The Beabull: A Complete Guide

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The Beabull is a breed of designer dog created by crossing an English Bulldog with a Beagle.

The result is a playful and loving dog with a strong, independent streak. The appearance of the Beabull can vary depending on the genetic contribution of both parent dogs.

However, most Beabulls inherit the Bulldog’s wrinkles, underbite, and short tail and legs. Their ears are long and droopy like the Beagle’s, and their muzzles are long.

Beabulls make for extremely loving and devoted pets and make excellent family dogs. They are also a great option for most beginner designer dog owners.

Beabulls are people dogs and love being in the company of their masters. They are also extremely devoted and loving and will happily follow their owners around all day.

They are very affectionate towards children and are patient with even the most energetic and curious ones. This is why they are excellent family dogs.

Beabulls are often very mild-mannered and enjoy lazing about like Bulldogs. However, they do sometimes have bursts of hyperactivity and love to play games of fetch.

They also tend to play-bite, and it’s important to correct this behavior early on.

Like most intelligent breeds, Beabulls are happiest when they have mentally stimulating tasks and challenges which they can apply themselves to.

While he has an independent side to him he is also very devoted but can be somewhat noisy!

Beabull Puppies – Before You Buy…

A Beabull laying down
The Beabull is a loving and devoted dog.

What Price are Beabull Puppies?

The price of Beabull puppies is anywhere between $400 to $1,200.

How to Find Reputable Beabull Breeders?

Choosing an ethical and reputable breeder is important. Your first task should be making a list of breeders who deals with your desired breed.

Do your research to find out their reputation. Dog societies, friends with dogs, and veterinarians are good sources of information as well.

If there are reviews of breeders online, look for photos and stories of the dogs as puppies and adults from the people who have purchased them.

Websites that are designed for pet owners who want information about the breed are another wealth of knowledge.

People will often post about both good and bad experiences through such sites.

When you talk to a breeder, have your questions ready. You will want to know whether they are registered and whether they offer a guarantee against genetic defects.

A visit to each breeder is highly recommended. You may also want to make sure the dogs and puppies are kept in a clean, comfortable, and safe environment.

Otherwise, you may be dealing with vet bills and dog health problems that could have easily been prevented.

You can get a quick impression by taking a look at the breeder’s home or place of business, or by chatting with the breeder.

If the breeder seems cagey or does not want to give you a tour of the place, you should probably steer clear.

Someone with nothing to hide will gladly talk to you or show you around. A good breeder also asks questions to ensure that you can provide a good home for their dogs

They will tell you about the defects and faults in a breed. Once you find a breeder that you can trust and fits your criteria, go ahead and pick out your puppy.

3 Little-Known Facts About Beabull Puppies

  1. The Beabull first originated in the United States. He is very popular as a family dog.
  2. He barks occasionally and sometimes has the Beagle howl.
  3. He will guard and protect you, but he has a low watchdog ability.

Physical Traits of the Beabull

A mix of the English Bulldog with a Beagle
The Beabull is mild-mannered and loves to laze around when indoors.

The Beabull is a medium to large dog of solid build that is cute, playful, and hardy.

How the puppies look can vary considerably, and it depends on both parent dogs’ genetic contribution.

Some will look a lot like the parent Beagle, and some will have the stocky appearance of the Bulldog.

He has a strong and lean body with hips much like his Bulldog parent. His legs and tails are short. His ears are floppy and reminiscent of the Beagle’s.

His face has a few wrinkles, and his eyes can be brown or hazel. They are also usually wide-set. His long muzzle has a black nose with wide nostrils. He also has a strong underbite.

The Beabull’s coat is short and coarse. He also can shed a lot and needs an extra dose of brushing to remove loose hair.

Frequent bathing is not required, just on a need-only basis. It’s advisable to use a special dog shampoo.

Take care to clean and dry the wrinkled areas carefully to prevent skin infections. The Beabull is not hypoallergenic because of the amount of hair that he sheds.

He will love the attention of grooming, but make sure you get them used to having their teeth cleaned and nails clipped at an early age.

A lot of dogs don’t like their feet being handled, so getting them used to this when they are a puppy will help during vet checkups.

Because he has long floppy ears, he will need to be cleaned out by wiping with a damp cloth once a week to remove any debris in the ears.

How Big is a Full-Grown Beabull?

The Beabull grows up to 12 to 16 inches in height and weighs 30 to 50 lbs.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Beabull?

The life expectancy of the Beabull is 10 to 13 years.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Beabull

A small Beabull looking unimpressed
The Beabull is the mix of the English Bulldog and the Beagle.

The Beabull is a calm and docile dog. He is friendly to all and very loyal to his humans.

However, the Beagle and Bulldog parents have an obstinate trait that is also found in the Beabull in varying degrees.

It will take patience and perseverance to train him, but reward treats of food he loves will help a great deal.

He is friendly towards children and can show amazing levels of patience with curious and sometimes annoying youngsters.

The Beabull is full of life and needs plenty of activity to wear off his energy. Otherwise, he can become destructive and chew on everything and anything.

The Beabull cherishes his humans. He loves nothing more than following them around and then curling up beside them in the evening.

He loves to be lavished with attention. While he is not the best watchdog because of his friendly nature, he will not hesitate to defend his family if the occasion arose.

The Beabull is extremely intelligent and a pleasure to train. He responds well to most reward-based training methods.

However, he can sometimes be stubborn like the Bulldog parent. It’s crucial that you keep training sessions fun and interesting.

He should always be handled with a gentle but firm hand.

The Beabull’s Diet

Beabulls are voracious eaters and will devour any sort of food set in front of them in a matter of seconds.

They inherit the Bulldog’s overbite and jaw and should be fed using bowls that are generally shallower and wider.

How Much Exercise Does a Beabull Need?

The Beabull is a fairly active dog. While he does border on large, he can live happily in an apartment.

When inside, he is a lazy thing that does not need a huge space to live in.

As long as you take him outside for enough activity, he will be happy. A total of an hour a day should be sufficient. Include trips to the dog park where you can play games.

If you love to hike, he will have a blast hiking with you. It’s a good idea if you take him out in the morning for a jog or walk before you leave him.

He does have a tendency to bite when playing, so training to correct this will be important.

Beabull Health and Conditions

Beabulls are generally healthy and are not susceptible to any hereditary ailments.

But his long ears can be prone to infections. Make sure to regularly clean the dirt and debris from the ear canals.

Like Bulldogs, Beabulls are sometimes known to develop various digestion problems.

Child Safety

The level of tolerance and endurance that the Beabull possesses is perhaps one of its best traits when it comes to being around young toddlers that other dogs may find irritating.

This is a highly gentle and compassionate pet that will only be patient around kids that are loud and rough.

The dog is so sensitive that it is known to be affectionate and loving with newborn babies as well, posing no threat to kids of any age and size.

If your kids are at an age where all they want to do is play, the Beabull will prove to be the best playmate for them because of its inherent eagerness to please its human family.

The Beabull also loves quality time with its owners and playing with your children will not only give it the perfect opportunity to do that but also keep both your pet and kids occupied for long periods.

Some young children can tend to get noisy and hyper, annoying you or anyone around them to seek attention.

The Beabull is highly tolerant in this regard and will not snap at your kids.

Playing with children is also great for the socialization of this dog and with the right kind of training, it is easy to expect that your Beabull will grow into a best friend for your children and the perfect family dog overall.

All being said, it is always good to teach your children to not be rough with your pets.

Kids must be informed of the right way to treat your pets and as long as that happens, your Beabull and your children are bound to get along perfectly.

The immense devotion and the loving personality of your Beabull only add to its viability as a great family dog that is highly kid-friendly.

My Final Thoughts on the BeabullEnglish Bulldog and Beagle mix

The Beabull is a loving and devoted dog who also has an independent streak.

But he still makes a terrific family and companion dog.

He can be playful and quite nosy. He’s happy to watch what is going on.

He’s mild-mannered and loves to laze around when indoors. But outdoors, he can be hyperactive and is happy to play.

He’s a very faithful dog who will be very happy just following you around all day. He chews a lot, too!

He is eager to please. He can be protective and sensitive, too. He is very good with children and other dogs.

Beabulls can be good with other pets when properly socialized, but he may see small animals as something to run after.

The Beabull is affectionate and patient towards children, even the younger ones who can be a little rough when they’re playing.

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