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If you are the lucky owner of a poodle, you know how much fun they can be. These cute pups with diverse personalities are great pets to have with families or just a single dog lover. And you should know, an important aspect of owning a poodle is grooming.

If you do not keep up with your pooches’ grooming, they can go from looking like a poodle to a sheepdog in no time at all. Staying on top of expensive grooming bills can be difficult. Unfortunately, it is not only your pup’s appearance that suffers when the hair cuts are lacking. Matted fur can be uncomfortable, and the extra shaggy-ness can make normal doggy functions difficult.

Investing in a good pair of poodle clippers is a good way to eliminate those problems. To help you choose the best model available, we have reviewed the top nine options on the market. We will show you which have the best cutting power, which ones are the quietest, and other features such as attachments and charge time. Below, we will also give you some tips on how to groom your poodle quickly and efficiently, plus a quick shopping guide.

A Glance at Our Favorite Choices of 2020:

ModelPriceWarrantyEditor Rating
Andis ProClip 2-Speed
Andis ProClip(Best Overall)

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1 Year4.85/5
Oneisall 2-Speed Quiet
oneisall(Best Value)

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Wahl Thick Coat
Wahl Professional(Premium Choice)

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2 Years4.60/5
Ceenwes Low Noise

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Bousnic 2-Speed Cordless

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The 9 Best Dog Clippers For Poodles:

1. Andis 22340 Detachable Blade Clipper – Best Overall

Andis ProClip

Our first runner-up is the cool and quiet-running 120-volt corded clipper set that is good for all breeds and fur types. This quiet model rates as low as 45dB to keep your pup calm. Plus, it has a chrome finish detachable multi-blade system good for all fur types and breeds.

This two-speed option features a brushless rotary motor, so you will not have to worry about clogs. The 14-foot heavy-duty cord allows you to move about your pet easily while grooming. You will also have the advantages of a shatterproof housing and professional-grade cutting ability. Your pup will enjoy a smooth cut minus the nicks or pulling on the fur. Weighing less than 1 pound, this is the best poodle clipper set available.

  • Quiet operation
  • Multi-breed/fur type
  • Chrome finish blades
  • Two speeds
  • Long cord
  • Professional-grade
  • None we can think of

2. Oneisall Dog Professional Clippers – Best Value


This next option is the best dog clipper for poodles for the money. This two-speed option is very quiet at 50db and weighs under a pound, making it easy to use. You can recharge this cordless model in three hours, and it will give you five hours of work time. The 200mA LI-ion battery has a long lifespan. You can conveniently charge via USB from your computer or any other available source.

You can also take advantage of the LCD display that will alert you when the clippers are ready to use. This model has a durable motor that will not clog or break. The model itself will also not tug your pup’s fur or snag the skin. Depending on the breed and fur type, you have six guides to choose from ranging from 3 mm to 18 mm, and it features a stainless steel blade for precise smooth cuts.

This is a great option for trimming and grooming thicker poodle fur. The only drawback that keeps this option out of the number one spot is the motor is not quite as strong as our top pick.

  • Long run time
  • Does not clog
  • LCD display
  • Multi-breed/fur types
  • Six guides
  • Stainless steel blade
  • The motor is not as strong

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3. Wahl Thick Coat Pet Clipper – Premium Choice

Wahl Professional

Up next, our premium choice from Wahl, one of the most recognizable and trusted names in clippers for home and professional use. With a strong two-speed motor that runs on 3,000 or 3,500 rpm, you’ll get your money’s worth. The durable blades are interchangeable and will cut through thick fur and mats. Designed for all breeds and fur types, this model is a great option for trimming and grooming your pet poodle.

This option also has a quiet operation and low vibration level to keep your puppy calm. You will also not have to worry about nicked skin or tugs on the fur, as the sharp blades cut through even the thickest fur. Weighing a little over 2 pounds, the pink housing is ergonomic and easy to handle. One drawback to this option, however, is the lack of guides. What’s more, there is only one blade included with the set.

  • Two speeds
  • Multi-breed/fur types
  • Strong blades
  • Can be used on mats
  • Quiet operation
  • No guides available
  • Only one blade included

4. Ceenwes Poodle Dog Clippers


In the number four spot is another two-speed option that features four comb attachments ranging from 3 to 12 mm. This powerful and safe model is good for all breeds and fur types including curly, thick-furred poodles. You will also not have to worry about your pup’s skin being cut as the blades are sharp and safe, plus they will not clog.

This model is also rechargeable. You will have a full charge it approximately five hours, and it gives you a 70-minute work time which unfortunately is less than other options. On the other hand, the titanium acute stationary blade and the ceramic movable blade provide a precise and neat cut. Not to mention, they are very durable.

One drawback to consider is the noise level of this unit. At 60dB, the noise can make your pup a bit more skittish than normal, and the vibration is also loud. On the bright side, the 1.5-pound unit is easy to use, although it is not as durable as our premium choice.

  • Two speeds
  • Muti-breed/fur types
  • Titanium acute blade
  • Four attachments
  • Louder
  • Shorter work time
  • Higher vibration

5. Bousnic Dog Grooming Clippers


Moving right along, we come to an option that features four blades and four guides. Although the blades are smaller, you will still be able to use this on all different breeds including your poodle. The rechargeable battery gets to full power in about three hours but only gives you under an hour of work time.

The 2200MAh battery is durable and powers the motor for 6,000 and 7,000 rpm. Unfortunately, the noise level on this model is on the higher side and ranges in the 65dB area. On the other hand, you can charge this clipper via USB, and it weighs under a pound, making it easy to handle.

Beyond that, this option is suitable for all breeds; however, any thick, curly, or matted hair will clog the mechanism and is not recommended. Also, keep in mind, the power will start to decline about three-quarters through the lifespan of the battery.

  • Four blade options
  • Muti-breeds
  • Short charge time
  • Durable motor
  • Louder
  • Not for thick or matted fur
  • Shorter work time
  • Power decreases before the battery

Other great grooming products:

6. Oster A5 Animal Grooming Clippers


Unlike our last option, this is a corded unit. Unfortunately, the cord on this model is shorter than other options, which makes it more difficult to work on your pup. That being said, the all-purpose trimmers have a durable motor that runs on two speeds from 2,100 to 2,700 rpm.

This model comes with a detachable size 10 Cryogen X blade. It has a chew-proof durable housing that can be slightly difficult to use as it is heavier than some of the other options. Another thing to consider with this model is that the comb guides are sold separately.

Also, the noise level is loud compared to other units. Finally, although you can use this clipper on different breeds, poodle fur may be too thick and curly for this particular unit to handle. Unfortunately, it will clog and pull fur, causing an uncomfortable experience for your pooch.

  • Two speed
  • Cryogen X blade
  • Chew proof housing
  • Guides sold separately
  • Louder operation
  • Heavier
  • Not for thick fur

7. Ruri’s Cordless Dog Clipper for Poodles


Here, we have an option for trimming small areas on your pooch. This model is meant for trimming around the ears, eyes, and other small areas. It is not meant for thick curly or matted hair, however. Although advertised as low noise, for such a small model it packs a punch with a 70dB rating.

On the other hand, this clipper features a durable stainless steel blade. It also has an acute angle blade to get precise cuts with a high-speed motor. On a down note, the less than four-ounce model is not durable, only provides one guide, and runs off of two AA batteries that last less than a half an hour.

Although this may be good for trimming small areas, this is not going to be the option if you are planning on grooming your poodle. Any curly fur is only going to clog, mat, and potentially break this model.

  • Stainless steel blade
  • Durable motor
  • Good for small areas
  • Not meant for thick or curly fur
  • The body is not durable
  • Loud
  • Will pull or pinch
  • Clogs

8. CLEEBOURG Dog Clippers Grooming Kit


In the second to last spot, we have another cordless option that has a five-hour charge time with only about an hour of run time. The high vibration, but low noise model comes with six attachments ranging from 3, 6, 9, and 12 mm and a left and right guide. Although it is meant for all fur types and breeds, this option consistently gets clogged and won’t cut through matted or medium fur thickness.

Also, this model only runs on one speed at 5,800 rpm. The stainless steel blades tend to nick and cut your pup, and they are not as durable as they should be. Also, keep in mind the one-pound weight is hard to use based on the design of the handle.

  • Low noise
  • Six attachments
  • Clogs easily
  • Blades are not durable
  • Difficult to handle
  • Only medium fur thickness
  • High vibration

9. Mifine Professional Dog Clippers Kit


Our final option is another rechargeable cordless clipper set that is meant for trimming small areas only. This option comes with two small heads and two guard combs. Unfortunately, this model does not work well even for trimming thinly furred areas. The three to five-hour charge time is long considering you only get 30 minutes of use.

This option has a grating sound and a high vibration that will make your pup nervous. The microblade also needs to be changed often, as it dulls quickly and tends to pull and nick if it touches the skin. This option is not meant for any mated, thick, or curly fur and is only meant for small breed dogs. You also only have one speed to choose from, as well as having a breakable body.

  • Two small heads
  • Knicks and pulls fur
  • Does not perform well
  • The body is not durable
  • Blades need to be changed often
  • Meant for only small breeds
  • Short work time

Buyer’s Guide

Tips For Grooming Your Poodle

When it comes to grooming your poodle, or any dog for that matter, there are a few steps you can take to make the experience as stress-free for them and as frustration-free for you as possible. First, if you have a new puppy or a poodle that is not used to being groomed, you want to start by introducing them to the clippers.

Start by letting them sniff the model. followed by turning it on when in the same room. Use positive reinforcement to let them know that this is not a punishment, and it is not a scary situation. Once your dog is familiar with the clippers, you can start to groom.

Before you start, you want to wash your dog to get rid of any dirt and grime that may be in the fur. Next, you want to use a comb or brush to get out any tangles or mats. You also want to make sure the fur is as dry as possible.

If there are any mats on your pup, you want to cut them out with scissors before trying to remove them with the clippers. Remember, fur mats can be painful for your pooch, so you do not want to make the situation more uncomfortable for them than necessary.

Once the fur is clean and brushed, and all the mats are removed, you can start to trim the fur. You want to choose the correct comb guide if you are using one, and start from the front to the back. Another good tip is to give your dog and yourself a break if they are feeling anxious. Toss over a treat too and let your pooch know they are a good boy or girl.

Tips When Buying

Now that we have grooming tips out of the way, we can move on to some shopping tips. As you have seen above, there are many options and features available. Depending on your poodle, you may need to choose different options.

If your poodle has particularly thick and curly fur that tends to mat, you want to find a clipper that is going to have a durable steel blade that will be sharp enough to cut through their fur. Also, as it is recommended to trim your dog’s fur regularly, you want to find a model that is durable and has the right power source for you. Typically, there are two types of power sources. You can either have a plug-in option or a rechargeable model. Whichever one is right for you will work fine.

Besides that, you also want to look for features that will put your dog at ease. Options like low noise, low vibration, and models that are not going to pull the fur or nip the skin are preferable. On the other hand, you also want to make sure that you are getting a unit that is going to be easy for you to use, as well.

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We hope you have enjoyed the above reviews, and it has taken some of the stress out of finding the right clipper set for your poodle. Understandably, this can be a difficult choice especially when you are faced with a fuzzy friend that needs a haircut.

If you prefer to go with our opinion, our first choice is the Andis 22340 ProClip 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper which is the best available option. On the other hand, if you are on a budget the Oneisall 190215501FBA  Dog Professional Clippers is a great affordable option that will work wonders for your poodle, as well.

Written By Shannon MacDevine

Featured image credit: Wahl Professional Animal Thick Coat Pet Clipper & Dog Clipper, Amazon