11 Easy & Free DYI Dog Agility Course Equipment Plans

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diy dog agility course

Whether just for fun or to train your dog to be part of shows, having a dog agility course in your backyard can be a great way to offer your dog exercise, training, and quality bonding time.

As you go about setting up your agility course, you may notice that the price of equipment can start to really add up. However, with creativity, craft skills, and a bit of effort, you can make your own dog agility equipment for much less.

With our comprehensive list of free and easy to DIY dog agility course equipment plans, you won’t have to jump through hoops to set up a fun layout of challenges and obstacles for your dog. We’ve included a variety of ideas for all skill levels and using a plethora of materials, from PVC pipes and wood to items from around the house.

1. DIY Dog Agility Course, From This Old House

DIY Dog Agility Course

Using PVC pipes, This Old House provides detailed plans with helpful pictures to make three key obstacles for your backyard dog agility course. You’ll be able to make an agility jump, weave poles, and a teeter totter. These plans result in sturdy, durable builds.

  • Skill Level: Moderate
  • Tools: Pull saw, drill, drill bits, combination square, hammer, and wood block
  • Supplies: PVC pipe and connectors, PVC cement, wood plank, paint, and colored tape

2. Dog Agility Course at Home, by Natural Dog Owner

Dog Agility Course at Home
Featured Image Credit: Douglas Muth, Flickr

You’ll be able to set up your dog agility course using the suggestions and plans supplied by Natural Dog Owner. Every obstacle you’ll need for a complete course is covered in this article. Learn how to set up weave poles out of PVC pipes, a standard jump using cinder blocks, and a tire jump made out of a tire or a hula hoop, along with tunnels, a teeterboard, a pause table, and a dog walk.

  • Skill Level: Easy to Moderate
  • Tools: PVC cutter or saw and rubber mallet
  • Supplies: Cinder blocks, wood, plywood, broomstick, tire, hula hoop, flexible sewer piping, rope, PVC pipes, connectors, and caps, PVC cement, paint, anti-skid additive, a small coffee table, and picnic bench

3. Clean and Dirty Jumps, by Helix Fairweather

Clean and Dirty Jumps

Learn how to make a hurdle with a few simple materials. Helix Fairweather has straightforward plans, including a clever way to use office supply clips as a crossbar hold. You can jump for joy too, because it’s easy on your budget and won’t take you long to construct.

  • Skill Level: Easy to Moderate
  • Tools: PVC cutter and rubber mallet
  • Supplies: Fence posts, PVC pipe and caps, 2” binder clips, and electrical tape

4. Tire Jump, by Camp Bandy Pet Resort

Tire Jump

If you want to challenge your dog with a brightly colored and exciting tire jump obstacle, these plans by Camp Bandy Pet Resort offer all the measurements and detailed instructions you’ll need. Also, you won’t need an old tire because a drainage pipe is used to make the ring.

  • Skill Level: Moderate to Expert
  • Tools: Saw or PVC pipe cutter, drill, drill bits, screwdriver, tape measure/yard stick, marker, and White-Out
  • Supplies: PVC pipe, connectors, and end caps, eye bolts, wing toggles, washers, drainage pipe, bungees, landscaping chain, carabiner, cable ties, PVC cement, and colorful duct tape

5. DIY Dog Agility A-Frame, by Instructibles

DIY Dog Agility A-Frame

An A-Frame is a must-have for any dog agility course worth its weight in dog treats. With a certain amount of woodworking knowledge, you can save money by making your own contact obstacle. Instructibles provides step-by-step instructions, along with plenty of useful pictures.

  • Skill Level: Expert
  • Tools: Miter saw, drill, drill bit, sand paper, paint supplies, screwdriver, and measuring tape
  • Supplies: Wood, plywood, molding, hinges, hook bolts, chain, wood glue, screws, nails, exterior paint, dry sand, and pool noodle   

6. Dog Agility Tunnel, by Cuteness

Dog Agility Tunnel
Featured Image Credit: skeeze, Pixabay

Every fun or competitive agility course needs a tunnel. It might be easier to purchase a child-size tunnel, but for money-saving purposes, you can DIY a bigger, wider tunnel. Cuteness provides clever plans for a serious tunnel.

  • Skill Level: Moderate to Expert
  • Tools:  Power saw, sewing machine, and rivet gun
  • Supplies: Barrel, hose, parachute fabric, rivets, two empty gallon jugs, sand, and bungee cord

7. DIY Agility Dog Walk, From The Dog Blog

DIY Agility Dog Walk
Featured Image Credit: Paul Morris, Flickr

If you prefer DIY plans in video form, The Dog Blog offers an excellent “how to” video for making a cute yet sturdy dog walk. The video is easy to follow and full of helpful tips.

  • Skill Level: Moderate
  • Tools: PVC cutter or saw, rubber mallet, screwdriver, and paint supplies
  • Supplies: PVC pipes, elbow joints and T-pieces, three wood planks, door hinges, and paint

8. DIY Cavaletti by Kelly’s Dog Blog

DIY Cavaletti

A cavaletti is basically a succession of low-to-the-ground hurdles that improve your dog’s foot fall and timing. To make these quick and fun hurdles for your dog’s agility course, Kelly’s Dog Blog repurposes plastic baskets. While the hurdles in this article are made from PVC pipe, you could use broomsticks or even yardsticks.

  • Skill Level: Easy
  • Tools: PVC cutter or saw
  • Supplies: Plastic baskets, PVC pipe, and colorful electrical tape or duct tape

9. A Garden Dog Walk from Agility Bits

A Garden Dog Walk

If you have medium to large dogs, this sturdy dog walk design from Agility Bits is built to last and will hold up in windy weather. You’ll need to be handy with working with wood to follow these plans, though Agility Bits does offer an easy shortcut if you’re willing to buy builders trestles or a pair of sawhorses. Yoga mats provide the traction on the ramps.   

  • Skill Level: Expert
  • Tools: Miter saw, screwdriver, drill, drill bits, sandpaper, and paint supplies
  • Supplies: Wood boards, plywood, molding, and door hinges, or right-angle brackets, paint, and yoga mats 

10. Dollar Store Agility Equipment, From Liberty Hill House

Dollar Store Agility Equipment

On small budget and with creative thinking, you can use everyday items found around your house or at a dollar store to make your dog a fun agility course.  Liberty Hill House provides simple, clever ideas for weaving poles, a tire jump, hurdles, and a wait table.

  • Skill Level: Easy
  • Tools: Scissors and utility knife
  • Supplies: Multiple plungers, pool noodles, hair elastics, PVC pipe, wooden dowel, and hula hoop

11. How to Build a Dog Agility Course by wikiHow

How to Build a Dog Agility Course
Featured Image Credit: Andrea Arden, Flickr

Actual plans are included in this article from wikiHow for last, but in 12 steps, you’ll learn nearly everything you ever needed or wanted to know about building your own dog agility course. Be sure to scroll through for helpful illustrations of how to easily set up a grouping of tables or a row of barrels for a dog walk-and-pause box.

  • Skill Level: Easy
  • Tools: None
  • Supplies: Tables, barrels, and wood boards

Featured Image Credit: Pezibear, Pixabay