Top 50 Australian Dog Names & Their Meanings

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The Commonwealth of Australia sits high amongst many global rankings, but not everyone can think of a thoughtful Australian dog name for their pet.

If you have recently chosen an Australian dog, by now you’re probably in a fix of what name to bestow on it.

A lot of ideas for Australian dog names are inspired by different cities and natural features in Australia.

Another way to choose an Australian dog name is to look at celebrities with Australian roots and give your pet a famous name.

Of course, if you want a cute, food-inspired Australian dog name, there are several Australian snacks with unique names that you can also consider.

In the following lists, you will find an array of Australian dog names, ranging from celebrity-inspired names to names of rivers in Australia, to simple Australian words, along with several other categories.

By the end of this guide of names, you will definitely find the most befitting title that your pet will carry with it for years to come.

A small dog looking upwards
This is Logan and he is a loyal pet.

Male Australian Dog Names

  • Mate

Perhaps the simplest of Australian dog names, this is a commonly used term in Australia to address a friend.

Your companion, ally, and furry best friend will be the perfect bearer of this Australian dog name.

  • Ozzie

This slang word is often used in reference to someone hailing from Australian.

The name is fun to listen to and will make a charming moniker for your Australian dog.

  • Bondi

Australia’s popular Bondi beach, a famous tourist attraction.

Bondi is a name that you should consider for a water-loving Australian dog who will cherish visits to the beach.

  • Miro

This Australian name has Aboriginal roots and translates to “spear thrower”.

The meaning of this Australian dog name makes it a suitable name for a hunting dog that won’t think twice before attacking something that it perceives as a threat.

  • Brisbane

The most populous city of Queensland (a state in Australia) and also its capital, Brisbane is one of the Australian dog names that are inspired by places.

  • Hervey

A name that sounds like it could go with a sweet dog.

Hervey is also a city in Queensland and is also a bay, so you might want to consider this name for an Australian dog that likes to spend time gazing out over the water.

  • Logan

From Logan City, Logan is a diminutive of a Scottish name that means “hollow”.

The name could possibly suit an Australian dog that has a rough, rugged exterior but a soft center.

  • Zeil

Mount Zeil in Australia is located in the north of the continent.

The name is befitting for an Australian Shepherd dog that was originally bred to be a working dog for purposes of helping farmers and herding cattle.

  • Fitzroy

A unique name for an Australian dog, this name is a tribute to the Fitzroy River that flows through Central Queensland.

  • Chiko

This is a food-inspired Australian dog name.

It comes from the Chiko Roll, a very popular savory snack in Australia that has vegetables and beef in it.

  • Adami

This Australian dog name describes the color red.

It also means “earthy”, so you should ideally choose this name for an Australian dog that likes to spend time in nature and preferably sports a red fur coat, like a red Cattle dog.

  • Digger

This Australian dog name is a slang term used to refer to a soldier.

Therefore, it only makes sense that this name is given to a strong pet that has fighting and aggressive tendencies.

If your pet is not afraid to fight for your safety and is keen on keeping you safe from any dangers, much like a soldier, Digger is an ideal Australian dog name for your protective guard dog.

Of course, if your pup has already started to display a habit of digging on furniture or grass, this name will honor that troublesome but adorable habit of your Australian pet.

  • Gelar

This Australian dog name means “brother”.

So if you already have a pet and are bringing home a new brother for it in the form of this Australian dog, Gelar will be a very apt title for it.

  • Dingo

Dingo is a term that refers to a kind of stray Australian dog that is known to be a feral type native to Australia.

The name practically describes a dog hailing from Australia and has a charming ring to it when called out.

So, there is no reason why you should not opt for this interesting Australian dog name.

  • Hutch

An intriguing name for your Australian dog that is inspired by a famous personality.

The name Hutch comes from Michael Hutchence, who was the late vocalist of the Australian rock band called INXS.

A close up of a light brown dogs face
Her name is Kora.

Female Australian Dog Names

  • Sydney

When people hear Sydney, they think Australia.

So if you want to name your Australian dog after the most popular city in the country it hails from, this is the name that you should go with.

  • Adelaide

Another large Australian city.

The name is composed of words that mean “noble” and “hood”, which come together to describe your noble and kind-hearted female Australian dog.

  • Miki

This Aboriginal name is a word that means “moon”.

For a pet that brings light to your otherwise dull life, Miki is a pleasing Australian dog name.

It is also short and will be easy to grasp by your dog.

  • Kora

The meaning of this Australian dog name describes the quality of companionship that is inherent in your furry little best friend.

Kora simply means “companion”.

  • Inala

This Australian dog name is both a reference to a place and a word from the Aboriginal language.

Inala means “place of peace”, making it a perfect title for your pet that provides you with solace and in whose company you are most at peace.

Inala is also a suburb of Brisbane.

  • Queen

This simple yet powerful Australian dog name is inspired by the Australian state of Queensland.

We found this to be a fitting title for a regal pet that you would want to treat like nothing less than a queen.

  • Torah

A celebrity-inspired name that comes from professional Australian snowboarder, Torah Bright.

A shepherd dog that is used to the snow or any dog that can easily adapt to snowy weather will be an excellent candidate for this Australian dog name.

  • Lynda

Lynda Stoner is a pioneering advocate and activist for animal rights, thus serving as a role model for many animal lovers.

She also hails from Australia, so you can draw an Australian association with this dog name.

  • Corindi

We found this Australian dog name to be quite unique to the ear.

Corindi is an Australian river in New South Wales.

  • Camira

An Australian female name which in literal terms means “of the wind”.

The name sounds like a breezy and appealing title for your Australian girl dog.

  • Sheila

This Australian dog name is a slang terminology used to refer to a woman in Australia.

An Australian dog name could not get any more feminine, both in sound and in meaning, than this moniker.

  • Rose

A name inspired by actress Rose Byrne, who hailed from Australia.

This is a delightful and easy name for your rosy Australian dog.

  • Anne

From Mount Anne in Australia, located in the state of Tasmania in Southwest National Park.

  • Dannii

Another Australian celebrity, Dannii Minogue is a singer and songwriter that hails from Melbourne, Australia.

  • Ballina

An Australian town located in New South Wales in the region of Northern Rivers.

The name Ballina is believed to have a meaning that describes a place where oysters are found in abundance.

An ideal name for your beach-loving Australian dog.

An old photo of a shaggy dog
This is Bob.

Cute Australian Dog Names

  • Pavlova

An Australian dessert that is a popular delicacy across the world.

Pavlova makes for a fun and charming Australian dog name for a sweet puppy.

  • Bikkie

A slang word commonly used in Australia, Bikkie means biscuit and makes for an adorable food-inspired name for an Australian dog.

  • Isa

From Mount Isa in Queensland, Isa is a common unisex name that has roots in several languages.

In Arabic, Isa is a name for Jesus.

  • Thornton

An intriguing and unique Australian dog name that is a reference to the huge Thornton Peak, which stands tall in the Daintree Rainforest.

Dog lovers who want to give a nature-inspired dog name to their pet will find this a good choice for an Australian dog name.

  • Cody

Cody Simpson is a popular Australian pop singer, so if you or any member of your family is a fan, you would love your pet to carry this Australian dog name.

Cody is a name for a male dog.

  • Perth

After the largest city and capital of Western Australia, Perth can be a fitting Australian dog name that will ensure that your pet sticks close to its roots.

  • Dubbo

This Australian name has a fun ring to it.

It is short and very easily understandable, especially by your pet.

The association that you can draw from this name to your Australian dog is that Dubbo is a city located in New South Wales in Australia.

  • Ben

A simple and concise name for your Australian dog, Ben is taken from the city of Bendigo located in Queensland.

  • Koa

In the local language of Adelaide, known as Kaurna, this Australian dog name refers to a crow.

The name is best suited for a dog that sports a jet black fur coat.

  • Tau

This short, single-syllable Australian name for a female dog means “twilight”, which is a beautiful way to describe your lovely Australian dog.

  • Coorah

If you’re looking for a unique title for your girl dog, Coorah is an Aboriginal word for “woman”.

This name will definitely stand out and turn heads every time you call out to your Australian dog.

  • Roo

A shorter variation of “kangaroo”, this is an adorable name to associate your springy pet to the most popular animal in Australia.

  • Kiah

Kiah is another Aboriginal name that refers to something that comes from a beautiful place.

Regardless of where you got your Australian dog from, it is undoubtedly in a beautiful place now that it is under your protection.

  • Gong

A captivating and fun Australian dog name that is a reference to the city of Wollongong in Australia.

  • Bloke

Any list of Australian dog names would be incomplete without this one.

A highly informal, slang word used to refer to a man in Australia, this makes for a very amusing name for an Australian pup.

  • Melbourne

Though this is slightly uncommon and a little difficult to pronounce, Melbourne sounds good for a male or a female Australian dog if you wish to name your pet after an Australian city.

Melbourne is not only the state capital of Victoria, but it is also the second-largest city by population in Australia.

This name will show the bond you share with your country and also want your dog to feel.

  • Aussie

If you prefer simple, easy, and fun names, this is your go-to name for an Australian dog.

Aussie is colloquial for ‘Australian’ and is often used to refer to someone from Australia.

Your dog will easily get used to this name and it is very easy to pronounce as well.

  • Ace

Ace, meaning ‘excellent’, is suitable for a male Australian dog.

Naming your dog Ace will show the pride you take in your dog due to its stellar qualities.

Give this name to your dog if it possesses qualities such as strength, fearlessness, intelligence, and compassion.

Also, this name is not only short and simple but quite attractive as well.

  • Amarina

Amarina is a word from the Aboriginal language which is spoken by the Aborigines, an important part of the Australian community.

Though this word means ‘rain’, it goes much beyond that in its meaning.

Amarina is the right name for a female Australian dog who is fragile yet determined, loving yet fierce when it comes to protecting its loved ones, and beautiful yet bold.

Additionally, the name sounds absolutely dreamy.

  • Murphy

Murphy is a very common unisex name for Australian dogs.

Derived from Irish, Murphy comes from the word ‘murchadh’, and means ‘sea warrior’ or ‘sea battler’.

This is an adorable and easy name for a brave, strong-willed, and feisty Australian dog that is quick to defend those he or she loves.

Australian Slang Dog Names

In the Land Down Under, they’ve built up some of the most catchy and fun slang around – Australians seem to have slang for pretty much everything, and delving into it can make giving your dog a catchy and fun name that much easier.

  • Bludger

In Australia, a Bludger is someone who’s bone idle and content to coast by on the efforts of others

. If you’ve got a dopey dog who’s a touch on the lazy side, this may well be the name to choose.

  • Larrikin

Someone fond of tricks, games, pranks and generally relying on humor to get their way.

A Larrikin is someone always looking to see what they can get away within the most charming and cheeky way – and how many of us know a pooch just like that?

  • Tinny

A can of beer – always something appreciated in the blazing hot afternoon sun of Australia. While giving your dog beer is a serious no-no, there’s no denying this could be a catchy name to try.

  • Tucker

Tucker is a popular American name, but in both Australian and British English, it’s also casual slang for food.

Any dog with a big appetite – so most of them! – could well find this name applies to them.

  • Drongo

A Drongo is a dumb person or someone who’s been a bit of an idiot. It might seem mean to name a dog this, but it’s a fun and memorable name for those dogs who seem to have a bit more energy than common sense.

The Most Popular Australian Dog Name of All Time

  • Bob

Although this is not a name of Australian roots, nor is it inspired by an Australian dog, the name is widely recognized for being associated with Bob the Railway Dog.

The story of Bob is very riveting.

This scruffy little German Collie of the 19th century became famous for having traveled more than many humans had at the time.

Bob’s travels were no ordinary journeys.

The dog left his home in South Australia and embarked on his journey by hitchhiking on trains.

Goes without saying that it was almost impossible to deny the pooch a free ride.

Bob took a lot of interstate trips and made good friends the railway crew alongside whom he traveled on the railways.

He is still remembered for his people-loving and very calm, friendly temperament, and his legacy is what still makes the name “Bob” top the charts for Australian dog names.

My Final Thoughts

An interesting language with a very fascinating accent gives us some of the best choices for Australian dog names.

So if you have recently been lucky enough to bring an Australian pup into your life, give it a name that shows your pet how much it means to you and your family!

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