The Affenhuahua: A Complete Guide

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The Affenhuahua emerged sometime around the 21st century in North America purely for aesthetic purposes.

Do you remember how in the early 2000’s you would see celebrities walk around with toy dogs? The Affenhuahua is a result of that fad, and it is still widely in demand today.

Even though the American Kennel Club doesn’t recognize the Affenhuahua as a hybrid dog breed as of yet, it is only a matter of time till they get on board.

Once they do, you can expect the demand for the Affenhuahua to skyrocket, so purchase one while many people don’t know about it.

Affenhuahua Puppies – Before You Buy…

Affenhuahua on leash
The Affenhuahuas have a monkey-like face.

Buying an Affenhuahua puppy should be well thought out to the point that you have budget plans set up regarding food, dog gear, medical bills, and more.

You can’t go blindly purchasing an Affenhuahua because you won’t be equipped to take care of it.

You would gain a lot of information simply by continuing to read the Affenhuahua guide we are about to offer you.

What price are Affenhuahua Puppies?

An Affenhuahua is a toy dog breed and a first-generation hybrid dog, which means that it’ll have an expensive price tag.

More specifically, a single Affenhuahua will cost you somewhere between $350 to $750.

Keep in mind that the price can even surpass the $750 mark. Ultimately, what determines the price of a particular dog breed is the location, age, demand, and pedigree.

The money that you spend to own the dog is not the only money you’ll be spending on the Affenhuahua.

In fact, you might have to spend double or triple the amount you pay to own the dog simply on medical exams and dog gear.

For instance, you’ll want to buy the crate, leash, and collar before you purchase the Affenhuahua, which will cost you a couple of hundred dollars.

Then comes the necessary medical exams, surgeries, and vaccinations that need to be completed for you to bring your Affenhuahua home.

Finally, don’t forget about the food, toys, and treats that your Affenhuahua will need to keep itself occupied.

Thankfully, the Affenhuahua doesn’t eat much so that food won’t be that much of an expense.

How to Find Reputable Affenhuahua Breeders?

Finding a person who specifically breeds Affenhuahuas will be hard to come by, so you may have to venture to another state to find this hybrid breed.

You can rely on the internet and third-party sources to determine whether or not a breeder is worth visiting.

Once you find a breeder that you like, you can then go on to visit his or her home. During this visit, you should look out for clues to pinpoint if they know how to properly take care of animals, Notice how the animals react with the breeder.

If the animals seem happy and friendly, then you have nothing to worry about.

Also, the breeder should be open with you regarding the pedigree and medical history of the Affenhuahua you’re inquiring about.

If the breeder is not upfront about answering your questions, you’ll want to find another breeder.

3 Little-known facts about Affenhuahua puppies

  1. They are one of the smallest hybrid dog breeds
  2. Tends to bond to one person
  3. Created for aesthetic purposes

Physical Traits of the Affenhuahua

Happy Affenhuahua on waterfront
The Affenhuahua needs to keep itself occupied.

People often describe the Affenhuahua as having a monkey-like face, which makes sense after you take a look at its facial features.

For example, this dog has a round, scruffy face and a short muzzle that closely resembles that of a monkey.

You should also take into account the flopped ears and the large circular eyes that give the Affenhuahua a more monkey look to it.

Short in size, the only long part regarding the Affenhuahua is its long tail that’s crescent-shaped.

Don’t expect your Affenhuahua to adequately protect itself in a fight with another dog since it features fine tiny bones that are delicate in design.

In fact, you can say that the Affenhuahua is one of the smallest dogs out there, and it loves to pick fights with large dogs.

The Chihuahua family history comes into play when discussing the Affenhuahua’s coat.

Depending on who its Chihuahua parent is, the Affenhuahua will either have a long-haired or a short-haired coat.

Regarding the color of the coat, the Affenhuahua can come in shades varying from black, cream, white, and brown.

When you pet this hybrid, you’ll automatically feel fur that is dense yet fluffy to the touch.

How big is a full-grown Affenhuahua?

When it comes to the height and weight of a full-grown Affenhuahua, the identical numbers apply to both genders.

This means that both male and female Affenhuahuas will measure to be 8 inches to 12 inches tall and will weigh around 4 to 12 pounds.

What is the life expectancy of the Affenhuahua?

The Affenhuahua can live up to 15 years, which is the average lifespan of toy dog breeds.

Fifteen dog years translates to about 76 human years, which is a pretty long life.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Affenhuahua

After considering the Affenhuahua’s parents, the way it interacts with other people doesn’t come as a shock.

The Affenhuahua has a hyper personality while still appearing intelligent so that you can teach it loads of tricks.

From the Chihuahua side, this hybrid dog inherited the curious nature that it’s known for.

However, it also received its stubborn streak from the Chihuahua, which can work against you when you’re trying to teach this hybrid dog new tricks.

If you have little kids, you’ll want to make it a priority to train your Affenhuahua. Even those who have never had a dog before will find that the Affenhuahua is fairly easy to train since it is a quick learner.

Ultimately, each Affenhuahua will have its own personality that is largely shaped while it is a puppy.

So, when a stranger approaches an Affenhuahua, its reaction entirely depends on its unique personality. This means this dog will either show an attitude or respond fearfully.

If you teach your children how to interact with the Affenhuahua while it’s a puppy, the dog will react positively to strangers when it’s an adult.

You’ll come to understand that the  Affenhuahua’s personality varies depending on the household it was raised in.

In the household, you’ll notice how the Affenhuahua will bond more closely to one member than anyone else. This typically tends to be the family member that provides the dog the most food and affection.

The Affenhuahua’s favorite place to rest is on your lap, so don’t be alarmed when it pops up on your lap while you’re trying to watch your favorite television show.

The Affenhuahua’s Diet

Affenhuahua in the sun
The Affenhuahua can have black, cream, white, or brown shades.

Since the Affenhuahua is a small dog, you shouldn’t expect it to have much of an appetite.

Vets advise you feed your Affenhuahua about 0.25 to 0.5 cups of dry dog feed a day.

The small amount of food may surprise you at first, but when you think about it, the Affenhuahua is an extremely tiny dog.

Do not make the mistake that so many first time down owners do and overfeed their Affenhuahua.

It is easy for this hybrid dog breed to gain weight, so don’t waver from its eating schedule.

How much Exercise does an Affenhuahua need?

Before you take a look at the amount of exercise that an Affenhuahua needs, you should understand the energy levels of its parents.

The parents of these hybrid designer dogs play a huge role in their physical and mental health, so it’s wise to get acquainted with the parent breeds first.

The Affenhuahua hails from the Chihuahua and the Affenpinscher, which are two distinct dog breeds that vary when it comes to energy levels.

Chihuahuas are known to be full of energy throughout the day, but the same cannot be said about Affenpinschers.

Since an Affenpinscher comes from a long line of rat hunters, this dog breed is known to have moderate energy levels.

Affenhuahuas are a perfect mix of the two breeds mentioned above.

This translates to the Affenhuahuas having moderate levels of energy throughout the day with short bursts whenever exercise is involved.

As you can see, there is a little bit of the Chihuahua and the Affenpinscher with this hybrid dog breed.

When you acquire your Affenhuahua while it’s still a puppy, you can teach it various sorts of tricks that will provide ample mental stimulation along with physical activity.

The new tricks will also keep your dog entertained, which comes in handy when you don’t have the time to play with it.

Those who live in apartments will find the Affenhuahua to be a perfect fit since this dog can receive all the physical activity it needs in an indoor environment.

You mustn’t forget that due to the Affenhuahua’s small size, it can easily play around in your apartment without damaging anything.

This doesn’t mean that you can keep your Affenhuahua cooped up in your home all day. You still have to take it out for a minimum of once a day, so it receives a different form of stimulation.

You may think that a dog park would be an excellent setting to take your Affenhuahua out to play, but it might not be ideal. A majority of dog parks have a size limit set in place that will rule out your Affenhuahua.

Hopefully, you live somewhere where they have numerous dog-friendly parks where your Affenhuahua can socialize with other dogs and humans as well as have a little bit of outdoor playtime.

Affenhuahua Health and Conditions

You don’t have to worry about any health problems unique to the Affenhuahua dog because it doesn’t have any.

However, it may inherit certain diseases from its parents that can cause problems as it gets old.

List of Health Concerns

  • Eye Disease
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Tracheal Collapse

My final thoughts on the AffenhuahuaAffenhuahua guide

The Affenhuahua is a tiny dog that’s full of affection and sass, which can be a comical combination.

Whether you’re single or have a family, this is one of the rare hybrid dog breeds that can cater to any living situation.

Hopefully, there is an Affenhuahua breeder closeby to where you live so you can purchase your Affenhuahua puppy today.

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