Australian Yorkshire Terriers: A Complete Guide

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The Australian Yorkshire Terrier is the result of breeding the traditional Yorkshire Terrier (known commonly as Yorkies)  with the Australian Terrier (commonly called Aussies).

It can often be hard to tell the two breeds are apart because they are so similar. Not only are they similar in looks, but they are also very similar in the way that they act.

Australian Yorkshire Terriers indoors
The Australian Yorkshire Terriers are excellent guard dogs.

The main difference between these two breeds lies in what they were originally bred to do.

The Yorkshire Terrier was designed primarily to hunt rats that were in European mines.

These rats were very bad for the health of the miners and would eat food supplies and spread disease.

They can also grow quite large and dangerous.

The Yorkshire Terriers were bred to have complete courage.

They would fearlessly go into battle and give chase to rats that were the same size as them.

However, the miners saw the uses possible for this dog breed and began to take them home and use them as a hunting dog.

Whereas the Yorkshire Terrier was bred to hunt rats, the Australian Terrier was bred to hunt snakes.

Snakes always have been quite a problem in the Australian bush, and many people die each year from snake bites that they’ve received.

These Australian Terriers were bred to be extremely fierce fighting dogs. Most dogs twice their size wouldn’t dare to face off against a snake, but this little Terrier was victorious time and time again.

The main difference between these two Terriers is their leg height. The Australian Terrier tends to be a little bit shorter and lower to the ground to give them an advantage while they are hunting snakes.

Despite both of these Terriers’ fearsome reputations they also have quite a few amicable qualities as well.

They are fun-loving, incredibly loyal, and very protective of their families. When you combine these two breeds, you get a special Terrier that is bound to be loved by your entire family.

Australian Yorkshire Terrier Puppies – Before You Buy…

The Australian Yorkshire Terrier is loved by people all over the world, but you still need to be aware of certain things such as the Terrier’s traditional temperament.

Let’s take a look at everything that you will need to know to make a wise buying decision.

What Price are Australian Yorkshire Terrier Puppies?

The average price for an Australian Yorkshire Terrier puppy is right around $750.

However, depending on what part of the country that you are buying this dog from, it can go up to almost $900.

They tend to be far cheaper in the southeast where they are more common, and a little bit more expensive over on the West Coast where they are less common and more valued.

How to Find Reputable Australian Yorkshire Terrier Breeders?

It is very common for people to mistake this breed of dog for others.

Because the Australian Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier look so much alike, there is often confusion as to which particular dog one actually has.

If you want an authentic Australian Yorkshire Terrier, then it is best to find one from a reputable breeder who can produce the appropriate papers or is it least smart enough to know which dog is which.

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3 Little Known Facts About Australian Yorkshire Terrier Puppies

  1. These Terriers love to explore and are very curious animals. It’s a good idea to keep them on a leash or in a fenced-in backyard.
  2. Since these little dogs were bred to chase small animals, it’s a good idea not to leave your pet rat or hedgehog out around them.
  3. The Australian Yorkshire Terrier loves spending time with all of the family members and needs lots of attention.

Physical Traits of the Australian Yorkshire Terrier

These little Terriers usually have a long, lean body and medium-sized legs.

The Australian Terrier is known for his short legs, and the Yorkshire Terrier is known for its long legs, which means this breed lies almost directly and between.

The most distinctive feature is their ears. They are big and triangular and are incredibly expressive. Whenever the dog is excited, these years will flap up in the air and stand straight.

When the dog is happy and relaxed, they will hang loosely by the side of its head. On the occasion that your Terrier gets angry, they will fold flat against the back of his head.

Australian Yorkshire Terriers lounging
The Australian Yorkshire Terriers are very protective of their families.

Their eyebrows can be very expressive as well, and they are very well known for that funny questioning look they give their owner whenever they can’t quite understand something.

Their snouts are medium-sized and relatively narrow, and because their sense of smell is so good, they tend to sniff almost everything they can get access to.

Their fur coat is almost always black and gold.

The gold color can sometimes take on more of an amber hue depending on how the parent’s coat looked like.

The Australian Yorkshire Terriers’ eyes are usually dark brown or black, and their nose is always round and black as well.

How Big is a Full-Grown Australian Yorkshire Terrier?

The Australian Yorkshire Terrier is a small-sized dog and doesn’t usually grow above 12 lb.

On the larger end of the scale they have sometimes been known to grow up to 15 lb, but this is quite rare. Looking at their height, from paw to head, they usually don’t stand any higher than 10 inches.

Their short and compact body size allows them to maneuver in and out of very tight spaces. This is why they were traditionally bred as hunting dogs.

They could easily run into a tight rocky crevice or chase a fox or rat through a labyrinth of underground tunnels.

However most of the time they are happy enough to just curl up on the sofa with their favorite human.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Australian Yorkshire Terrier?

These dogs have a life expectancy of 15 years, which makes them a great family dog.

These 15 years will be full of life and energy and will provide you and your family with lots of entertainment and good memories due to their rambunctious personality even in advanced age.

Some Australian Yorkshire Terriers have even been known to live for up to 17 years if they are in a good environment and fed a healthy diet.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Australian Yorkshire Terrier

The Australian Yorkshire Terrier has a very typical Terrier temperament. Males can be feisty with other members of the same sex, so it is a good idea to keep them away from other male dogs.

They also tend to be quite territorial, and if they see another dog walking by the house or catch the mailman walking up to the door, then they will be sure to make quite a racket.

However, this is also what makes them exceptional guard dogs.

These dogs have an enormous amount of personality, however. They’re loving, playful, and will seek out human attention.

Although they can be left on their own for a few hours at a time, it’s not a good idea to leave them to their own devices all day long.

They can become quite mischievous when they become bored.

There have been many owners who have come home to their Australian Yorkshire Terriers having torn up their entire living room while they are away at work for 10 hours.

One of the most admirable features of the Australian Yorkshire Terrier is their loyalty and their protectiveness over their family members.

This makes them especially great pets for kids. If your child is ever getting picked on, even if it’s an older sibling, then you can be sure that this trusty little Terrier will run to the rescue.

The Australian Yorkshire Terrier’s Diet

Since the dogs aren’t usually any larger than 15 lb, they usually do not need any more than one or two cups a day of food.

They are most well-mannered when they are fed three times a day at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

However, if you are away for a few hours during the afternoon, then they can usually skip lunch as long as they are given a bigger dinner.

How Much Exercise Does an Australian Yorkshire Terrier Need?

The Australian Yorkshire Terrier needs quite a bit of outdoor exercise.

Although they are great house pets, it is important to make sure that they get at least 25 minutes worth of outdoor exercise in the form of a walk or playing fetch with a ball.

Australian Yorkshire Terriers on couch
The Australian Yorkshire Terriers will love to play on your sofa.

These dogs are quite playful and will often come to you with a ball and their mouth or their favorite toy.

This is their way of telling you to take them outside and have fun.

They do not like having to take no for an answer.

Australian Yorkshire Terrier Health and Conditions

These sturdy dogs can take a lot. They are built to withstand harsh environments and face even harsher foes.

As a result, they do not often get diseases or come down with a sickness. The one thing that has sometimes been noted is a case of diabetes later in their life.

This is usually the result of owners who overfeed their dogs or give them too much human food.

Final Thoughts on the Australian Yorkshire TerrierAustralian Yorkshire Terriers guide

If you want one of the most trustworthy and dependable dogs that you can own, then the  Australian Yorkshire Terrier is certainly one of them.

They make a great hunting dog and most of all they make a wonderful house pet.

Their feisty Terrier attitude is offset by their friendly demeanor, and they’re loving and affectionate mannerisms.

They make a perfect family dog, and for the most part, will get along with your other pets.

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