The American Bullador: A Complete Guide

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Many hybrid dogs do not last in the long run. Often, they develop a disease or just prove to be inefficient and expensive. However, breeders got this one right.

The American Bullador is a cross between the American Bulldog and the Labrador Retriever. Today, these are two of the most popular breeds of dogs in America.

The American Bulldog was bred specifically as a working dog and was brought over by the early settlers. These dogs served multiple purposes.

Some were used as hunting dogs, some were used as cattle dogs, and others were used simply as guard dogs.

They are very intelligent animals and can learn how to do just about anything if they have the right motivation.

The American Bulldog is also known for being a wonderful companion. They are friendly and very affectionate and will follow their owners just about anywhere.

The Labrador Retriever is equally popular. It was bred primarily as a hunting dog. They have some of the best noses on the market.

They can track an animal’s trail through miles of inhospitable terrain. They are often used by law enforcement for drug and bomb-sniffing purposes.

Over the decades, the lab has become known as a traditional family pet. Labs are known for their loyalty and are generally very obedient.

They are also very good with children and can take a lot of the rough treatment that little kids give out.

When you combine these two breeds into the hybrid American Bullador, you get one of the best dogs that money can buy.

The Bullador is incredibly loyal, can do just about anything, and are loving companions. They will watch over you and your family as if they were their own pups.

The Bullador is highly energetic and loves nothing more than playing outside. They make great outdoor dogs and do not enjoy being left alone inside.

American Bullador Puppies – Before You Buy…

The American Bullador: A Complete Guide
The American Bulladors need plenty of space.

Although these are the ultimate companions, they have lots of energy, and you will need to make sure that you can give them the space that they need to be happy.

These aren’t the type of dogs that do well when they are cooped up indoors. Let’s take a look at some of the other frequently asked questions.

What Price are American Bullador Puppies?

You can expect to pay about $700 for a Bullador puppy.

American Bulldogs can be found for as low as $500, but Labrador Retrievers, on the other hand, can be as expensive as $1,200.

Both breeds are known for having large litters, so you might be able to find one of these puppies for very cheap if you know a breeder who is trying to get rid of extra puppies.

How to Find Reputable American Bullador Breeders?

These dogs are hard to mistake. They have a very distinctive look and attitude that you won’t find in any other dog. However, it’s important to make sure that both of the parent dogs are healthy.

This is especially true when it comes to the American Pitbull parent. Unfortunately, many of these dogs have a history as fighting dogs, and they can pass on these genes to their offspring.

This can result in your Bullador being very aggressive and you may not be able to keep them.

Your best bet is to find a small, reputable breeder who can give you a little bit of background information on both of the parent dogs.

3 Little-known facts about American Bullador puppies

  1. American Bullador puppies have a lot of energy, and they will need plenty of space to run around outside.
  2. Bulladors are very affectionate, and they form deep bonds with their owners during their first year of life. If you want them to respect you, then you will need to spend a significant amount of time with them during their puppyhood.
  3. American Bulladors love to play! Make sure that you give them plenty of chew toys and other fun things to play with or you might find that the interior of your house becomes their new favorite toy.

Physical Traits of the American Bullador

These dogs tend to have the body of the American Bulldog with the head of a Labrador Retriever.

They are typically medium to large sized dogs, and if they get a lot of exercise, then they can develop quite a lot of muscle tissue as well.

They have the long legs that you would expect from an American Bulldog, which makes them very fast runners.

Their coat can be a wide variety of colors. The most common coat to see is black or brown. However, it isn’t uncommon to see a white or cream-colored Bullador.

Because the Bulldogs are often spotted, the American Bulladors will often have this same type of spotting.

These dogs have very expressive faces, and you will know whenever they are excited about something.

Their tails are usually quite long, but sometimes breeders will choose to have them docked. This usually isn’t healthy, but it is sometimes done for looks.

Their snout tends to take after the Labrador Retriever but maintains the drooping lip and slight underbite that the American Bulldog is so well known for.

How Big is a Full-Grown American Bullador?

The American Bullador: A Complete Guide
The American Bullador can learn to do almost anything.

These dogs can grow to be quite large, and can easily weigh in at over 100 pounds.

They have long legs and a very muscular upper body from all of the running that they do on a daily basis.

Looking at their heights, they will usually grow 20 to 25 inches tall. In general, the males tend to be a few inches taller than the females.

Because they are so big, it is very important to make sure that they have plenty of space.

Bulladors do not do well when they are cooped up in a small house, and if they are, it is very common for them to run around leaving a trail of devastation in their wake.

What is the Life Expectancy of the American Bullador?

These dogs have a relatively long life expectancy and can live to be up to 15 years old.

On the other end of the scale, they may only live to be 11 years old, but this is uncommon and is usually the result of them contracting a disease or sustaining accident-related injuries.

As with most dogs, you can increase their lifespan by making sure that they are happy, get plenty of exercise, and are fed a healthy diet.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the American Bullador

The American Bullador: A Complete Guide
The American Bulladors love to play outside.

The American Bullador Is a very intelligent dog.

They can learn to do just about anything, and as long as you have a handful of treats, then they can learn to do just about any trick that you won’t teach them.

However, they can have quite a rebellious nature, and you will need to show them that you are the boss.

If you prove to them that you are a weak leader, then they will not respect you, and they will instead develop destructive and disobedient habits.

They have a very energetic personality and will constantly try to drag you outside. They do not like to lay around the house all day, and if they are, it’s usually because they are sick or tired.

They are very social animals as well and will get along with just about any other neighborhood dog who crosses their path.

However, they do not like uninvited guests coming on to their property, which makes them great guard dogs.

If an unwanted intruder is anywhere on your property, then you will be sure to know about it. The Bullador has a very loud bark and can wake up even the soundest sleepers.

These dogs need a lot of attention as well. They do not do well and isolation, and this can make them depressed and agitated.

They are great dogs for large families where there will always be someone to entertain them. If you cannot provide them with companions, then they will also get along great with other dogs.

The American Bullador’s Diet

Because these dogs are so big, they will need to eat quite a lot of food. Plan on feeding them at least 4 cups of food a day, and if they are extra active, then you will need to feed them up to 5 cups a day.

You should split this into three feeding times a day; morning, afternoon, and night. If these dogs get hungry, they will become very agitated and can get aggressive.

It’s never a good thing to let a 100-pound American Bullador get hangry.

How Much Exercise Does The American Bullador Need?

These large dogs will need to get plenty of exercise. In fact, they do best when they are allowed to stay outside for most of the day.

It is never a good idea to leave a large energetic dog like the Bullador cooped up in a small space.

If you are uncomfortable leaving them outdoors all day, then you should consider installing a doggie door which allows them to come inside and go out as they please.

American Bullador Health and Conditions

As long as the American Bulldog parents was a healthy dog, then the hybrid Bullador will be a very healthy dog.

Medical conditions usually arise from Bulldog breeds which have been overbred.

In general, the American Bulldog is very healthy and has evolved naturally over the years, as has the Labrador Retriever.

In their old age, however, it is common for them to develop Hip and Elbow Dysplasia.

This is because of their long limbs and the extreme amount of activity and impact that they subject their bodies to on a daily basis.

It is usually easily treatable with an anti-inflammatory made for dogs.

Child Safety

As is the case with any other pet, if you have an animal in the house you need to make sure that your children are always safe and never in any danger.

Even though some dogs can become quite aggressive towards children, if you have the American Bullador you don’t need to worry about much!

The loving and affectionate attitude of this dog is enough to keep it from harming you or your children.

One of the great things about the American Bullador is the fact that even if kids want to get aggressive with it, due to its sturdy body it can take quite a bit of beating and still come out smiling.

However, it is always important to school your children on the importance of keeping your dog safe and never try to inflict any harm to it.

Children in their naivety often try to do things with pets which can make them uncomfortable, hence it is important to make your children aware of the do’s and don’ts with the dog.

For a friendly and safe environment around the house, it is important that you start the training of both your pup and your children from the day you bring your American Bullador home.

Acquainting your kids with it very early on will help develop a bond between your dogs and the kids which will last for a lifetime.

After you are sure that you have properly trained your American Bullador to be very friendly and well behaved, you can then relax because most of your job will have been done.

Any negative behaviour shown by the pup should be curtailed from the very onset to avoid any mishaps later.

Even so, the American Bullador is an excellent breed to keep with you if you have a family.

Final Thoughts on the American BulladorThe American Bullador: A Complete Guide

If you can give the American Bullador the space that it needs to run around and be happy, then you will be rewarded with one of the best dogs that you could ever own.

They are happy, loving, and talented canines who will be great companions for you and your family.

They will live long and happy lives, and you don’t have to worry about them developing the wide range of problems that are common with other hybrid breeds.

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