Doberman Names: 50 Awesome, Cute & Tough Ideas

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Considering the German origin of this breed, the options that are available for Doberman names will undoubtedly include monikers that pay tribute to its roots.

That being said, Doberman’s names are not necessarily restricted to strictly German names.

In fact, there are several facets of the Doberman, like its feisty temperament or its rugged looks, that can serve as sources of inspiration for innovative Doberman names.

The enlisted Doberman names have been shortlisted on the basis of being associable to the Doberman breed in one way or another.

This is mainly to ensure that whichever Doberman name you decide to go with is meaningful and descriptive of your precious pet.

So delve into the list and see which title is the best one for your pet to carry for the rest of its life!

A Doberman looking to the side
His name is Gonzo and he will always stand out from the crowd.

Male Doberman Names

  • Capo

Capo is a name of Italian origin which means “boss”, making it an ideal moniker for a pet that believes itself to be the alpha of the house.

For a dog that is known for its tendency to take charge, Capo is an apt Doberman name.

  • Kaiser

In German, the name Kaiser means king.

The Doberman breed is known for its aristocratic, kingly character, thus making Kaiser an ideal Doberman name for your royal pet.

  • Saber

A reference to the famous lightsaber from the Star Wars movie franchise, Saber is a Doberman name that calls to the protective and guarding nature of this dog.

The name is a reference to a dangerous sword used to fight an opponent or enemy, which precisely describes the kind of way your dog would react if it means ensuring your safety and keeping you out of danger.

  • Armond

A unique Doberman name which also captures the protectiveness of your pet. Armond is a German name that means “guardian”.

It also refers to an “army man” or a “soldier”, hence highlighting the boldness and courageousness of your faithful guard dog.

  • Dodger

This is a popular Doberman name that is especially suitable for dogs that are relatively larger in size.

The huge and speedy Doberman is known for its quick movements and innately sharp reflexes, which makes this dog quite good at dodging whatever comes its way.

  • Berthold

A name that has German as well as Scandinavian roots and comes from the name “Bertwald”, which suggests descriptions like “bright” or “famous” (berht) and “rule (wald).

The meaning of this Doberman name hence comes down to “bright ruler”, which correctly encapsulates the fondness of your pet to rule over its home and take it upon itself to guard its territory.

  • Ninja

A fun moniker for a pet that has warrior-like tendencies, Ninja is a suitable Doberman name for a dog that has quick reflex actions and sharp senses.

Additionally, if your pet can sneak around without making the slightest noise, the name Ninja will be the best way to describe it.

  • Terrel

Terrell is a different name for a dog.

It is an English name which means “ruler of thunder”.

This Doberman name essentially depicts power, making it an ideal title for your formidable dog.

  • Wagner

This Doberman name has German as well as Jewish roots and is basically an occupational name.

Wagner was also a renowned music composer of German origin.

Another reason we found this Doberman name to be suitable for a dog was that it includes the word “wag” in it, which goes well with the tendency of nearly all canines to wag their tails as an expression of joy.

  • Onyx

For dog owners who want to name their Doberman based on the color of its coat, Onyx is a moniker which means deep black.

So if you want to name a black Doberman, which is a very common color amongst this breed, you can opt for this Doberman name.

  • Bandito

A play around the word “bandit”, which describes an outlaw or a rebel who does not live life in accordance with any rules or restrictions, Bandito can be a suitable Doberman name to describe the single-mindedness of your pet.

  • Achilles

From the iconic Greek epic poem, in which Achilles kills Hector in the Trojan War.

The name is ideal for a fighter dog like the Doberman, who will attack any threatening people or things that pose danger to you or your family.

  • Primo

A Spanish name that refers to the quality of being “number one”.

The Doberman is undoubtedly a dog that likes to be in the front rows and at the top of everything.

  • Archer

A Doberman name related to the sport of archery, this title suits a dog that loves to go on a hunt with its owner and will launch itself at prey in an arrow-like motion.

  • Ulrich

This German origin name means “powerful by inheritance”, and if you go to see the strong genes that a Doberman inherits, you’ll see that this makes for a very fitting Doberman name to describe the powerful qualities of your pet.

A smaller Doberman looking at you
Her name is Mina and she is proud of it.

Female Doberman Names

  • Valda

A German name that means “power” or “rule”, Valda is an ideal name to give to your powerful female Doberman who will take a liking to rule on your household with her caring and affection.

  • Seraphina

For a feisty and tenacious Doberman, Seraphina is a name that comes from the concept of ‘seraphim’, known as the most “fiery-winged” and powerful angels of all time.

  • Trinity

Inspired by the epitome of Christianity, the Holy Trinity, which encompasses three aspects in one.

This Doberman name is ideal for your multifaceted pet that combines a lot many impressive qualities of strength, brilliance, and resilience in a single package.

  • Sparrow

For a free-spirited and freedom-loving Doberman, Sparrow is a name that encapsulates these qualities of your pet, which are akin to that of a bird.

  • Amethyst

A precious gemstone which is believed to protect its wearer from the harmful effects of intoxication.

In addition to describing the immense value of your pet in your eyes, this Doberman name also aptly describes one of the main traits of this breed, which is that of protecting its owners against all threats and dangers.

  • Aria

A Hebrew name which means “lion”, ideal to refer to your pet’s ferociousness.

  • Wanda

From the word “wanderer”, Wanda is a Slavonic name that will highlight your Doberman’s habit of wandering off for purposes of exploration.

  • Shasta

If you want to go with a more tribal-sounding, Native American name, Shasta is the name of a Native American tribe that hails from Northern California.

This Doberman name means “a teacher”, and your pet will definitely give you some important and handy life lessons about protecting your loved ones.

  • Mina

This German Doberman name means “protection” or “will”.

Therefore, your strong-willed and protective pet will proudly carry this name around.

  • Kiran

A name of Sanskrit origin which means “ray of light” or “sunrays”, ideally describing how your Doberman brightens up your day with its mere presence.

  • Britta

A popular name in Germany and Scandinavia.

In literal terms, the meaning of this name is “strength”, hence making it one of those Doberman names which relate to the immense power and strong persona of this breed.

  • Griselda

This Doberman name has roots in Old German and is a variant of “gris hild”, which means “dark battle”.

The name refers to a maiden of iron, and thus perfectly describes a Doberman’s hardy and robust build and her adept ability to fight.

  • Babushka

Babushka is an interesting Russian Doberman name to refer to a pet that has strong motherly instincts deeply engraved in her personality.

Babushka is Russian for “grandmother”.

  • Helga

A typical German name which means “holy”, ideal to describe your divine pet.

  • Jamari

A French name which means “warrior”, ideal for your feisty Doberman.

A Doberman sitting on the grass
This dog is very brave and his name is Apollo.

Cute Doberman Names

  • Uzi

A sweet Doberman name which has a very inspirational meaning.

Uzi means “my strength” and your female Doberman is precisely your strength for you, sticking with you through all the tough times of life.

This is a unisex name for your precious puppy.

  • Sniper

If you want to highlight your Doberman’s sharp hunting skills, Sniper is a very fitting Doberman name which will precisely give the impression that your pet possesses adept preying and hunting abilities.

This name can be used for dogs of both genders.

  • Lachlan

A Gaelic name that is amongst those Doberman names that pertain to warfare or battle.

Lachlan comes from the warrior of the Land of the Lochs.

  • Kota

A Native American Doberman name which means “allies”.

If you want to truly encapsulate your loyal best friend’s relationship with you, this name will suit a dog of either gender.

  • Hydra

A Doberman name that comes from Greek mythology, Hydra was the name of a dragon who was killed by the Greek god Hercules.

Another unisex name for your fiery pet dog.

  • Gonzo

Another unisex Doberman name which means “bizarre” or “unconventional”.

For your weird and quirky Doberman who will always stand out from the crowd as an oddball, Fonzo is a fun name for your pet.

  • Fagan

This Doberman name means “joyful” or “rustic”, both qualities that are present in your simple yet charming pet.

  • Dandy

A word that describes an elegant person, ideal for your graceful pet.

  • Helio

In Greek mythology, Helio was the sun god known for riding the sky every day in a chariot that was pulled by horses.

A regal name which means “sun”, Helio is a moniker that you can consider for a radiant and feisty pet.

  • Val

This is a name of Latin origin and describes the state of being healthy or strong.

So, if you want your pet to remain in good health for its entire life, this name will be ideal for your Doberman.

  • Styx

Another name inspired by Greek mythology, Styx is the name of the river that is believed to mark the boundary between this world and the underworld, which is an apt euphemism for the balance of joy and wariness displayed by your pet.

  • Ryder

A rugged moniker for your macho Doberman, Ryder is a name that can be given to a male pup.

In literal terms, it refers to someone who rides.

  • Trigger

For a pet that will not think twice before launching itself at potential prey or any other thing that poses a threat to its human family, Trigger is an apt name for a short-tempered pet.

  • Stormy

To draw a parallel between your pet’s wild personality and violent weather, Stormy is a fitting Doberman name to describe the tenaciousness of your dog.

  • T-Bone

For dog owners who want to name their pet after its favorite meal, this Doberman name makes for a cool and fun name for your beloved dog.

  • Axel

If your Doberman is very tough and tenacious, give thought to this name.

With Scandinavian and German roots, Axel comes from a Hebrew word which means ‘father of peace’.

A Doberman which is very fierce, loves a good challenge, and is often victorious in small tussles, deserves this name.

Also, note that this name is more suitable for a male Doberman.

  • Ember

If you are one of those who like naming a pet after its skin color, Ember is a good idea for a female Doberman who has a reddish-orange coat.

In addition to this, this name also speaks of the bold attributes that come with the color ember: fierceness, power, energy, and vivacity.

  • Rebel

A Doberman can sometimes be very rebellious and you might find it very hard to tame it.

If this sounds like your pet, call it ‘Rebel’ to cherish the fire and determination in it.

Though this name is not uncommon, it is quite bold and sounds very attractive, especially when given to a female dog.

Your hard-to-please dog deserves a name equally as powerful as it and its strong behavioral traits.

  • Bambi

This name with an Italian origin is not only cute but also ironic for this very reason.

Bambi translates to ‘little child’ or ‘bambino’ which is why giving your tough Doberman such an adorable and hilarious name is a very ironic approach.

This name is very fitting for a pet which is quite eager to please you, has a very loving personality, makes everyone laugh with silly tricks, and cannot stay away from you for very long.

  • Sebastian

Though Sebastian is a Latin name meaning ‘revered’ or ‘venerable’, it also has German roots.

Use this name for your Doberman if you want to pay tribute to its German heritage with its name.

Gentle Dobermann Names

If your Dobermann is a member of your family rather than just its protector, you might choose a name that’s a little less evocative.

This can take a little of the edge of what can sometimes be a bit of an intimidating breed!

  • Chipper

A slang term for being upbeat and cheerful, this is a good name for a Dobermann of either gender. It can help to highlight the more upbeat personality of a more happy go lucky example of this breed.

  • Matron

A title given to a female who’s caring, compassionate or in charge of a health facility team. This pays homage to your pet’s protective qualities but also encourages her more nurturing side.

  • Hooch

A nickname for a stiff alcoholic drink, and also the name of a dog – though not a Dobermann – in a classic Tom Hanks movie.

This is a cute and easily remembered name – but don’t let your dog have any hooch for real!

  • Merlin

The wise old wizard from the legend of King Arthur, as well as a name that can’t help but inspire intelligence and reverence.

If your Dobermann seems smarter even than the average of his breed, this can be a good name to sum it up.

  • Dusky

Suitable for a male or a female of this breed, this name is inspired by the dark and mysterious fur coat of the Dobermann.

The brown flecks inspire a twilit feeling, otherwise known as dusk – the precious, short-lived moment where night and day are one.

The Most Popular Doberman Name of All Time

  • Apollo

Ever since Doberman dogs made an appearance in the TV show titled Magnum PI, Apollo, the guard dog, became an inspiration for millions of viewers across the world, who found a strong and enjoyable name in this character.

In the show, the Doberman Pinscher was one of two loyal and fearless security dogs owned by a private detective.

Hence came about this Doberman name inspiration for dogs of this breed, who make the most remarkable and impressive guard dogs for their owners.

My Final Thoughts

There are several ways to take inspiration for some of the most meaningful Doberman names.

At the end of the day, you will be the best judge of which name is perfect for your faithful pooch.

So take your time shortlisting the Doberman names that you deem to be the best choices for your pet and gauge their likability by your Doberman.

Once the name clicks with your pet, you’ll know you’ve made the right decision.

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