • Full-grain, genuine leather
  • Padded handle helps protect hands
  • Solid brass hardware with a lacquered finish
  • Available in various lengths
  • Available in various natural leather colors
  • Leather feels stiff

2. Fairwin Braided Leather Dog Leash — Best Value


The Fairwin Braided Leather Dog Leash is the best leather dog leash for the money because it’s available in four different widths and lengths so you can find the best one for your breed of dog. The hardware is made of pure copper alloy with plating, and it has 500-lb. pull force, so you don’t have to worry about your dog breaking it. It has an elegant braiding pattern, which also lends extra strength to the leash. A two-year warranty is offered in case the stitches come free or the leash breaks in some way, but that doesn’t cover a dog chewing through it.

Although the hardware is strong, the thin leather on this leash is at risk for tearing.

  • S. genuine leather
  • Available in four width sizes
  • Metal is pure copper alloy with plating
  • Available in numerous lengths
  • Elegant braiding
  • Two-year warranty
  • Leather is thin

3. Timber and Tide Leather Dog Leash — Premium Choice

Timber and Tide Outdoor Co

Our premium choice is the Timber and Tide Outdoor Co Leather Dog Leash because it’s made of latigo leather, which is the most expensive type. It’s made supple through the use of many oils and waxes that also keep it weather-proof and soft. It’s a wide and thick leash compared to others on the market, at ⅞ of an inch wide and 4mm thick, which helps prevent the leather from tearing under stress. It has heavy-duty hardware, with an antiqued clasp designed to be elegant and prevent dogs from being able to tear it free from the leash. It has a water-resistant finish, so you don’t have to worry about walking your dog in the rain or by the shore. It also comes with a one-year warranty.

This leash comes in only one length, so it might be too long for your breed of dog. Although latigo leather is a premium choice, it also involves more chemical treatment than the others. You should make sure your dog doesn’t chew it or hold it in their mouth.

  • Latigo leather
  • ⅞ of an inch wide and 4mm thick
  • Heavy-duty hardware
  • Water-resistant finish
  • One-year warranty
  • Only one size available
  • Tanning requires chemical treatment

4. Logical Leather Dog Leash

Logical Leather

The Logical Leather Dog Leash is made of genuine full-grain leather and comes in a rainbow of colors, so you aren’t limited to just typical brown leather. It also comes in three different lengths. It’s strong and thick and independently tested to endure over 245 lbs. of pulling force. Even if you have a large, strong dog, the leash is made to last. The clasp is nickel-plated and made of solid brass, which is both attractive and long-lasting. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee that allows you to return it for any reason.

Though the leather of this leash is of good quality, the clasp is weak. Over time, it stops shutting properly. The leather is also stiff and lacks flexibility.

  • Genuine full-grain leather leash
  • Independently tested to over 245 lbs. of pulling force
  • Available in three sizes and 11 colors
  • Nickel-plated, solid-brass clasp
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Clasp is weak
  • Stiff leather

5. LEATHERBERG Leather Dog Training Leash


The LEATHERBERG Leather Dog Training Leash is made of latigo leather with double-stitching, which makes it both supple and durable. It comes in a 6-ft. length, which is ideal for training. There is reinforced stitching around the rivets and a snap clasp to make it stronger. It also comes with a one-year, money-back guarantee if you don’t like it for whatever reason.

The leather of this leash isn’t that thick, which leads us to believe it’s of poorer quality, even though it’s latigo leather. It also stretches easily because it’s thinner and supple. Lastly, there’s only one length choice, so if you want a shorter leash, this might not be the best choice.

  • Made of latigo leather with double stitching
  • 6 feet long and ¾ of an inch wide
  • One-year, no-risk, money-back guarantee
  • Rivet and stitching around the snap clasp
  • Poor quality
  • Leather stretches, as it’s too thin
  • Only one length option

6. ADITYNA Heavy Duty Leather Dog Leash


The ADITYNA Heavy Duty Leather Dog Leash is made from a single piece of premium-grade genuine leather, which makes it more durable and resistant to pulling. The leash is 6 feet long and ¾ of an inch wide, so it can be used comfortably for training and walks. It has a strong clasp with a durable stitch that’s reinforced with two rivets to add strength. The leash is also available in a 1-inch width for larger dogs.

The stitching on the leash seems to be of poor quality since it unravels easily. The leather is on the thin size and stretches. It also has a chemical smell from the tanning process, which might be a concern to certain dog owners.

  • Premium-grade genuine leather
  • Leash is 6 feet long and ¾ of an inch wide
  • Strong clasp with durable stitch reinforced with two rivets
  • Available in a 1-inch width as well
  • Poor quality stitching
  • Leather stretches
  • Chemical smell

7. Berry Pet Beirui Leather Dog Leash


The Berry Pet Beirui Leather Dog Leash is another braided dog leash option. It’s made of full-grain, genuine leather, and the braiding is handmade, adding elegance and quality to the leash. The clip is heavy duty and made of copper, which provides strength and durability. It also has a 360-degree rolling connector, so it’s easier to walk your dog without having to constantly adjust your grip. The leash comes in nine different sizes, so you can choose the best length and width for your dog.

The leather on this thin leash stretches easily, so over time, it can easily break or snap. If you have a larger, stronger dog, it’s best to look for a more durable leash.

  • Full-grain, genuine leather
  • Heavy-duty clip made of copper
  • 360-degree rolling connector
  • Available in many different sizes
  • Leather stretches
  • Thin leather
  • Snaps easily

8. YOGADOG Leather Dog Training Leash


This genuine leather dog training leash has pure copper hardware for strength and durability. It’s available in two lengths: 4 feet and 6 feet. This allows you to choose the best length for your dog and training needs. The leashes are ¾ of an inch wide, which seems to be the standard width.

The clasp on this leash is unreliable, though. It opens easily, which is dangerous because your dog can escape, and the stitching can come apart, so the durability of the leash is questionable. The leather also stretches, which might make you feel like you don’t have control of your dog while walking.

  • 100% genuine leather
  • Pure copper hardware
  • Available in 4-ft. and 6-ft. lengths
  • ¾ of an inch wide
  • Clasp is unreliable
  • Stitching comes apart
  • Leather stretches

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9. Highland Farms Leather Dog Training Leash

Highland Farms Select

The Highland Farms Select Leather Dog Training Leash is made of full-grain genuine leather, which is supple and durable. The snap clip is rust-resistant with a copper-alloy casting. It has handmade braiding for added strength and beauty.

The leash is only ½ of an inch wide, which is slimmer than most of the other leashes on our list. The leather also tends to be so soft that it stretches, which can make you feel like your dog will break the leash. With too much pulling, the leather can indeed snap, especially by large, powerful dogs.

  • 100% genuine leather
  • Rust-resistant snap clip
  • Handmade braiding
  • Not very wide
  • Leather stretches
  • Leash can snap apart
  • Not for large dogs

10. Mighty Paw Leather Dog Leash

Mighty Paw

The Mighty Paw Leather Dog Leash is made from premium, genuine leather. It has a padded handle for comfort and to reduce the risk of chafing. It features a carabiner clip, which is strong and durable.

The tanning process produces a strong, chemical odor that takes a while to go away. The carabiner clip, although strong, is difficult to clip onto small collars. The leather scratches easily and is stiff at first, so it requires a great deal of conditioning and upkeep. Lastly, the leather stretches on this leash, which can make you feel like you don’t have control of your dog.

  • 100% premium leather
  • Padded handle
  • Carabiner clip
  • Strong, chemical odor
  • Carabiner clip too large for small dogs
  • Leather scratches easily
  • Leather is stiff at first
  • Leather stretches

Buyer’s Guide

When shopping for the best leather dog leash for your needs, there are many things to consider. We’ve included them in this handy buyer’s guide to help you in your search.


Leather dog leashes are more durable than nylon because they don’t fray or get holes. If you keep them cleaned and oiled, they can last a lifetime. But this also depends on how each leather leash is made. You want thick, high-quality leather that’s water-resistant.


For most dogs, five to six feet is a comfortable length for walks. For smaller dogs, you can do with four or five feet. There are also short leashes that are only around 18” long. These are for keeping your dog close to heel, especially in dangerous situations like walking in traffic.

Comfort Design Features

Many leashes offer supple leather, which is more comfortable to hold. There are also leashes with padded handles.

Materials Used

There are different types of leather used in dog leashes:

  1. Genuine leather is the most common. It’s strong but won’t have the shine of other heavily treated leathers. It’s prone to cracking, so be sure to keep it oiled.
  2. Cowhide leather is completely natural and untreated. It’s unbleached, with the skin and hair of the cow. This is a less common leather leash option.
  3. Premium leather has been treated with oils to make it shine. It’s also had the top layer of skin removed to prevent imperfections and make it more durable.
  4. Latigo leather is the most expensive option because it’s double-tanned and has been infused with oils and waxes. The leather is typically shinier and lasts longer, but it might have more chemical treatment than the other options.

Aside from the leather, it’s also important to consider the hardware used. Heavy-duty brass hardware will be longer lasting. Treating the hardware in some way, whether antiquing or lacquering, will allow it to resist weathering.

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Our best overall choice is the Soft Touch Collars Leather Braided Dog Leash because looks elegant and isn’t treated with any harsh chemicals, so you can be sure it’s safe to use with your dog. It’s naturally tanned and has lacquered solid brass hardware, which helps it stand up to the elements.

Our best value choice is the Fairwin PET-SJA004 Braided Leather Dog Leash because it’s available in four different widths and lengths, so you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your dog. The hardware is made to be strong, with a 500-lb. pull force.

We hope our reviews and buyer’s guide of the best leather dog leashes have helped you narrow down your own list to find the best leash for your dog.

Featured image credit: Timber and Tide Outdoor Co -Premium Heavy Duty Leather Dog Leash, Amazon