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Bringing a new life into your home in the form of an adorable puppy dog is an important decision that should not be taken very lightly.

Due to the numerous breeds which are available and the differences in pet owners’ lifestyles, this is a decision that should be carefully scrutinized.

The Aussiedor is crossbreed which is derived from the parent breeds consisting of the Australian Shepherd and the Labrador.

Large in stature with a hearty, active spirit, this hybrid is sharp-witted, calm mannered and known for its playfulness. They make for excellent family dogs, as they relate exceedingly well with children.

The following information contained herein should give you a rather accurate idea as to whether or not this mixed breed syncs with you and your lifestyle.

Doing your homework and obtaining all the pertinent information is vital for making a firm decision on a dog breed.

Aussiedor Puppies – Before You Buy…

Aussiedor puppy
The Aussiedor is mentally sharp, active, versatile and extremely loyal.

In order not to experience any regrets over such an important decision, you should make it top priority to absorb as much data as possible about your soon to be new family member.

Most likely to affect the next ten to fifteen years of your life, it is important to plan carefully when selecting the breed of your dreams.

Rule number one is not to make an impulse buying decision based strictly on emotion.

As it is quite easy to fall in love with the first puppy that you see, it is best to take a step back and have your head, not just your heart, in the game as well.

What Price are Aussiedor Puppies?

The average price for a puppy of the Aussiedor mixed breed is $1000. This price runs around average or slightly above for a dog of this size.

All in all, it seems to be a pretty good deal considering the quality you will be getting in return.

And to get the most bang for your buck, you will have to put some of your much-valued time into this endeavor.

Once you find the breed you are interested in, you should converse with the dog breeding facility about the dog, its parents, the business and any other information which is relevant to making your decision.

How to Find Reputable Aussiedor Breeders?

Since it is highly unlikely that your special one of a kind puppy will magically appear in front of you, there are several steps you can take to assist in the acquisition process.

Of course, it is reasonable to expect that it will take patience, determination, and perseverance to land the deal.

Carefully searching your local breeder outlets and classified puppy ads regularly is a must. You should also consider joining online dog forums (which there are many to select from).

You should also take the old school word of mouth route and communicate with other dog owners about your desire to locate a specific breed. If you are adept at social media, this is an excellent way to distribute the information.

3 Little-Known Facts about Aussiedor Puppies

  1. The Australian Shepherd is a herding dog that originated in the United States and likely derives its name from their ancestors’ previous location.
  2. The Australian Shepherd appeared in movies and rodeos in the 1950s, thus increasing its popularity.
  3. The Labrador is used both as a service animal and also excels at detecting narcotics.
Aussiedor walking in snow
The Aussiedor learns new things very quickly.

Physical Traits of the Aussiedor

The Aussiedor mixed breed is a big solid dog which showcases a proportionately broad head and facial features.

They have medium to larger sized ears that hang down and swing, and they have a tail that should also be somewhat elongated.

The durable coat on this crossbreed comes in a straight or wavy texture and cannot keep out water, hence this dog’s history as a good swimmer.

Color choices are plentiful, as this mixed breed can come in black, brown, light brown, golden, dark brown, chocolate, tricolor and even spotted and brindle.

Due to their size, they make for an adequate watchdog and as a deterrent for strangers and unwanted guests.

Unfortunately, the downside to their size requires that this breed resides in a home with a yard, as apartment living would be a bit on the constrained side for them.

How Big is a Full-Grown Aussiedor?

As stated, large and imposing in stature, the Aussiedor will reach a height of 22-25 inches when a fully grown adult.

It can have a weight range of 40-80 pounds, which makes it quite a solid and durable dog for its size.

Originally bred as a herding dog, this hybrid has a certain amount of strength to go along with its physical appearance.

Due to the nature of their jobs, working dogs like this one are not only strong physically, but strong in character as well.

What Is the Life Expectancy of the Aussiedor?

With an average of 10-13 years of life expected, the Aussiedor is around the middle of the road compared to other large-sized breeds.

Of course, the length and quality of your dog’s life are most definitely influenced by factors such as the amount of exercise, constant mental stimuli and the quality of food it is fed.

This is where a pet owner plays an essential role in ensuring the health and happiness of their animal.

Once you get to know your pet, you will instinctively become in tune with its needs so you can provide for it as need be.

Intelligence, Temperament & Personality Traits of the Aussiedor

Its nature being warm and friendly, the Aussiedor is a smart, loyal and kind-hearted animal that has been known to form a tight bond with its family members.

This breed will become attached to its master and can have feelings of neglect when left by itself at the house.

This mixed breed is also known to be protective of its home and will alert its people to anything out of the ordinary.

They tend to be reserved and somewhat leery toward strangers, which makes them excellent watchdogs.

As a herding dog, the Aussiedor has the instinct to nip or herd young children, considering them to be a part of its flock.

However, this hybrid should quickly discontinue this behavior, as it will learn it is not acceptable.

Eventually, they will get along with children, as they make for excellent family dogs and are rather easy to train.

Aussiedor sitting on dock
The Aussiedors relate exceedingly well with children.

The Aussiedor’s Diet

For your dog to have a healthy and content existence, meeting its requirements on a regular basis is one of the most important requirements.

Feeding your pet a premium brand of dog food is part of the equation when raising a pet of optimum health.

Since this is a large active dog, this mixed breed requires dry dog food in the amount of three a day.

It is important not to feed your dog too much, nor to feed it an excessive amount of treats, so they do not pack on the pounds and experience potentially adverse health conditions.

How Much Exercise Does The Aussiedor Need?

The Aussiedor mixed breed is an active dog that needs, in addition to physical activity, a rather decent amount of mental stimuli.

For most dogs of this breed, about 60-90 minutes a day of activity and exercise should be sufficient for them.

The specific exercises which it engages in should include running, swimming, working, playing, fetch and frisbee.

A yard helps immensely in the equation since it allows the animal to run around and not just to sit around and get bored. This often leads to unruly behavior.

Aussiedor Health and Conditions

One of the important, and often overlooked, aspects of selecting a breed is looking into its potential future health issue.

A chronically ill dog can cause a great deal of emotional and financial stress, thus taking the shine out of the dog-owning experience.

The Aussiedor mixed breed is at risk for health conditions which include elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, muscular dystrophy, collie eye anomaly, progressive retinal atrophy, cataracts, sebaceous adenitis, peritraumatic dermatitis, bloat, nasal solar dermatitis, Felger and osteochondritis dissecans.

My Final Thoughts on The AussiedorAussiedor guide

The Aussiedor mixed breed is an exceptional family dog that is mentally sharp, active, versatile and extremely loyal.

It is not a difficult breed to train and will learn new things very quickly.

It makes for a very capable watchdog, as it is wary of strangers and will alert you to any danger in the home.

Being an active dog, this hybrid does require a certain amount of outdoor activity to keep it healthy and mentally stimulated.

If you and your family live an active lifestyle and have the space to exercise it, this pet is worth serious consideration.

Being a swimmer, this dog should also be considered if you leave near to a body of water.

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