Affenpinscher and Yorkshire Terrier Mix: A Complete Guide

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Looking for a breed that combines two adorable little dogs with a cheerful nature? Do you want to buy a fluff-ball that will always be there for belly-rubs?

It sounds like the Affenpinscher and Yorkshire Terrier mix would be a great breed for you.

Of course, getting from the idea of buying this dog to the actual ownership, means you have to do plenty of research and make sure that the breeder you buy the puppy can be trusted.

Also, you need to know as much as possible about this interesting breed so that you can provide proper care and healthy life filled with love. This is where we jump in and help with our knowledge and experience.

In this guide, we will share all the important things you should keep an eye on before making the final choice as well as what to do and expect once the dog is in your home.

But first, let’s see how important it is knowing the price in advance and how to find a reputable breeder is.

Affenpinscher and Yorkshire Terrier Mix Puppies – Before You Buy…

Affenpinscher and Yorkshire Terrier
Image Credit By: bethanym197, instagram

So, you have decided to get an Affenpinscher/Yorkshire terrier puppy, or as it is popularly called the Affenshire.

But, you don’t have a clue as to how much this puppy will upset your budget and where to buy it from. Luckily, we know the answers to these important questions.

What price are Affenpinscher and Yorkshire Terrier Mix puppies?

On average, the Affenshire puppies go from $800/$900, up to $1000 and over, depending on the parents.

But, we do highly recommend that if you want a healthy puppy that brings all the best traits of both breeds, sacrifice the budget a little and opt for a dog that has all the necessary documents.

If you find a puppy that costs some $400, chances are that you are getting a pup that comes from puppy mills and without papers.

This means that you are buying a “cat” in the bag and you can’t know for sure what to expect as the dog grows.

How to find reputable Affenpinscher and Yorkshire Terrier Mix breeders?

As with any other dog breed, finding a reputable breeder can be a complicated task. The same goes for the Affenshire breeders.

If you are dealing with a breeder that doesn’t seem to be interested in the animals but is only in it for the money, the best thing would be to avoid buying the puppy from him.

On the other hand, if the breeder shows interest and is actively involved in the life of his dogs, and provides all the necessary papers, documents, and health clearances, you are most likely dealing with a reputable breeder and will probably really getting the puppy in the shape the breeder suggests.

Before you begin the search for a breeder, we recommend contacting Affenpinscher Rescue of America, and Yorkshire Terrier Club of America, Inc. institutions, because they will likely have a list of reputable Affenshire breeders and help you with any questions you might have.

3 Little-known facts about Affenpinscher and Yorkshire Terrier Mix puppies

There are many things you should know about this breed and considering how popular it is, you will have a plethora of sources you can find useful info from.

Yet, despite their popularity, some facts are still not that known.

That is why we decided to share 3 little-known facts about Affenpinscher/Yorkshire Terrier mix and give you a much better insight into this breed.

  • If your pup makes a mistake, don’t punish him.

If during the training, your Affenpinscher makes a mistake, remember not to punish him because he or she might understand this as your unhappiness with the training, and lose the will to learn.

Instead, if a mistake occurs, make sure you come closer to the dog while making gestures he considers playful so that you distract him from making the mistake in the first place.

  • They are Explorers even as Pups

Even from their early days, the Affenshires are known to be quite adventurous.

This means that you have to keep an eye on what they are doing because in their curiousness, they might come too close to a spider or a bee and when they are puppies, it can be dangerous for them to get stung or bitten.

  • They are Hypoallergenic

Sure, this breed does come with shaggy, long fur, but in their case, they are hypoallergenic. This means that you don’t have to worry about your allergies because, with these dogs, there is very little shedding.

Physical Traits of the Affenpinscher and Yorkshire Terrier Mix

Affenpinscher and Yorkshire Terrier
Image Credit By: bethanym197, instagram

Let’s see what physical traits make this breed characteristic. This means that you will get to know your dog’s size and how long can you expect him or her to live.

How big is a full-grown Affenpinscher and Yorkshire Terrier Mix?

Affenshires are not as small as a Chiwawa, yet they aren’t much bigger either.

You can expect your puppy to grow from 8 to 11 inches in height, while the weight range can go from 4 to 9 pounds, which makes them quite a lightweight breed.

What is the life expectancy of the Affenpinscher and Yorkshire Terrier Mix?

Despite the fact that the Affenpinscher/Yorkshire Terrier mix turned out to be a small-dog breed (it was really “hard” to guess based on the parents’ size), their life expectancy is not short.

In fact, they can live up to 15 years, and even longer if they live a healthy and active life filled with love.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Affenpinscher and Yorkshire Terrier Mix

As you realized by now, the Affenshire breed comes as a result of an Affenpinscher and Yorkshire Terrier DNA blend.

And, because two pure breeds were mixed to get a new one, the Affenshire is considered as a designer breed dog.

This means that your pup will come with everything mixed from both breeds and that includes high intelligence and, unfortunately, stubbornness. But, with proper training right from the start, the intelligence will prevail over their stubborn nature.

In general, Affenshires are smart and curious. Also, these dogs are quick learners, thus easily trainable, and they love to be where the action is.

However, due to their petite build, they are not ideal for playing with small kids as the kids might accidentally hurt them.

And speaking of living with the kids, this breed is well known for being great with older children and they tend to be affectionate and loyal, and they quickly create a bond with the new family.

They are also great with other animals, but for this to be possible, early training and socialization are necessary.

Also, once they start seeing themselves as a family member, the Affenshires can turn their overprotective mode on and turn into a great family and house watchers, though, to be honest, they probably believe that they are the main protectors.

As we mentioned earlier, thanks to the fact that both parents are considered hypoallergenic breeds, the pups are not a threat to kids that suffer from allergies.

And, with proper training and patience, and early socialization this adorable little breed will turn out to be a wonderful family companion for years to come.

The Affenpinscher and Yorkshire Terrier Mix Diet

Affenpinscher and Yorkshire Terrier Traits
Image Credit By: bethanym197, instagram

Having in mind their size, one might not expect the Affenshire to be a big eater. However, their relatively high-energy spirit burns calories and they do eat more than you probably think.

But, don’t worry, your Affenpinscher/Yorkshire Terrier won’t eat like a German Shepperd, and one cup of dry kibbles, twice a day, is exactly how much food your dog needs.

Also, remember to consult your vet about possible mineral and vitamin supplements if needed.

How much Exercise does an Affenpinscher and Yorkshire Terrier Mix need?

Both parent breeds of the Affenshire are well known for being barkers and without proper training and exercise, they can become nervous and snappy.

The fact that this is a toy breed doesn’t mean that your Affenshire doesn’t need daily exercise. Your dog needs to get his blood pumping and stretch the legs regularly if you don’t want it to be on the edge when at home.

Therefore, plan on spending some half an hour to 45 minutes of exercising each day, twice a day. Ideally, you should combine longer walks and hard play such as fetch or other games that burn calories.

Also, if you get your kids involved in the exercise, you will have them all sleeping like angels by the end of the day.

And not only that, but your pup will get used to kids and their games right from the start, which means a lot when it comes to socialization and a well-mannered attitude later.

Affenpinscher and Yorkshire Terrier Mix Health and Conditions

When it comes to the overall health, the Affenshire breed is not known for being sick often. However, that doesn’t mean that their breed doesn’t come with any health conditions that are specific to them.

The major concerns with this breed are Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca, Patellar Luxation, Bronchitis, and Portosystemic Shunt.

Therefore, you should ask the breeder for health clearances of these conditions, for both of the pup’s parents.

Also, there are some concerns that are considered minor, and they include diabetes, allergies, and Cataract.

This is why you should regularly check in with the vet and occasionally do Diabetes diagnoses, X-Ray tests, eye exams, abdominal ultrasound, and allergy testing.

My final thoughts on the Affenpinscher and Yorkshire Terrier MixA Affenpinscher and Yorkshire Terrier Mix

Okay, we have reached the end of our Affenpinscher and Yorkshire Terrier mix guide. So, what have you learned so far?

For starters, you now know that an Affenshire is a little adventurer with a big heart. This dog will always be interested in what you are doing and it will always join you no matter what.

One of the things that makes this breed so lovable the undying will to always be with the owner.

It can be funny because they are really small and you can pick them up and carry them anytime.

They won’t mind the fact they are not jumping and running around you, as long as they are where the action is.

However, despite the fact these dogs are above all loyal, they can sometimes be stubborn and not listen to your commands. But, that can be corrected with early training and regular physical and mental stimulation.

Thanks to their high intelligence levels, Affenshires love mental training and if done properly, your faithful companion will learn basic commands and develop well-mannered behavior that will turn him into the most exemplary dog in the neighborhood.

But, you need to keep in mind that this breed is considered as extremely sensitive and emotional, so if he starts feeling your anger and frustration, your Affenshire will be hurt emotionally and start refusing to come when you call him.

To avoid such problems, use patience and stay calm during the training.

Furthermore, even though this is not a big-dog breed, they are exceptional watchdogs.

Sure, they won’t be able to physically protect you from any possible intruders or other animals, but you will have an active alarm all the time, and the sensitivity of this “alarm” will be set to the maximum every time.

So, all things considered, the Affenpinscher and Yorkshire Terrier mix is in most cases an excellent family dog that becomes loyal and devoted in a matter of weeks.

If all other things regarding this dog are in your favor, then this might be your best choice for a family companion that will just bring more love into your home.

Thanks for reading and if you have some experience you want to share with the rest of our readers, or perhaps you have some questions, feel free to visit our comments section.